Jennerit Heroes

Jennerit Heroes

This is a compilation of all the Jennerit Heroes in Battleborn. Check the changelog every so often to see if a guide for your favorite character has been added!


Rath (Attacker)


Biography: Brutal, efficient, and deeply devoted to the art of combat, Verod Rath once served as elite guard to the Jennerit Empress, Lenore. He utilizes three energy blades to devastate his foes in close-quarters engagements. Not a vampire, though he gets that a lot. Full information on Rath's abilities, weapons, and talents can be found in-game or here.


How to Play Rath: Rath is an exceptionally brutal melee assassin with nice built-in sustain. The biggest tip one could give would be to keep moving. Rath is extremely agile, and pairing his agility with his huge damage is devastating.

Another big thing to keep in mind is that even though Rath uses swords, headshots are still an option. Critical hits can make or break a teamfight, so make sure you're aiming those giant energy swords at the enemies' heads.

Rath can out-sustain nearly anyone, but not when that someone is being healed. So in teamfights, make sure to focus down any healers (especially Miko) before going for the tanks or big damage-dealers. Unless, of course, someone over-extends into your team, in which case, hit them up in the air and beat them down like a pinata. Always, always punish enemies for being in a bad position. On the other side of the coin, always keep in mind where you are in relation to your team and the enemy team. Rath has no escape options except for attacking enemies with crowd-control while running away (very ineffective).

Rath has both a left-click and right-click attack. His right-click is the exact same as his left-click, except it hits in a wider area, and doesn't combo into better attacks. So the only time you should think about using that AoE attack is on large groups of minions, or if, for some crazy reason, there's three or more enemies bunched up in one spot. For the most part, Rath's standard left-click attack is more than enough to take on his enemies.

His Ultimate ability is by far one of the best in the entire game. In a scenario where a healer and two tanks are attacking you, just use Dreadwind, and catch all three of them in a painful whirlwind of death, prioritizing the healer, of course. Dreadwind can outsustain nearly anything if there's two enemies caught in it. Using it on a single target is an option if you're in a pinch, but Dreadwind's best use is catching multiple enemy Battleborn in one small area, and punishing them brutally for it.

Like every other character, Rath can easily throw ranged abilities behind him if you jump forward, and turn around mid-air to attack. This allows you to lose little to no momentum and speed, but at the same time, damage and slow enemies. As long as you don't stop or slow down when running, do whatever you want to the enemies. And don't be shy about using those abilties; there's no mana!



The following is a list of which Helixes I feel are the best option for an aggressive but smart Rath player. This may change as I unlock more mutations.

1. Slowing Strike (Crossblade slows enemies by 30%). I feel adding on to Rath's pool of available crowd control with Slowing Strike is by far the best option available at level one.

2. Shield Syphon (100% of damage to enemy shields done by Crossblade is returned to Rath's shield). My definite choice; when running away from an enemy with a full shield, one crossblade gives you a massive advantage and more time to run. And in the midst of combat, throwing a Crossblade at a different enemy than your main target just keeps your sustain up. A must-have.

3. Spin to Win (Extra attack added to melee combo). Buffing up Rath's passive sustain and dealing more DPS? Yes, please. And the other option: a double-jump? God, no.

4. Catalytic Flash (Catalytic Smash silences enemies for 3 seconds on impact). A must-have. Now, when an enemy is hit up in the air by Catalytic Smash, all they can do is auto-attack. That's it. And most enemy Battleborn don't even do that; this renders them entirely unable to escape, and makes them freak out about not being able to use their abilities. The result is truly beautiful.

5. Your Choice. Both of these options are good. Increase your skill lifesteal if the enemy team has a tendency to bunch up; this will make your Ultimate, Dreadwind, absolutely demolish the enemy while essentially getting you to full health. Not to mention, this lets your Crossblades not only steal shields, but heal you a significant amount. Otherwise, go with the basic attack lifesteal, as it definitely helps your sustain; basic attacks are more common than skills, keep in mind.

6. Brutal Blade (Increase Crossblade's base damage by 15%). Honestly, Catalytic Smash is easy enough to land, there's no reason to increase its range. Increasing Crossblade's damage against enemies also increases your healing/sustain, and makes Crossblade a pretty annoying thing to have to dodge.

7. Your Choice. Again, both decent options. If you find the enemy team is focusing you a lot, go with Evasive Maneuvers, as being able to escape a messy situation is a must for assassins. Otherwise, simply increasing your damage by 18% with To the Point is all-around useful, and I'm sure I don't need to explain how.

8. Quick Cross (Reduces Crossblade's cooldown by 20%). Being able to cast Crossblade more often is far more useful than being able to fire it farther. More consistent harass, damage, and heal, that's what I always say. That, and chocolate milk is the best drink ever. But more importantly, the first one.

9. Softened Target (Enemies hit with Catalytic Smash take 25% extra damage from Crossblade for 4 seconds). While not always useful, Softened Target can significantly increase your damage output when used correctly. Plus, hitting an enemy up in the air makes hitting them with Crossblade a breeze.

10. Desperate Assault (Dreadwind deals 45% extra damage while Rath's shield is down). An amazing Helix. Since Dreadwind should largely be used in groups of enemies, who will more than likely be focusing you, odds are your shields will be down while you heal away any and all damage. It's honestly safe to assume your shields will always be down when diving into a group of enemies to use this ability.


Loadouts: Whatever items you get, Rath's loadouts should prioritize Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Shield Penetration. Those three things are vital to chasing your enemies down, killing them quickly, and making them feel unsafe even with a maxed-out shield.


How to Unlock Rath:

Starter Character.

​* * * * * *

Deande (Attacker)

Biography: Before Deande spearheaded the Jennerit rebellion, she was the Spymaster of the Jennerit Imperium, and one of Rendain's closest advisors. Swift, stealthy, and exceptionally lethal, Deande is one of the deadliest assassins the Imperium has ever produced. Full information on Deande's abilities, weapons, and talents can be found in-game or here.


How to Play Deande:

More information coming soon.


How to Unlock Deande:

Achieve Command Rank 38 OR Complete "The Heliophage" Story Mission on Advanced.

​* * * * * *

Caldarius (Attacker)


Biography: Caldarius won his name, fame, and eternal Sustainment in the Jennerit Fighting Pits. Clad in his J-HTX Assault Frame, the Jennerit shock trooper dominates battlefields with incredible mobility and efficient, effective hit-and-run strikes. Full information on Caldarius' abilities, weapons, and talents can be found in-game or on the Battleborn website.


How to Play Caldarius:

More information coming soon.


How to Unlock Caldarius:

Achieve Command Rank 28 OR Complete "The Renegade" Story Mission.

​* * * * * *

Attikus (Defender)


Biography: A born leader arisen from within the ranks of the lowborn Jennerit Thralls, Attikus was forever changed when his Imperium overseers implanted shard-powered tech throughout his body. He now fights to overthrow Rendain, beat back the Varelsi, and save his people. Full information on all of Attikus' abilities, weapons, and talents are available in-game or on Battleborn's website.


How to Play Attikus:

More information coming soon.


How to Unlock Attikus:

Achieve Command Rank 32 OR Kill 800 Jennerit enemies.

​* * * * * *

Ambra (Supporter)

Biography: Ambra long served within the Jennerit Silent Sisters - priestesses who weaved secrets of the stars into prolonged life called "Sustainment." Betrayed by Rendain, Ambra now fights with the Battleborn, healing her allies and devastating foes with localized solar anomalies. Full information on all of Ambra's abilities, weapons, and talents are available in-game.


How to Play Ambra:

More information coming soon.


How to Unlock Ambra:

Achieve Command Rank 14 OR Win 5 matches as a Jennerit Hero.

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