Cyrene Barracks (Location)

Cyrene Barracks (Location)

A city barracks in Kyrenaika.

Note the treasure in the southeast corner, and in an underground chamber.

Come in from the west (keeping an eye out for external, non-barracks guards) to get a vantage on the captain, who likes to spar in the practice yard here.

Dispose of him and any sparring partners, then make for the brazier tower.

Trap the brazier, then cross over to the center building.

Drop kill anyone on the balcony to get a clear line on the commander's back.

Return to the roof and snipe any overly watchful guards on the south wall, then leap down to the corner building to claim a carbon crystal from the treasure box.

Sneak along the center building to enter the doorway north of it.

Here you'll find the stairway down, partially obscured by blowing white curtains. Descend to find the bodies of soldiers, and a red chest with the location's final treasure.

You can also free prisoners to the northwest for extra xp.

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