SIDEQUESTS - Crestwood


Capturing Caer Bronach (reward: +1600 Influence, +5 Power)

From: Approaching Caer Bronach to the South of the village of Crestwood

Bandits known as the highwaymen have occupied Caer Bronach. Without the fortifications of this legendary keep for protection, the villagers of Crestwood and surrounding area are left exposed to undead plaguing the region.


Take back Caer Bronach


Break down the front door (literally) and take on the swarms of level 11 bandits inside. Work your way up through the rooms and along the battlements. You should pass at least one potion resupply point before reaching the upper area with the bandit lieutenant, who is the boss of this keep. Defeat him and his men, and raise the flag in the room beyond.

(Escape routes for Agents in Crestwood Operation unlocked)




Caravan requisition in Crestwood (reward: +200 Influence, +1 Power)

From: Requistion officer in any camp

Fereldan caravans are needed to facilitate transportation of goods back to the Inquisition.


Fill the requisition (x5 Plaideweave, x10 Iron)


Plaideweave can be found on enemies in this area. Iron is found commonly. Return the items to a requisition table at any camp.




High stakes (reward: +80 Influence)

From: Charter in Caer Bronach Keep, after taking it over in Capturing Caer Bronach sidequest

Leliana's "eyes and ears" in the region, a spy named Charter, mentioned that her man Butcher seems to be running a little behind.


Find Butcher


Head to the marked location, and travel to the exact centre of the search area to find the missing agent. Take the papers, and you will be under attack by the Venatori.


Inform Charter of Butcher's fate


Fast travel back to Caer Bronach and hand the papers to Charter.

(Expose the double agent operation unlocked)



Holding Crestwood (reward: +200 Influence as well as +100 Influence and +1 Power per camp site)

From: The Inquisition automatically after entering the area

Establish camps to hold Crestwood and support Inquisition activity in tthe region


Camps established (2) *One will already be set up when you arrive in the area


Quite a simple quest, if a bit time consuming. All you need to do is to travel to each of the indicated camp sites on the map and claim them. This enables fast travel between camp sites and will make your exploration far quicker and easier.

Homecoming (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power)

From: Sister Vaughn in the memorial to the north-east of the Village of Crestwood

Sister Vaughn wants to cremate the bodies of people lost in a flood ten years ago.


Drain the lake to reach the bodies


The lake will be drained as part of the Still waters sidequest. You will need a key from the mayor. See it for more info.


Bodies found (3)


Head to the Old Crestwood area, and look around for small piles of bodies. Each pile will be inside a building.


Return remains to Sister Vaughn


Drag the bodies back to the sister to finish.




Obsidian survey in Crestwood (reward: +200 Influence, +1 Power)

From: Requisition officer in any camp

The University of Orlais has requested obsidian and iron samples for a geological survey of Crestwood.      


Fill the requisition (x10 Iron, x20 Obsidian)


Iron is common in most areas. Obsidian can be found in Crestwood and Hinterlands in rocky areas. Return to a requisition table at any camp to complete.




Rift at Caer Bronach (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power)

From: Capturing the Caer Bronach keep during Capturing Caer Bronach sidequest

An active fade rift has been spotted at Caer Bronach


Fade rifts closed (1)


West rift: Normal




Rift near the North Gate (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power)

From: The Inquisition automatically after entering the area

An active fade rift has been spotted near the North Gate camp


Fade rifts closed (1)


This rift can be found north of Village of Crestwood.

North rift: Normal




Rifts at Three Trout Farm (reward: reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power per rift)

From: Making camp at the campsite at Three Trout Farm

Active fade rifts have been spotted near Three Trout Farm


Fade rifts closed (2)


All locations are in relation to Three Trout Farm Camp.

South rift: Normal
South-west rift: Normal




Still waters (reward: Reward obtained during quest)


From: The Inquisition automatically after entering the area

Undead have terrorized Crestwood since a fade rift appeared in the lake. There must be a way to close it.


Help Crestwood fight back against the undead


The village of Crestwood (at the quest marker) is under attack by shades and other demons. Clear the attacking enemies from the front of the village when you arrive.


Speak to Crestwood's mayor


Fast travel to Crestwood Village and talk to the mayor.


Find a door that leads to the dam


The door you need is in the middle of Caer Bronach. If you have already taken it, the door is right next to the fast travel point. Travel there to continue. If you have not taken the keep yet, you will need to head there and complete the Capturing Caer Bronach sidequest.


Enter the building on the dam


Descend the hill and approach the pub. Strange place.


Unlock the door to reach the controls and drain the lake


Ignore the people next to the fire ("we werent doing anything sir"), and head to the back room. Start pushing the mechanism with no help from your party members.


Find an entrance to the Flooded Caves


Fast travel to North Gate Camp, and descend into the ruins of Old Crestwood. A location will appear on the minimap as you get close to the centre of the search area (north of the mayors old home). Head towards it.


Enter the Flooded Caves under Old Crestwood


Go inside.


Close the fade rift (+600 Influence, +2 Power, +3 Power)


Descend down the cave, lighting the torches as you go. Some demons will be down here. And ghouls. Kill them. There is a locked door when you reach an short dwarven looking tunnel with glowy walls. A rogue can unlock this. There is no epic loot inside however. Rage demon will attack you after this area. In the hallway will be a couple of torches and a supply point. Nearby is a bashable wall that a warrior can break. There is a mosiac piece in the chamber below (through the broken wall), and some loot. Past the supply cache is the rift. Demons will be summoned from it, more than in a normal rift.


Inform the mayor that the rift is closed


Fast travel back to Crestwood Village and let the mayor know his undead problems are over.

(Find Crestwood's Mayor operation unlocked)




The naturalist (reward: None)

From: Gauld in Village of Crestwood

A man in Crestwood is concerned that a friend of his, Judith, isn't safe living outside of town. He'd appreciate someone checking up on her.


Check up on Judith


Judith can be found to the south-east of Caer Bronach Keep. Talk to her and return to Gauld to finish this quest. If you have already talked to Judith, this quest can be finished as soon as you get it.




Weeding out bandits (reward: )

From: Inquisition agent, at flagpole at top of Caer Bronach, after taking it over via Capturing Caer Bronach sidequest

A handful of highwaymen remain on watch at farms around Crestwood and should go the way of their brethren in the keep.


Bandits killed (8) *Note: There have been reported bugs during this quest where the bandits will not spawn.


Apparently bandits killed before getting this quest don't count. Head over to the massive marked area and start searching.




Wyrm hole (reward: )

From: Judith to the south-east of Caer Bronach Keep

An aggressive wyvern is harassing Crestwood's villagers. It lives in a cave up in the hills. A woman named Judith outside of town seemed interested in the body if someone manages to kill it.


Kill the cave wyvern


Head to the marked location and kill the wyvern. This can be done before obtaining the quest with no issues.


Return to Judith


Return to Judith.



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