Adorer of Thoth Tomb (Location)

Adorer of Thoth Tomb

A tomb in the rocky western mountains of Giza. You'll visit it as part of the What's Yours Is Mine side quest.

The bandit encampment guarding the tomb has many high ledges, both wood and rock. Use them to move through the camp unobserved, exterminating as you go. There are tons of arrow caches here for your sniping pleasure.

Clear the camp and press on. A vaguely circular stone tunnel will fetch up at a statue of Baba.

Behind the statue is a small pool. Dive in and swim forward.

You'll emerge in an extremely bone-centric chamber. Scour it for silica and loot before returning through the pool.

Continue down the tunnel to find a platform puzzle

First, load the lower platform with three spools of rope. Leap up to the high platform, and take the (minor) loot from the chamber here.

Remove the spools from the lower platform, and place them not-quite-under the high platform- you want them just close enough that Bayek will be able to pick them up without stepping off the platform when it descends. A little marker on the floor tells you where the edge is.

Jump on the high platform to lower it. Two spools will keep it down without Bayek standing on it, but add three more to keep it down for good. Now leap across to the newly risen platform.

This leads to an exceptionally rich treasure room.

Read the tablet to complete the location, and earn an ability point.

A passage here leads out above the main bandit camp.

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