Founding Father (Side Quest)

Founding Father (Side Quest)

A low-key side quest in Cyrene, Kyrenaika.

Speak to the concerned man in purple outside the Tomb of Battos to begin this quest.

There's no ground-floor entry to the tomb- climb up the outside pillars and dive in.

Grab the papyrus at the head of the stairs, to the northwest, if you haven't yet.

Head down the stairs into an investigation area. There are several points of interest, but the plot advancers are the empty plinths at the head of the room, where the bow and medallion of Battos once were.

Use Senu to locate the stolen artifacts in the southwest section of the Akropolis.

Come in over the wall there, killing any nearby sentries. As before, the privy in this corner makes an ideal descent point.

The bow of Battos is in the same building on the western wall that once held a location treasure. The bow is lootable from the table here.

The medallion's a little trickier to get- someone's wearing it.

Use the bushes, flowers, or the leafpile to get close.

When no one else is nearby, kill and loot.

Remember that, if you're not actually in combat, you can immediately fast travel out.

Speak to the purple guy again for mission completion. You'll return the medallion, but he lets you keep the (rare) bow.

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