Royal Barracks (Aten)

Royal Barracks (Aten)

A fortified enemy position in south Aten. It will play a role in The Hawk subquest portion of the Gods or Creed side quest.

Unlike some many places in Aten, the walltops here are actually guarded and patrolled, so it's wise to take out those overwatchers before proceeding.

When the heights are yours, you can use them to get the drop on the local commander, who tends to wander the central and south parts of the complex.

One treasure is just past the north door of the southern building, in a red chest.

The other is in the central plaza, at the base of the obelisk there (clearing nearby hostiles is recommended, though you can always dash and dive).

The captain hangs out on the far east side of the area. There are no notable treasures here, so sniping is an utterly viable option.

Also, as a mummy in a relatively isolated area, the captain is another good candidate for the Pyromanic achievement. Either way, this final death completes the location.

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