Kerkasoros Outpost

Kerkasoros Outpost

A very large enemy emplacement in Ineb-Hedjet Nome.

The two treasures here are located at opposite ends of the camp- north and south.

Scanning for the ladder symbol will also show you a tunnel that leads past the gate guards.

As per usual, take the watchtower, than work your way down. In this case, we'll want to keep our focus on the south side of camp.

There are almost no hostiles above ground level, so use the heights here to lay and spring ambushes.

When you've thinned the crowd, grab the red chest from the western storage room here.

Move north, again keeping to the heights. The captain keeps to the outer edges of camp, and his isolationist streak makes him a good target for sniping.

The commander stays close to the center of camp and walks with a guard. A drop assassination inside the central building is good, though anywhere out of sight will do.

From that same central building chimney, you can bust open the bare wooden roofing to land practically on top of the last treasure.

Loot the small box on the desk to complete the location.

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