Arkham Origins - COLLECTIBLES - Cyrus Pinkney Plaques

Arkham Origins - COLLECTIBLES - Cyrus Pinkney Plaques

Most of these unlock Journal Entries and audio files, which are accessible on Cyrus Pinkney's profile page in-game.

*  Under the large bell close to the Bank. This is at the southern end of the map. The Bank is the stage where you've fought Joker's minions which led to the Predator room battle at the end. You have to use the grappling hook to go up to the location of the Bell. Once the bell is visible, just get near it and look underneath. The Bank itself is located atop the Jezebel Center for easier reference.

*  By the seawall under the Comms Tower in the easternmost area of Burnley. Lastly find this one The door for this item will not unlock unless you have found all the other plaques first. This is the crypt of Mr. Pinkney himself, it actually leads to a scary stairway for easier reference.

*  Outside the Jezebel Theater, on ground level. The theater is located in The Bowery, and you can find the plaque placed at the left of the entrance to the theater. This area is close to a fast travel area so you can fast travel over there to find it much faster.

*  Middle level atop the Gotham Train Station, by a walkway at the Amusement Mile. This is at the center of the large building, with the half-opened steel gates. The wall located between the gates holds the plaque. AGain, the area is close to a fast travel marker, so fast travel for easier transportation.

*  Atop the main pillar on the Gotham Pioneer Bridge, under a statue. This suspension bridge is the main bridge connecting the two main areas of the game, and the one that you always visit most of the time. Face south, climb up to the left statue on the bridge, and face the wall near the statue’s foot..

*  Above Gotham Cathedral. The Cathedral can be found at Park Row. Fast travel to the Park Row fast travel point fo arrive here much faster. You have to use the grappling hook to reach the top. It is recommended to tap A, A while going up using th grappling hook to fly straightaway and go up much, much, faster.


*  Street level located at western Coventry. This plaque is located under the road bridge marked with the “Black Gate Prison” signage, beside the Cyrus Pinkney School of the Arts. It is situated on the wall there.

*  On the foot of the horse statue. This is located northwest of the church in Park Row. It is situated on a large courtyard near the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. The plaque can be found at the base of the statue. Use the Park Row fast travel point to get here fast.


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