Doom Upon All the World

STORY QUEST - Doom Upon All the World


Recommended level: 16-19


Note: This is where the endgame starts, you will be able to play some content after completing this, but should complete any important quests or tasks before beginning this quest. These include Inner circle quests that leave party members missing.



Speak with the advisors in the War Room


Return to Skyhold and enter the War Room.


Start Doom upon all the world operation - Power cost: 0 operation.



After starting the operation, you will fill in your advisors on what happened at the altar.



"I wish I could tell you."
"You wouldn't believe me."
"I have what we need."


"I must go now."
"He knows that."
"It's better this way."


Looks like things have come full circle, with the breach opening and having to trek across the land to close it. Wow, Corypheus had that much power? How is the Inquisitor not dead yet?



"I will stop you."
"I'm not proving anything."
"You talk too much."


And yep, you'll finally be in battle with the big bad guy.


Confront Corypheus


Boss: Corypheus


Red lyrium melee - Corypheus raises his arm skyward with red power glowing in it and then brings it down. Knocking back and damaging characters in a small cone in front of him with red lyrium spikes.

Breach summoning - Corypheus raises his arm skyward with red power glowing in it, lighting up a character with green light and then brings it down. A green stone falls from the sky, turning into a random demon and attacking the party.

Barrier - Corypheus is surrounded by an faint orange circle for a couple of seconds and then gains full barrier.



After losing around an eighth of his health, Corypheus will teleport to the top of the wall and begin attacking again.


Red lyrium beam - When Corypheus retreats to the top of the wall, he will target characters with a red stream of lyrium (similar to the despair demon's ice beam) dealing decent damage. Keep moving to avoid it while he targets you.



Once he has grown tired of attacking from there (takes around twenty seconds), he will retreat further into the floating ruins. Chase him up the stairs and resume the fight.


He will begin floating above the battlefield, throwing invisible projectiles at whoever he raises his hand towards. Use the rubble to avoid his attacks, shooting back if you are ranged. Once again, after twenty seconds or so, he will vanish to the next area. Scramble after him to engage him in battle again.


Corypheus will now be able to use the red lyrium beam in normal battle, instead of just as a ranged attack on top of a wall. So keep this in mind.



At half health, a scene will trigger. And you'll be confronted by the red lyrium dragon. Thankfully it has already taken a bit of a beating and is at 2/3rds health.



Red lyrium breath - Close to mid range spray of red lyrium in front of the dragon. Unlike normal dragons, it will not turn it's head, so the attack will shoot in a line directly ahead of it.

Guard - Adds a layer of armor to the dragon, preventing damage until it is removed

Claw swipes - Close range, will quickly swipe at nearby characters if they get too close.

Wing buffet - The dragon will raise it's wings and begin sucking all the characters in the party towards itself. If you are in the circle surrounding the dragon at the end of the attack, it will do an additional attack dealing large amounts of damage. Use evasion abilities or run from the circle as best you can. There is a maximum effective range, it is where you can no longer target specific enemies properly for console.


When the dragon is nearly dead (around 1/8th health remaining), a scene will trigger.



Defeat Corypheus


Looks like the final battle is nigh. Halfway up the staircase is another supply cache, take advantage of it. Looks like Corypheus has picked up some new tricks in the interlude.



Detonation - close to mid range. Corypheus detonates a sphere of fire from himself, knocking everyone back and dealing decent damage.

Dash - Corypheus will now dash (float very fast) towards a character to engage them in melee

Wings of flame - Corypheus will spread out his arms, and then bring them together. This creates two walls of flame that are brought together when he closes his arms.



Thankfully he is easier to damage in this form. Keep the pressure up and you will triumph. After the battle, you'll have a chat depending on who is with you.






"I'm sorry."
"It can't be repaired?"
"But Corypheus is dead."


"It's not important."
"Something's not right."
"It's so strange."


[investigate] "Meet me? Why?"
"I fought because I had to."
"Now they're eager."
"Well, we did win."



Retire to your quarters


Take the time to chat with everyone, and return to your quarters when you are done.



Congratulations on completing Dragon Age: Inquisition! Continue watching after the credits for one final scene.



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