Khentkawes Hideout (Location)

Khentkawes Hideout

A bandit enclave in Giza. You'll stop here during the Precious Bonds Side Quest.

Scanning shows both treasures are on the western side of the camp.

Approach from the north. The commander likes to guard this entrance, but he likes to guard it alone, knee deep in assassin-friendly shrubbery. Use a sneak or leap assassination to take him out.

Sneak west to the clearing with the first treasure. The captain may be patrolling or sleeping here.

Few other soldiers venture this far north, so if you see your moment, take out the captain.

Drag his body into the treasure tent, and loot the small white box there.

The other box is surrounded by many more hostiles, but those you don't sneak-kill, you cab evade by entering through the tent's backflap.

Assassinate any sleepers inside, and loot the small, red chest for mission completion.

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