Champions of the Just

STORY QUEST - Champions of the Just


Recommended Level: 4-7


Note: This story mission and In hushed whispers are faction choice quests, where you side with either the mages or templars. Consider your choice carefully before deciding which group to ally with. Either way, you should partially complete the quest: a hushed whisper up until the decision point in order to obtain the power and approval rewards within it.



Contact the templars


This will complete automatically after finishing the previous story mission: the threat remains.


Head to the Inquisition's war room (DECISION POINT!)


Benefits of path: Amulet of power (if rogue is in party), +1 cunning (if player is rogue), +2 Constitution, +3 Dexterity



In the war room, accept the Champions of the Just operation on the map to officially side with the Templar.


After starting the operation, you'll be walking towards a fortress and engage in conversation with one of the Orlesian nobles.


"I celebrate this pairing." (Cassandra+) - Requires human noble background


Meet with the Templar contact


When you regain control outside the looming redoubt, Walk straight ahead, through the gate to find Barris waiting to greet you.



Partway through the conversation with Barris, you'll be asked to take part in a ritual involving flags. You can refuse, skipping straight to meeting the lord seeker if you wish. However, if you want some free approval points, choose to raise the flags. You can also do some more looting this way too.


Optional: Raise the flags in order of importance


The three available flags are: Andraste, people and Templar.



People, Andraste, Templar = (Varric+)

People, Templar, Andraste = (Varric+)

Andraste, People, Templar = (Cassandra+)(Solas-)

Andraste, Templar, People = (Cassandra+)(Solas-)

Templar, People, Andraste = None

Templar, Andraste, People = None


Talk to knight-templar Barris


Head over to Barris to discuss your choices.



"My reasons are my own." (Solas++)

"I let faith guide me." (Solas-)

"I decided based on politics." (Blackwall-)

"I picked at random." (Solas-)


Meet the lord seeker


Open the marked door to meet head inside with the Templar. Once you head inside to meet the lord seeker, you'll find him absent, and as a result will talk to a lackey instead. Depending on if you skipped the flags or not, there will be different dialogue trees.



Completed flags:


"Abernache, step back." (Varric+)


Skipped flags:


"I'm here to help." (Cassandra+)

"Barris, what's wrong with him?" (Varric+)


Confront the lord seeker



After your quick verbal pow-wow, you'll enter a fight (big surprise there, considering how bad the Templar looked). A big ambush from several enemies will happen here, so immediately back up if you are and archer or mage to avoid being slaughtered. The captain will only be knocked out once the fight is over, so you can deal with him later. One of the doors will be barricaded, so you'll need to take the other one with two Templar behind it.


There is a nearby locked door to open if you brought a rogue. Climb the stairs for another locked door. At the top is a door leading to the courtyard. Archers will be on the battlements above as you enter the area, and Templar will engage you face to face on the ground level. There's a fair few enemies here, so don't rush forward or they will swarm you. When you're ready to move on, follow the shouting to the next group of Templar. Loot all the balconies before following the mini-map marker.


Move up the walkways until you find regular Templar engaging the two corrupted Templar and an archer. After the fight, unlock the locked door for an amulet of power (Cassandra) and some other goodies. Another three Templar will appear when you start moving forward once more. Walk up the impressive stairs to the large red door at the top to find the lord seeker himself.



Find a way out


After that creepy scene, you'll be in a mist shrouded area an only be able to walk. Ahead through the haze are burning bodies, and at the far end are two people you know. Approach them for a worrying scene and conversation.



Thankfully after that, we can run again. Jog through the door in front of you to see Cassandra interrogating you once again. Ignore the tableau and open the next door. You'll need to carefully time your run through the spirit energy fountains (they deal spirit damage if the streams hit you). After the first set of fountains, there is a locked door on the left for rogues to open. Inside is a secret that gives you +1 cunning when you examine it.



To continue on you'll need to pass into the right room and then try to leave. When you do you'll encounter the mysterious Cole.


Escape the chantry


Turn the spirit fountains into water to be warped into another room.


Escape the prison


Ignore the scene again and head through the door. In the second door on the right, you'll find Cole who will show you how to weaken the prison.


Braziers lit (4)


If you head back into the prior area and look inside one of the cells, you'll find a prison key if you are holding veilfire. Go through the rooms and start lighting the braziers on the walls. As you light the fourth, the prison will expand. Before heading to the mini-marker on the map, light the brazier in the cell on the right and then the one on the back wall to find another hidden area. Inside you'll find an inscription which gives +2 constitution. Climb the stairs when you are ready to progress.



Escape the forest


After the first room, you'll enter a wooded area. Avoid the spirit blasts from the ground as they can damage you, but ignore the other figures here. Climb the stairs and pull the lever on the wall to open the metal gate. Keep moving, killing enemies along the way if you need to until you are inside once more. Before moving forward from this room, climb up to the second floor to find the third envy inscription. This one will reward you with +3 Dexterity (well worth the annoyance).



Keep heading onwards to where the lord seeker was before. When you reach the location, a scene will take over. Wow, that is one butt ugly demon.


(+2 Power)


You'll now need to maintain the strength of the hall while finding the Templar veterans and missing lyrium stores.



Collect lyrium

Templar veterans found (3)


There is a supply cache in the hall (you probably need it by now), so make sure to stock up before pressing on. Enter the side door in the hall to the officer's quarters. When you enter the open area, you'll find Templar archers and Templar horrors (Templar possessed by demons). Keep an eye on the great hall bar as you explore, so you can rush back and help if they start to get overwhelmed. Find and help out on of the veterans before returning to the great hall (you should have plenty of time.



Once the great hall is clear, resume your search in the officer's quarters. One of the doors in the area will require the lord seeker's key, which can be found in the ground floor office nearby. After clearing out the office, open up the locked door to find the lyrium store inside. Once you have it, return to the great hall again to help out. If the hall's strength is running low, ignore any spawning demons in the way and rush back to it.



Two more veterans left to find. Take the other door out of the hall that leads to the upper barracks. On the ground floor in the open area here, you'll find a wall for warriors to bash through with some loot inside. Once you have the next veteran, make your way back again to cleanse the hall. The final veteran will be up some stairs in the rear of the area.


You'll also find another locked door here for rogues to open. Be careful looting the cell complex as your timer may run out if you dawdle. You can also find another entry to the great hall here (behind where the final veteran was) that comes out on the landing above. This is great for ranged characters, and there are ladders here that can be lowered as well.


Clear the red templars from the great hall

Talk to knight-templar Barris


Use your advantageous position to whittle down the enemies if you are ranged, or just slide down a ladder and enter the carnage. Once the hall is clear, return to the upper area to resume looting. Once you are finished, descend and talk to Barris.



Hold off the red Templar


Time to protect all that hard work you just put in. A swarm of red Templar will emerge to attack. AoE attacks and status effects work well in dealing with the number of enemies here. Thankfully, you don't need to actually worry about the Templar, you just need to hold out until they break the barrier. Use the ladders and the ramps if you're having difficulty keeping the enemies at bay.


Confront the Envy demon


Now to face the Envy demon and finish it off once and for all. There is a supply cache at the top of the stairs here, to resupply before taking on the demon. When you're ready, walk straight ahead to engage the demon.



The Envy demon is immune to sleep and knockdown effects, can teleport and has ranged attacks. Once you damage him to around half health, he will summon some red Templar (although they will most likely be two levels lower than you, so they shouldn't pose much threat). Keep up the pressure with your attacks as Envy turns into a large version of you. Despite this, you shouldn't have any problems if you keep chipping away.



Once you get the large version of you down to a third health, he will turn back into his normal form. Keep smacking him with damage, but watch your feet during this phase as he will begin spawning spirit pyres underneath your feet (as well as his burrow underground attack). So keep moving as you finish him off. Make sure to loot the remains before returning to the great hall.


Return to the great hall


Retrace your footsteps to find the Templar waiting. After the pretty speech, you'll get the choice on how the Templar should join you. As partners or as servants.



Ally - (Cassandra++)(Blackwall++)(Varric+)(Solas--)

Servants -


Once you arrive back in the war room in Haven, your tag-along friend Cole will appear again, You will now have the choice to let the spirit join your party or not.



Allow - (Cassandra-), Cole joins the Inquisition

Deny - Cole does not join the Inquisition


+50 Influence, +1 Power


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