Capture is arguably the most familiar mode available in Battleborn. On either of the two maps, it's your team's goal to capture up to three points. Your team's score will increase by however many points you hold at a pretty quick rate. But this is spiced up with the typical Battlborn gameplay/progression, and on top of that, a couple of side objectives. So without further adieu, here are the tips that I feel most people absolutely need to know when playing Battleborn's Capture mode.

1. Work as a Team

Not only will you capture points more quickly with your team mates, you'll also be able to fight back against your enemies. One member of a team running around, taking points from the enemy very slowly isn't going to do much good. Skilled players know that splitting up should happen very rarely; sticking together with your team will help you immensely.


2. Kill Varelsi

It isn't just a bit of experience. I thought that too. But every single Varelsi Scout on Capture maps drops a Helix point, which gives whoever picks it up a free level-up. That's huge, especially in lower levels. If you're all alone (which you probably shouldn't be, refer to tip 1), then go ahead and kill the Varelsi, take the orbs, no big deal. But if you're with your team, don't hoard those things. Remember, it's not just you in those battles. It's better to have a full team of level 5's than it is to just have one level 10, while everyone else is level 3 or 4. Grab the orbs when you can, but don't forget that your team needs them too.


3. Points Are More Important Than Kills

Shocking, right? This isn't Team Deathmatch; if you have a choice between chasing down an enemy and punishing their retreat by taking a point, I'd hope the choice is obvious. It's so frustrating to see people running away from an enemy-controlled point because of how badly they want a kill. You don't need kills for leveling up, save that for the Varelsi. Stick together, kill enemies that challenge you, but focus on those points. That's how you win.


4. You Can Recall (But Don't Overdo It)

I'm going to continue my tradition of reminding everyone that they have the ability to Recall, as some people still just don't know. Press B, stand still, go to base for full health, etc. But on a fast-paced mode like Capture, it's important to remember not to constantly Recall; your team needs you out there. Obviously, if you're about to die, then don't stay and give your opponents a free kill, but if you just have half health with a healer nearby, why on earth would you abandon the fight? Let your shield regenerate, and get back in there.


5. Use Points to Your Combat Advantage

In Capture mode, you know exactly where enemies are going: the points. If you have a stun, a slow, any crowd control of the sort, aiming it should be child's play. Keep in mind that your enemy has the same exact goal that you do: capturing and holding those three points. So you should know exactly where to aim those high-damaging and slowing abilities, because your opponents will be right where you expect them to be. Or, at least, they'll be moving to where you'll expect them to be.


6. Get a Shard-Generating Loadout

Just one or two items will suffice, preferably a free one at the start of the match. There's build nodes scattered all over Capture maps, most of them being the occasional Stinger turret or Accelerator. It's important to have a constant stream of Shards coming in, as building will give you additional experience, and give you and your team a tactical advantage. In a 5v5, the team with the Stinger turret and fully-upgraded, enemy-slowing Accelerator is probably going to win.


7. With that Said...

Unlike most other modes, it's not a crime to have a selfish Loadout in Capture. Have one or two shard generating items, but don't shy away from personal buffs. It's important to prioritize the benefit of your team, but just because something takes priority doesn't mean that nothing else matters. But overall, shards are pretty rare in Capture, since no large crystals spawn, and minions are rare. So don't worry about this too much.

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