Fires of Dionysus (Side Quest)

Fires of Dionysus (Side Quest)

A sidequest to the west of Euhemeria, in Faiyum.

Just wandering through the burnt fields will trigger this one.

Follow your marker to Zahra. She owned this farm, and wants to warn her neighbor that the same fate may be coming for him.

Mount up and follow her across Faiyum.

Her neighbor's house seems to already be controlled by the enemy. Senu pinpoints the man himself on the upper floor.

Zahra will back you up on the assault, but she's actually pretty good at not breaking stealth. Use the bushes at the front gate to attack/snipe/chainkill the two guards there.

Slip in through the pillared windows to get the drop on the other ground level guards.

Enter the second floor via the balcony.

Dispose of any hostiles inside, then carry the neighbor away.

Set him down anywhere outside the villa to speak to him. He'll give you a tip on where these madmen are coming from.

Follow your marker, and Zahra, to the White Desert Sobek Ruins.

The best point of access, at least at night, is the sleeping area in the southwest corner. Just hop over the fence to thin the bandit numbers, including their highest level fighter.

One of the location treasures is here as well, in a small red chest.

Snipe the other hostiles, then melee any survivors that make it into range. Zahra is a competent fighter, and can be used to flank them.

Confirm-kill their leader to discover that he's just a lackey taking orders from the real leader, who's now in prison.

You'll be after him soon enough, but to complete the location be sure to grab the second treasure from the north side of camp, on a dining table.

And then the final treasure in a large red chest at the base of the giant statue to the west.

Getting this last one completes the location.

The fiend himself is still being held in a sprawling military post west of Dionysias.

Zahra agrees to stay behind for this one. Make you own approach from the east, sneaking through a hole in the wall at ground level.

If you can stealthily take out these two guards, do so, but they always seem to be facing in the most inconvenient direction possible.

Instead, circle left to clear out the sleeping quarters, then return back here along the rooftops, killing the tower sentry.

Now you can easily snipe or chainkill the two prison guards. If you time it right, you can also use their bodies as bait for the camp commander, who patrols this area. You can also use the oil here as part of your trap, but keep in mind that's not enough to kill the prisoner.

Whether you blow the cage now or later, he'll make a break for it- be ready to shoot him down as her flees for the north gate.

Snipe any other hostiles drawn to the noise, then confirm-kill the cult leader once the coast is clear.

He gets a full Duat scene, which is pretty intense.

After, speak with Zahra a final time to complete the quest

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