Chapter 3: Them Or Us


New vehicle blueprint available: Junk truck (the diamond club)

New weapon blueprint available: Fire arrows (the diamond club)




Survivor mission (Elka and Matt - Ingleton): Investigate the houses


Reward: 20,000 PP + Weapons (stockpile)


Objective: Resolve the dispute


Talk to both people concerned and convince them to let you handle getting some more supplies and weaponry.


Objective: Stockpile weapons (5)


Go to the nearest safehouse and stock up on five of any ranged weapons and then bring them back to the stockpile box. This method is more surefire and safe than running around looking for them in buildings. Drop them back when you are done to free up your inventory for the second task.


Objective: Stockpile food (5)


Head for any restaurants or businesses nearby and you should be able to find all you need for the stockpile crate. Bring them all back to the crate.


Objective: Talk to Elka


Talk the old lady into letting the lad eat some of her food.


Objective: Talk to Matt


Talk Matt into sharing some of his weapons with Elka.



Survivor mission (Kenny - South Almuda): Investigate the construction yard


Reward: 20,000 PP


Objective: Talk to Kenny


Kenny will be on one of the small buildings in the construction yard. He (like most people during a zombie outbreak) is a bit overwhelmed by the situation and his inability to handle things. Nick offers to teach him a few things to help him cope with his new reality (away from electronics anyway).


Objective: Kill zombies with unarmed skill moves (5)


Nick should have a basic X + X + X combo which can count for this task or you can look at the skills tab in the player menu to see what options for unarmed combat you have available. Essentially use what you have unlocked to defeat five undead without weapons. Try to only take them on one by one or else they tend to chew through your life (and possibly brains).


Objective: Talk to Kenny


Once the fifth zombie is dead again talk to Kenny and he will have another nervous breakdown. Nick then decides to show him how to combine weapons to fight the undead.


Objective: Create a weapon near Kenny


There are items used in a schematic nearby (if you haven't used them already) and plenty of useful combo materials as well so finding a suitable pair shouldn't be hard.





Objective: Get to the plane


Head for the plane hangar in a vehicle. Pretty simple objective really.


Objective: Find the illegally infected


After coming out of the hangar your new task will be to track down Annie. To do this you will need to head to the Eastern side of Sunset Hills, The outer streets of town are clear of blockades so a vehicle might help you get there a bit quicker. Hop into one and take the scenic (if heavily speed bumped by zombies) route to the safehouse.


Objective: Talk to Lauren


Lauren will be guarding the entry to the safehouse and won't let you in until you retrieve a couple of her most precious possessions from the living dead. Why we can't just blow through the door with our explosive weaponry I have no idea. She will tell you where they are before shooing you back out to the undead outside.


New weapon blueprint available: Zombie raker (sunset hills illegal infected hideout)




Survivor mission (Hank - ): Investigate


Reward: 40,000 PP


Objective: Find an acetylene tank + Objective: Find a propane tank


Thankfully there are acetylene tanks (from Hank head NW) and propane tanks (from Hank head SW) nearby to grab and lug back to the guy determined to move his RV.


Objective: Give Hank a propane tank + Objective: Give Hank an acetylene tank


Hand them over to find out that Hank still needs that little bit of extra juice.


Objective: Find a gasoline canister


Head West from Hank and take a look near the low end of the burning ramp to find some gas.


Objective: Give Hank a gasoline canister


Carry it back to the ungrateful Hank.


Objective: Get away fast


Watch him get his overconfident just desserts as you receive your mission reward.





Objective: Find Lauren's Ring Box + Objective: Find Tattoo Kit


Both items are in safehouses, one filled with gang members (ring box) and the other with undead footballers (tattoo kit). Bring weapons suitable to combat gang members as they are very good at dodging explosives fire but not so good at dodging melee weapons. The football zombies can be taken out easily by most melee weapons (but you may want a health item or two to recover from their annoying charge attacks). Both objects are in Sunset hills but the tattoo kit can be easily accessed via vehicle from the illegally infected hideout so you may want to grab it first. Remember this location (the school) as we will be revisiting it shortly.


Objective: Return to Lauren


Once you have both items, burn rubber or beat feet back to Lauren. She will be overjoyed at your success and the return of her keepsakes. After a brief thank you she will open the door and you can finally access the illegally infected hideout.


New vehicle blueprint available: Junk Bike (sunset hills illegal infected hideout - after allowed access)


New weapon blueprint available: Boom cannon (sunset hills illegal infected hideout - after allowed access)


New weapon blueprint available: Remote detonator (sunset hills illegal infected hideout - after allowed access)


Objective: Find Annie


Head up to the control room to meet Annie again.


Objective: Destroy cameras (3)


Unfortunately, Annie's "family" Red doesn't want to hand her over to you but instead offers you another way to get fuel. Nick reluctantly agrees (as we all know how much legwork this is gonna take) and takes to the streets once again to prove his worth. The cameras are spread around Sunset Hills but your newly acquired schematic and weapon the boom cannon can take them out in one shot making this a little easier. Tromp through the area looking for electronics to explode until you can start looking for relays instead.


Objective: Disable relays (2)


On to central city where the relays are guarded by teams of special ops soldiers. Nick needs to stock up on some damaging ranged weaponry (such as multiple boom cannons) and some health items before taking them on. When you are prepared, head for the objective markers to be ambushed. Ambush the spec ops soldiers right back with your weaponry and then disable the relays they were guarding.


Objective: Burn supplies (2)


Restock on boom cannons and healing items if Nick is running low and take a road trip to South Almuda. You'll notice there are two sets of supplies here. One is in a large warehouse to the South East filled with special ops. The other is in the school (ha, knew we'd be back) guarded by a psychopath named Albert. Go for the warehouse one first as you already have your weapons to take care of it. Park a car against the shipping container to reach the supplies after the spec ops are cleared out. Once that's done, head for the school and head for the basement. Get ready for yet another disturbing experience in this game.


Objective: Defeat the real Albert



Albert is an interesting psychopath to deal with. Why? Because all Nick's inventory is gone. Great. The weapon of choice here (despite how silly it is) are the plentiful organ coolers. These can be thrown at Albert (who, due to Nick's visions is difficult to pick out). When the Alberts flicker you can briefly see who they really are. If they are victims just leave them alone (they will attack you if you attack them). If they remain as Albert, open fire with your cooler.


If you see an Albert bending down over another one (like he is harvesting) throw the cooler at him also. If you hit him with the cooler successfully he will be staggered for a short time. Press Y + B to stab him with a needle, dealing damage to the organ harvester. When he starts getting low on health the Alberts will stop flickering. However the real Albert will attack you if Nick gets too close. Use this to find him for the final smack down.



New weapon blueprint available: Acid jar (hospital basement)


Objective: Burn the last supply crate


Find the last crate in the basement and burn it up to finish Red's task.


Objective: Return to the comm tower


Travel all the way back to Sunset Hills and back into the hideout. Yet another detour comes your way in the form of the Police Station.




Survivor mission (Troy - South Almuda): Investigate the Bus Depot


Reward: 25,000 PP + Followers (Troy + Jesse)


Objective: Talk to Troy


Troy will be lamenting the loss of his memento, a locket belonging to his daughter. Apparently he gave it to a conman across the road in exchange for passage out of the city. This unfortunately was a bad idea and you now have to go get it back.


Objective: Retrieve Troy's locket


Cross the road and head upstairs to find the sleazeball. A bodyguard will be standing beside him and both will attack you as soon as the conversation ends.


Objective: Defend yourself


Once the fight starts, concentrate on the conman because when he dies the fight is over. He has very little health and will die quickly from just about any weapon. Afterwards the bodyguard will offer to join you as well for an added bonus.


Objective: Return Troy's locket


Head back across the street and give Troy the locket to complete the mission (PP) and gain a second follower.





Objective: Get to the Police Station


New weapon blueprint available: Z.A.R (police station)


Before heading for the objective, load up on a couple of boom cannons and powerful melee weapons (plus a couple of healing items of course) as this sequence can be brutal if you are unprepared. Grab some wheels and head for the marker. The police station is in Central City and you will need to enter where the objective marker is. Head inside for a creepy (and for some, terminal) cut scene.


Objective: Follow Hilde


Follow Hilde's path, taking out spec ops with your trusty boom cannons. The path is pretty linear but there will be several spec ops and quite a few zombies between Nick and his reunion with Hilde. Take it slow (as there is no time limit to the chase - except the six day one anyway) and plan out your attacks. This allows Nick to combat enemies effectively and prevents wasting valuable combo weapons before taking on Hilde. Head through the marked doorway to confront her.


Objective: Defeat Hilde, the sergeant



Take cover as soon as you regain control as she already has Nick in her sights.




Exit - Hilde will jump out the window (yes you read that right) and reappear randomly with a flash bang. This will stun Nick if he is in the area of effect so if you see the explosive icon nearby dodge away quickly.


Handguns - Hilde will fire a stream of lead in your general direction. Putting cover between yourself and this attack (or just running to avoid it) is crucial to Nick's continued well-being.


Grenade - Explosives that hit an area. Don't be in that area. Simple


Spin Kick - When you are too close, Hilde will spin kick you away from her before resuming the murder. Try not to get that close in future (unless you are making her flinch) to avoid the attack.


RPG - In the later phase of the battle Hilde will start shooting the RPG at you. This knocks you off your feet and can do serious damage. Take cover or evade it when you see her taking aim at you to avoid dying painfully.


General Strategy - Don't bother with the boom cannon against her as it will just bounce off. Use your strong melee weapons to keep her flinching as you lay down the pain. Use cover as you heal up (there are plenty of healing items around) and don't try to sprint at her in the open or her guns will cause some serious pain. When she exits the building is also a good time to heal up. Once she gets down to about eight blocks of life she will begin calling in backup (spec ops). She will also start using the RPG that was strapped to her back on you. Use the boom cannon to take out her guards and then resume the close ranged melee weapon dance of death until she finally croaks in over the top fashion.



Objective: Meet Red and Annie at the hotel


New weapon blueprint available: Knife gloves (hotel)


Head for South Central City and into the upper floor of the Hotel. Annie and Red will be waiting for you.


Objective: Explore while Red gets fuel


Another of those "explore" sections has arrived. You can spend the time just mucking around or completing missions until the next objective becomes available.




Survivor mission (Carie - Central City): Investigate the law office


Reward: 20,000 PP + Follower (Carrie)


Objective: Talk to Carrie


Carrie is a stuck up lawyer stranded without her briefcase. The briefcase in question is now a few hundred metres down the road in the dead hands of her receptionist.


Objective: Retrieve Carrie's briefcase


Drive the nearby sports car (or other vehicle if you brought one) down to collect it.


Objective: Return to Carrie


Drive back to Carrie, give her the briefcase and she will join you. Oh and you'll get some PP as well.



Survivor mission (Big D - South Bridge): Investigate South Bridge


Reward: 25,000 PP + Follower (Kandy) + Weapon (Big D's Gun)


Objective: Bring Big D a combo vehicle


Apparently Big D has a reputation to maintain so he won't ride in just any vehicle. You need to bring him any combo vehicle before he will travel with you. Use the nearby steamrollers and motorbikes or steamrollers and SUV's to make a custom vehicle (or just bring one from a garage) and he will happily accompany you.


Objective: Travel to Big D's pad


Thankfully you don't need to have the combo vehicle all the way to the pad as on lower levels and higher difficulties the vehicles seem to be made of wet paper. Get as close as you can with the vehicle and then leg it the rest of the way to the pad. Once you are inside, things will take a turn for the worse and Big D needs a whompin'.


Objective: Kill Big D


Any decent weapon will work fine against him. Hit him as often as possible to ruin his aim and keep hacking away until his life is drained. He is actually very fragile for a psychopath (what a weird sentence).


Objective: Rescue Kandy


Untie Kandy and she will join you. You will also receive your mission PP and can take Big D's gun as a reward too.



Psychopath (Darlene - Ingleton): Investigate the buffet



Reward: 20,000 PP + Buffet kitchen key




Throw cutlery - Darlene will start tossing knives, forks and spoons at Nick. Put something between her and you to avoid damage.

Scooter charge - Darlene will rev her scooter and home in on you surprisingly fast either knocking you over or stabbing you. Sprint away from her or use the central buffet to avoid her.

Fork lance - Darlene will scream and raise the massive fork over her head before racing at you in a straight line. Easier to avoid than the scooter charge but does more damage.

Projectile vomiting - Well you can guess what she does. Stay back to avoid the spray.

Reverse projectile vomiting - The force of her spew pushes her backwards if you are behind her. Leaves behind slippery puddles of spew which will knock you down.


General strategy - Darlene can be surprisingly fast with her mobility scooter. Bring heavy hitting, wide arc melee weapons as you won't get much time to back up and take aim with ranged weapons. Attack her from the side to avoid her charge and reverse projective vomiting. She will sometimes stop to eat and replenish her health. You can interrupt her by pressing B and Y together. She will take quite a bit of damage to take down like all psychopaths. You can eat from the trays around the area but this is not recommended as it takes time and makes you throw up. Bring powerful healing items (like vodka or pizzas) to replenish health fast. Wow that was one of the most disturbing combat sequences ever...





Objective: Meet Red at the Comm Tower


After the objective update you have to travel back to the hideout in Sunset Hills to finally finish this long chapter. Grab a car and get there fast to move on.


Chapter reward: Attribute points + Schematic (Napalm bomb)


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