From The Ashes

STORY QUEST - From the Ashes


Note: There are one or two things you may want to do before continuing on with the story at this point. This is a good point to stop and do sidequests, recruit allies and gather some power points.


  • Recruit Dorian or Cole, depending on which faction you sided with.
  • Choose a specialization (see: Specializations for the Inquisitor story quest)



Speak with Josephine in the antechamber


Talk to Josephine about the Empress to find out things are getting bad in the imperial court.


Wicked eyes and wicked hearts story quest unlocked



Speak with Varric on the battlements


Climb up to the outer battlements and talk to Varric. Well, he certainly looks a lot different to the female character from my playthrough of Dragon Age II. Talk to the surprise cameo about Corypheus.


(Find the warden operation unlocked)


Here lies the Abyss story quest unlocked



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