Desert Waterfalls Hideout (Location)

Desert Waterfalls Hideout (Location)

A bandit camp in White Desert Oasis. You'll pass through here during the Demons in the Desert side quest.

The camp has a simple layout- one treasure in the command tent to the west, one is in a cave northwest.

This northwest section is exactly where you want to enter the camp, though you may want to snipe the tower guard first.

Drop down right in font of the cave entrance.

Loot the treasure from the red chest inside.

Keeping to the edge of camp, angle toward the command tent, and ice the captain.

Loot the last treasure, a carbon crystal, from the end of the table here.

Use the bushes around the edge of camp to stalk the commander.

If there's no one else nearby, just snipe him to get him out of the way.

This completes the location.

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