Chapter 2: It's Somebody's Funeral


Objective: Get to the sewers


After the explosive death of the gang leader in the previous chapter the way into the rest of the city has been opened. This is the perfect time to do some exploring as the zombies are less aggressive and slower at this point. There are three survivor missions in this chapter as well (they are given to you straight away as well) so there is no excuse not to grab anything in your path as you work on completing them. The final survivor (Graveyard) mission will be on your path as you follow the story objective to the morgue so make sure to do it as you travel past.




Survivor mission (Simon - Ingleton): Investigate the Gun Store Roof


Reward: 25,000 PP + Follower (Simon)


Objective: Talk to Simon


Hey this guy looks like the recent Doctor Who. Simon is apparently really into tarot cards and without them struggles to make choices of his own. Your job is to hunt down the cards and bring them back to him.


Objective: Find tarot cards (5)


These cards are spread all over the area of Ingleton but are all in plain sight (as in not on rooftops or inside locked areas) so it's just a matter of tramping around through the hordes of zombies to collect them all. Just another lovely day in the life of Nick Ramos.


Objective: Return to Simon


After all that malarky Simon will predict his future and funnily enough it doesn't involve standing on the roof waiting to die. Simon will join you and you will receive your PP reward.



Survivor mission (Ravi - Sunset Hills): Investigate Bite The Bull


Reward: 10,000 PP + Follower (Ravi) + Schematic (Mini Chainsaw)


Objective: Talk to Ravi


Ravi will be cowering in the basement of Bite the Bull and won't move until he has some way to defend himself. He also has a schematic for what he thinks is a powerful weapon so he wants you to collect the components so he can make it.


Objective: Find a chainsaw


Now this can be annoying, if you have picked up a chainsaw at any point before this it may be quickest to take over (if you haven't already) a safehouse in the area and just grab one out of the locker. Otherwise you will have to comb the area looking for one. I eventually found one in the north east of sunset hills on the road but you may spot one quicker and closer than I did.


Objective: Find a meat cleaver


In the same building as Ravi is there should be one upstairs, if not look in any restaurant and you should find one.


Objective: Give them to Ravi


Bring both of them back to Ravi for him to be terrified of what he has created (it's alive, it's alive!) and to drop it on the ground straight away. Grab it and receive your quest rewards.



Survivor mission (Christine - ): Investigate the Graveyard


Reward: 7,500 PP + Follower (Christine)


Objective: Extinguish the sigils (5)


To extinguish the sigils all you need to do is kill a single undead in the designated area. Pull out a weapon and run to the bright symbols. Kill an undead. Repeat five times and return to Christine.


Objective: Return to Christine:


Head back to the whackjob.


Objective: Observe or stop ritual


You get a choice here but if you don't interrupt the ritual you lose the opportunity to recruit Christine. There is no benefit to letting her die so stop the ritual and receive your reward.





Objective: Get through the sewers


When you enter the sewers it is just a winding path of pipes (crammed with the undead). Swing your way through and sprint along the clear patches to reach the graveyard.


Objective: Get zombrex at the morgue


Make your way through the graveyard (completing the sidequest if you like) until you reach the gates to the Morgue. Here you will meet Gary, a recurring character in your future endeavors.


Objective: Break in through skylight


Gary wants you to let him in and you need to get in anyway so Nick agrees to his request. To get into the Morgue hop in the nearby van and park it up against the building near the skylight marker. If you positioned it right, Nick should be able to jump onto the van and then onto the roof of the building. Smash through the skylight and drop inside.



Objective: Let Gary in


Now that Nick is inside, head for the front doors and open them up to let Gary inside.


New weapon blueprint available: I.E.D (morgue)
New weapon blueprint available: Iron edge (morgue)


Objective: Get to cold storage


Head through the undead packed Chapel (first thing people would do during a zombie apocalypse, right?) and head downstairs to cold storage.


Objective: Find Nicole White's corpse


Check all the slab lockers until you find one that Nick says is the one Gary is looking for. As in nearly every game your objective is locked so Nick needs to find some keys first.


Objective: Find keys to morgue drawers


The keys are in the autopsy room next to the office nearby. Grab them off the bench and head back to the cold room.


Objective: Unlock the Morgue drawer


Do what it says on the tin.


Objective: Help Gary


Head to the back room so that Gary can "unlock" the door. Inside is the corpse you are looking for.


Objective: Get the corpse to the club


Now you'll need to drive the body in a hearse to the Diamond Club. Stick to main roads (to prevent getting boxed in as it is an unwieldy vehicle) and get there in as safe a manner as Nick can manage through the zombie hordes. As you approach the parking lot a cut scene will take over and the chapter will end.



Chapter reward: Attribute points + Schematic (junk car)


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