Taimhotep's Song (Side Quest)

Taimhotep's Song (Side Quest)

This quest is available in Memphis after you've completed 'The Lizard's Face' quest.

Follow your marker for a little heart-to-heart with Taimhotep.

She has little use for you now, but her maid will take you aside and speak of components for a ritual that may bring her comfort.

It's not clear why you need Senu to confirm the shop's location, but you do.

Follow your marker to a tomb entrance.

Continue down the passage to find the shop. After a little chat, the proprietor will leave you to browse.

You can poke around, but the item you're looking for won't be found here. However, the wildly blowing curtains in an underground tomb may be a hint. Behind them, use [E] to move the shelves.

In this back room you'll find some loot, and the figure you seek.

Leave the shop and enter an ambush, but there's only three enemies. What kind of cut-rate Medjay was the shopkeep used to?

When you've suitably filleted your attackers, return to the street. Taimhotep's rite also needs flamingo bits and heron bobs, but unless you've been cleaning out your inventory religiously, you likely have then on you already. If not, almost any place along the river can provide. When you do have the full complement of geegaws, meet the ladies by the stable on the road out of town.

Your next task is to escort them. A vital job, considering that their shortcut takes them straight through the bandit camp at Per Our Hideout. Still, the bandits won't chase you far, so don't get bogged down in combat- just speed through.

When Taimhotep dismounts, follow her to the ritual site.

This will launch a final cutscene of ritual, reflection, and sentry duty. When it ends, the mission is complete.

You can go back up to check on Taimhotep, but she has little to say.

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