Feeding Faiyum (Side Quest)

Feeding Faiyum (Side Quest)

A sinister side quest in Faiyum.

Speak to the marker'd woman in the streets of Karanis.

After, seek out her husband on the scaffolding. There's no real sneaky way to do this- just walk up to him.

His info points you to the Underground Stash location, but you don't need to go in the front door. Check out the eastern side of the site for a back way in.

All the guards will be facing the front entrance, allowing to stealth kill you way through.

Take the soldier at the end of the tunnel (he sometimes wanders across the room and back, so you may want to wait for him), then drop kill the rogue below.

There's just one other guard to kill on this level, and you can sneak up and kill the front door security if you really want. But your mission objective is past the curtains down here.

The key piece of evidence is the parchment by the fire basket.

Note that both treasures for the location are also on this level, behind the smashable wooden door.

When ready, head for the Sobek ruin. If you don't feel like fighting through the soldiery mobs, it's advised to take a boat.

There are two soldiers in a boat as well, but they're easily sniped, unless you'd rather just swim over and slap them down yourself.

The statue itself is at the Sunken Temple of Pnepheros location. Dive down from in front of the statue.

Swim down the stairs here toward your objective marker.

Examine the chest for your next clue.

One of the location treasures is in a white chest just to your north.

The other treasure is in a red chest at Sobek's feet.

Follow your marker to the town in question (you may want to skirt the ruins on shore, which are crawling with hostiles) and use Senu to tag the warehouse.

There's a back way in, the but front way is actually easier- the guards come in easily disposal pairs.

Drop through the hole to ice those two, then deal with the two out front.

Enter the warehouse and smash through a wooden door to reach an investigation area. There are guards, loafing inconveniently.

If you don't just want to leap in and slaughter them, you can lure them back up the passage for stealthy disposal.

When they're gone you can search the area, but the primary clue is the parchment on the captain's desk, which tells of the Butcher's villa.

The tunnel in this room actually leads straight into the villa's treasure room, so go that way.

You'll know you're close when the treasure room gets name-checked.

Climbing the ladder gives you an ideal point of entry- both guards here can be stealthed with ease.

Both treasure chests are in plain sight.

Take both, and climb the wall immediately opposite you, all the way up to the roof.

Your destination only has one entrance, an east-facing door on the upper level.

Your stealth is useless though- entering triggers a cutscene and conversation. When this ends, all three men rush you, bearing short blades and small shields. Cut them down as per usual.

Confirm the Butcher's death to complete the mission.

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