Ally Conversations





Blackwall conversation 1 at Skyhold
"So, this is skyhold"

"We're safe for now."
"If we see him, he sees us."
"And we'll be ready for him."

"Thank you." (blackwall+)
"You're taking this hard." (blackwall-)
"You're no good to me dead." (blackwall-)

"I don't know."
"I'm not."


Blackwall conversation 2 at Skyhold
"This is just something to keep the hands busy"

"I'm glad." (Blackwall+)
"What about the wardens?"
"So we have your loyalty?"

"Wise words." (Blackwall+)
"Isn't it obvious?" (Blackwall-)
"Why follow at all?" (Blackwall-)

"A generous act."
"Why'd he help you?"
"You couldn't win on your own?" (Blackwall-)

"It all turned out."
"Not necessarily better."
"Regret is useless." (Blackwall-)


Blackwall conversation 3. *After completing: here lies the abyss story quest
"Someone I knew once explained adamant to me"


"We stopped it."
"Clarel's pride is to blame." (Blackwall--)
"That's why we fight him."


"Then remember the intention."
"We can still try, right?" (Blackwall+)
"Nothing is perfect." (Blackwall-)


Blackwall conversation -
"Want a drink?"


"You saved it?"
"That's horrible!"
"Of course not."


"You were a child."
"So did everyone else."
"You were weak."


"Don't let that stop you."
"Your eyes aren't shut."
"All this over a dog."




Cassandra conversation 1 at skyhold
"Good book?"

"Are you embarrassed?"
"Of course you don't."
"What are you hiding?"

"You don't need to hide it." (Cassandra+)
"So you've read them all?"
"Why waste your time?" (Cassandra-)

"I should read it." (romance, Cassandra+)
"He'd be pleased."
"Wouldn't dream of it."


(Unlocks guilty pleasures inner circle quest)


Cassandra Conversation 2 at Skyhold (after talking to Varric during: from the ashes story quest)
"You knew where Hawke was all along"


[Stay out of it] (Varric--)
[Intervene] (Varric++) *Skip next dialogue choice


"Stop this fighting!" (Cassandra-)
"This is funny." (Cassandra--)
"Leave me out of this." (Cassandra+, Varric-)


"Varric's not at fault." (Varric++)
"Varric, you bastard." (Varric---)
"Cassandra, back off!" (Cassandra--)
"What's done is done."


"That's unfair, Cassandra." (Varric++, Cassandra--)
"I'm well aware." (Cassandra++, Varric--)
"We need to work together." (Varric+)
"Varric's earned his place." (Varric++, Cassandra--)


"I still like you." (romance, Cassandra+)
"Don't blame yourself." (Cassandra++)
"We're all fools, Cassandra." (Cassandra++)
"We need to do better." (Cassandra--)


Cassandra conversation 3 at skyhold
"Planning troop movements now?"


"We make things better."
"You can't guess?"
"There is no plan."


"You're to idealistic."
"I don't want those same things."
"Those are admirable goals."


"You guide me." (romance)
"I obey my conscience."
"I make it up as I go."
"I do what must be done."


"I don't deserve that."
"I hope we're friends."
"Thank you."


Cassandra conversation - After completing champions of the just story mission
"I can keep staring at this, but I won't get any closer."


"Can I help?" (Cassandra+)
"Stubborn as ever?"
"Closer to what?"


"Couldn't they be dead?" adds additional dialogue option "What if they're infected?"
"This is important to you." (Cassandra+)
"They might be his allies."
"What's the point?" (Cassandra-)


(Locate the missing seekers operation unlocked)


Cassandra conversation - *After here lies the abyss story quest
"Writing does not come naturally to me"


"Love poetry, I assume?" (romance, Cassandra+)
"Is everything OK?"
"You're competing with Varric?"
"Then why do it?"


"That could be used against us." (Cassandra-)
"That's a good idea." (Cassandra+)
"I don't care about historians." (Cassandra-)
"Just be careful."


"You think it's possible?" *Adds dialogue option "Maybe it doesn't matter."
"I don't know, either."
"It was a spirit, nothing more."
"I believe it was her."


Cassandra conversation - After increasing friendship to nearly love status
"Might we speak privately?"


"Should I stop?"
"I meant nothing by it." (end romance)
"It's not your imagination."


"Why is it impossible?" (romance)
"I'm not courting you."
"Courting is so formal." (romance)


"Yes, I can." (romance)
"I'm surprised."
"This is why you're alone." (end romance)
"I'd like to try." (romance)
"You're right." (end romance)


Select the romance option in regular dialogue to begin the quest:


(The ideal romance (inner circle) sidequest unlocked)


Cassandra conversation - after completing story quest: Wicked eyes and wicked hearts
"Will you not consider it lady Cassandra?"


"Is she bothering you?"
"Having fun?" (Cassandra+)
"What's this about?"


[investigate] "Is that even possible?" --> [special] "Why am I not a candidate?"
"You'd be perfect."
"So refuse."
"Who cares about the chantry?" (Cassandra--)

"So do better." (Cassandra++)
"The chantry has failed." (Cassandra---)
"These are extreme times."


[special] "I like your determination." (Romance, Cassandra++)
[special - noble human background] "I can help you become divine." *Ends conversation (support Cassandra operation unlocked)
"A new crusade for you?" *Ends conversation
"We have other concerns." (Cassandra--) *Ends conversation
"Maybe the chantry should end." (Cassandra--)
*Ends conversation


Cassandra conversation - after completing the story quest: What pride had wrought
"Victory in the Arbor wilds."


"If he returns, we'll face him."
"He'll run and hide?"
"He's lost everything."


"We'll fight together." (romance)
"You aren't worried?"
"You're probably right."
"I look forward to it."


"So long as we're together." (romance)
"I have plans." *Ends conversation
"You'll be divine?"
"Don't jinx it." *Ends conversation


"Then so be it."
"Refuse it."
"That changes nothing."




Cole conversation 1 - Look for Cole
"What are you doing?"


"Can you help her?" (Cole+)
"What was that?"
"Don't harm her." (Cole+)


If you wait and watch:


"They don't remember you?"
"Nice work." (Cole+)


If you interrupt Cole:


"It's not your fault, healer."
"Just talk to her Cole."
"Apologize, Cole."


"She will be." (Cole+)
"This isn't about her."


Cole conversation.  After completing: here lies the abyss story quest
"Solas: No. Cole: He won't bind me."


"What's wrong?" (Cole+)
"No." (Solas+)


"We'll protect you." (Cole-)
"We'll figure something out." (Solas+)
"You may need to leave."(Solas-, Cole-)


(Obtain amulet for Cole operation unlocked)


Cole conversation - After Story mission What pride had wraught is completed
"Corypheus died and then he didn't."


"It's confusing."
"You and me both."
"We'll kill him."


"You did all you could."
"I don't know."


"You need to remember."
"Then do that."


Cole conversation - After completing the amulet sidequest if you chose to make him more human, select "Do you want to go somewhere?"


"I'm proud of you."
"It's a good step."
"That should be normal."


"Is this painful?"
"Are you going to get dark?"
"I don't understand."


"You've lost me."
"You made yourself laugh?"
"You're hiding the fear?"


"Yes, it is."
"It's a little odd, actually."
"If you say so."




Dorian conversation - After completing champions of the just or in hushed whispers story quest
"Anything interesting?"


"I'm sorry for your loss." (Dorian++)
"That's not surprising."
"They'll pay." (Dorian+)

"What about yourself?"
"You might be idealizing him."
"Follow his example." (Dorian++)


Dorian conversation 2 - After completing: here lies the abyss story quest
"You have remarkably little here on early Tevinter history."


"Such a critic." (romance)
"What are you looking for?"
"Not to your standards?"
"Stop whining." (Dorian-)


"It was horrible."
"I don't want to talk about it." (Dorian-)
"We lost Stroud."
"I learned so much."


"I wish you'd been there." (romance, Dorian+)
"That's poor consolation."
"I should be proud?"
"I was lucky."


"You don't?"
"I agree." (Dorian++)
"Not my problem." (Dorian--)


(The name of our enemy operation available)

Dorian conversation 3 - After completing Last resort of good men sidequest


"There's no need to worry."
"Rumors? Do tell?"
"We do not serve the Chantry."


"Are you all right?"
"This happens often?"
"Forget her."


"Only on your behalf."
"There will always be rumors."


Dorian conversation - After completing the story quest: What pride had wrought
"What happened at the elven temple"


[investigate] "What brought this on?"
"You came here to help." (Dorian++)
"You could do great things." (Dorian++)
"Just go, then." (Dorian-)




Iron bull conversation event - Ask Iron Bull during regular conversation: "You had something to show me?"

"Nice to meet you."
"How's it going."
[Say little]


"The Inquisitor's helping."
"The Inquisitor's just a man."
[Say little]


"This was depressing." (Iron Bull-)
"This was good." (Iron Bull+)
"Their attitude surprised me."


Iron bull conversation event - *after killing a high dragon
"Inquisitor, come have a drink."


[Drink] (Iron Bull++)
"I'm not drinking that." *ends conversation


[Drink] (Iron Bull++)
"I'm done drinking." *ends conversation


"I'm sorry we had to kill it."
"Now I feel awkward."
"They're just beasts." (Iron Bull-)


"I'm really done." *ends conversation
[Drink] (Iron Bull++)


"To you." (romance, Iron Bull+)
"To bad drinks." (Iron Bull+)
"To good fights." (Iron Bull+)
"To bringing order." (Iron Bull+)


Iron bull conversation event - Ask Iron Bull during regular conversation: "You wanted to get drinks?" *Make sure to do this before Demands of the Qun (inner circle) quest if you intend to harden Iron Bull, to obtain the song reward below
"Ah good, we're not drinking alone."


"What should I call you?"
"Krem isn't too bad."
"Does he ever stop?"


"Why pass as a man?"
"And the rest of your crew."
"Are you a woman?"
"When did you know?"


"I'm impressed."
"This is quite a group."
"Are they any good?"


(Bull's chargers Song obtained)


Iron bull conversation - *After bull's chargers deaths during Demands of the Qun (inner circle) sidequest *Not finished
"I wanted your help dealing with this."


"This is good for you." (Iron Bull+)


"You're a good man." (romance)
"We'll fight for them." (Iron Bull++)
"I honor their sacrifice." (Iron Bull++)


Iron Bull conversation. After completing: here lies the abyss story quest
"(Grunts) Again.(Grunts) Again."


"What is this exercise?"
[Hit him]
"Let's talk this through." (Iron Bull--) *Different dialogue set appears


If you don't hit him:


"I'd rather talk."
"What makes this stick special?"
"You don't need it." (Iron Bull+)


"I understand."
"Worse than dying?"
"Get over it." (Iron Bull+)


If you hit him:


"You're sure about this?" (Iron Bull-)
"This helps you?"
"That's right! Let it out!"


"You're really all right?"
"Feeling better?"
"Not a problem."




Sera conversation 1 at Skyhold

*If you wait to long to talk after recruiting her, you will get an automatic (Sera-)

"I didn't expect it either."
"If she answers, let me know."
"You knew this would be strange."


"Calm down and explain."
"Corypheus seems real enough."
"What is your issue?"


"Do you believe or not?"
"I need doubters like you." (Sera+)
"I need hope, not selfishness" (Sera-)
"Pick whatever cause you want."


"That almost makes sense."
"I hope there's more you want." (romance)
"Faith may decide much of this."
"Just follow orders, crazy."


Sera conversation event - *Not finished
"I have an Inquistor favor to ask you."


(Verchiel march sidequest (inner circle) becomes available)


Sera conversation. After completing: here lies the abyss story quest
"Heard what went on in that fade thing."


"A difficult time for everyone." (Sera+)
"Seeing is believing." (Sera-)
"All I know is we lost people." (Sera+)


"What was the blight like?" (Sera++)
"That's called planning ahead." (Sera-)
"I only care if they're useful." (Sera+)


Sera conversation 2 at Skyhold.
"You have a problem."


"I want them at their best."
"Should the Inquisitor do this."
"How will that help?"


"You go ahead without me."
"No, grow up." (Sera--)
"Yes, I'm in." (Sera+) *Allows you to go on a prank rampage with Sera


If you join Sera's prank rampage:


*After using advanced search on Cullen's desk


"I won't diminish my general." (Sera-)
"Great, so what do we do?" (Sera+)


*After using advanced search on the door


"I can't mock my diplomat." (Sera-)
"All right, what do we do?" (Sera+)


*After using advanced search on the locked box


"It's the Inquisitor and Sera." (Sera-)
"Run!" (Sera+)


"I should appear respectable."
"It's just not me." *If you did't perform any pranks
"Anything to keep us inspired." (Sera+) *If you performed pranks
"You don't make a lot of sense."


Sera conversation - after completing the story quest: Wicked eyes and wicked hearts
"One for the empress."


"What's wrong?"
"Remind me not to get you mad."
"You think they're the same?"


"We made important decisions."
"Earwigs. That'd stop a ball." (Sera+)
"That wouldn't have helped."


"Their mistakes made it worse." (Sera++)
"It's not that simple." (Sera--)
"The empress was right." (Sera--)


Sera conversation - After raising her approval to maximum (highest conversation you can get if male)
"I've got something I want to do for you."


"I don't have time for games."
"What are you getting me into?"


"They're fine, but this is odd."
"This is not what I expected."
"Why are we eating cookies?"


"I like you, but not cookies." *Takes you to regular conversation choices below
"That is stupid, and immature." *Takes you to angry conversation choices below
"Baking sounds nice, but here?" *Takes you to confused conversation choices below
"I think that's a great idea." *Takes you to regular conversation choices below


Angry conversation:

"I'm annoyed but also grateful." (Sera+)
"Hold on, let's calm down." (Sera+)
"I need allies, not brats." (Sera--)


Confused conversation:


"I am laughing, but it's good." (Sera+)
"Throwing them sounds like fun." (Sera++) *Flying raisin cookies to the face for Cassandra! Thankfully it doesn't impact your relationship with her
"You don't need this. Nor do I."


Regular conversation:

"Once was enough."
"I look forward to it."


You can now go to the rooftop with her for various scenes


Sera conversation - After completing story quest: What pride had wrought and the Inquisitor was the one to drink from the well
"Oh hi, there."


"What should my reaction be?"
"I just wanted to talk!"
"Put that away!"


[investigate] "This threat was a test?"
[special] "Never again, you hear me?" *appears after choosing the investigate option
"You think Mythal was all lies?"
"This was about demon worship?"
"What do you mean?"


"I agree it was all lies." (Sera+++) *Ends conversation
"But what if even some is true?" (Sera-)
"I believe it was all true." (Sera-)


"But it's important." (Sera---)
"It wouldn't be the first time." (Sera++)
"That hasn't stopped you." (Sera++)




Solas Conversation - [special] dialogue option that appears after asking Solas all ? options. Ask Solas during regular conversation: [special]"tell me more about yourself"
*Conversation in the ruins of Haven


"Thank you."
"That must have been quick." (Solas+)
"We're not here for me." (Solas-)


"I wouldn't allow that."
"Of course she did." (Solas+)
"It got results." (Solas-)


"You didn't."
"Where to?" (Solas+)
"You were smart not to."


"I'm glad you stayed."
"This mattered to you?"
"This isn't how it happened."


Solas conversation -
"Something wrong with the tea?"


"Name it."
"Really? You?"
"Get on with it."


[Investigate] "Why didn't it want in?" (Solas+)
[Investigate] "Why would they summon it?" (Solas+)
"We'll rescue your friend."
"How did you hear the cry?"
"You have friends?"


"I'll help."
"I can go along with it."
"I'm not saving a spirit." (Solas--)


(All new, faded for her (inner circle) sidequest unlocked)


Solas conversation - After completing the story quest: What pride had wrought
"Inquisitor, I you have a moment?"


"No, not really."
"How should I know?"
"Get to the point."


"I'm just like everyone else." (Solas-)
"You make that sound bad."
"What did you expect."


"What about our friends?"
"I try."
"You were misinformed."


Solas conversation - Happens after completing story quest: What pride had wrought if you drank from the well of sorrows
"Why did you do it?"


[investigate] "Meaning?" (Solas+)
"I'm still myself." (Solas-)
"Why does this bother you?" (Solas+)
"It's done." (Solas-)


"I'll make the world better." (Solas+)
"One thing at a time."  (Solas--)
"I'll restore what was." (Solas++)
"I'll rely on those I trust." (Solas-) *Triggers separate dialoge set below


Triggered by "I'll rely on those I trust."

"We will." (Solas-)
"What, never?"
"I will still lead." (Solas+)


Triggered by any other dialogue choice

"I'll keep trying."
"That won't happen."
"That doesn't matter."


"Thank you for everything."
"Sounds like you're leaving."
"Enough. Let's finish this."




Varric conversation 1 at skyhold (after Cassandra confronts him in Cassandra conversation 2 at Skyhold)


"Are you all right?" (Varric+)
"She's calmed down." (Varric+)
"No more secrets." (Varric-)


"Hawke should have joined sooner." (Varric-)
"Talk to Cassandra."
"Choose a side." (Varric-)
"You knew about Corypheus." (Varric-)
"I believe you." (Varric++)


Varric conversation 2 at skyhold *After completing: in your heart shall burn story quest
"Corypheus is back... well, shit."


"You beat him before."
"It's not that bad."
"We need a battle plan."


"We'll find a way to kill him."
"I hope you're wrong."
"Everything dies."

"This isn't your fault." (Varric+)
"I think you're confused." (Varric++)
"It doesn't matter."


Varric conversation 3 at Skyhold
"*Varric writing on a scroll"


"I can come back later."
"Fighting a losing battle?"
"Take a break."


"Just be my friend." (Varric++)
"Just do what I do." (Varric-)
"I'm just like you." (Varric+)
"Make it up as you go." (Varric+)


"I can't be bigger than myself."
"What am I to them?"
"What am I to you?"


"I'm still me, though."
"Please don't sing." (Varric+)
"This is giving me a headache." (Varric-)


Varric conversation - After completeing: here lies the abyss story quest
"I knew Stroud you know, not well" *Opening line changes depending on who was sacrificed during here lies the abyss story mission


"At least Hawke survived."
"We heroes might make it."
"He will be the last."


Varric conversation - Once you reach friendship approval level
"There you are, I've been looking all over for you."


"Start what?"
"Yes, that would be bad."
"What are you talking about?"


"Go easy on me."
"I don't think so." *Ends the conversation
"I'll play."
"I'll see that bet."


"I've got a story!"
"Deal again, Josephine!"
"Now you tell one, Varric!"
"We need more drinks!"


"Deal me in, too."
"I want to watch this."


"This was fun."
"What does that mean?"
"I am the Inquisitor."


"I don't think so."
"Of course."
"That seems dangerous."




Vivienne conversation 1 at Skyhold
"What a fascinating life you lead, my dear"

"Blame Corypheus."
"I'll try that." (Vivienne+)
"Don't make jokes now."


"Mind your own business." (Vivienne+)
"It worked in our favor." (Vivienne-)
"Corypheus will pay for this." (Vivienne+)
"So much depends on me..."
"I couldn't save them all." (Vivienne+)


Vivienne conversation - Say to Vivienne during regular conversation: "I want to help the circle."


"I can't help with that." *ends conversation
"I'll find them." *unlocks quest below


(Favors the first enchanter (inner circle) sidequest unlocked)


Vivienne conversation - After completing the sidequest: Favours the first enchanter
"Inquistor. I wonder if you might help me with a delicate situation."


"I'll help you." (Vivienne+) *unlocks quest below
"I don't think so." (Vivienne---)


(Bring me the heart of Snow White (inner circle) sidequest unocked)


Vivienne conversation - After completing story quest: Wicked eyes and wicked hearts
"My dear, I know you must have a great deal on your mind right now."


"I suspected as much."
"Any advice on the subject?"
"It will? That's unlikely."
"One of our own may be the divine."


"What about Leliana?" (Vivienne--)
[investigate] "What platform do you support?"
[investigate] "Where else can we look?"
"This needs some thought." *Support Vivienne operation unlocked
"I agree." (Vivienne++) *Support Vivienne operation unlocked
"You'd make a good divine." (Vivienne+++) *Triggers additional dialogue choice below


[human noble background] "I'll make sure they do." *Support Vivienne operation unlocked
"You can win them over." *Support Vivienne operation unlocked
"Think about the possibilities." *Support Vivienne operation unlocked
"They will with my support." *Support Vivienne operation unlocked


Vivienne conversation - After completing the story quest: What pride had wrought
"It's been quite the momentous day, hasn't it my dear?"


"A little worried." (Vivienne++)
"I feel great."
"I'm getting used to it." (Vivienne+)
"Not so good."


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