Haven's best and brightest

From: The Inquisition

Even in these trying times, good help is not so hard to find. Explore Haven and meet some of the Inquisition's crafting masters.


Speak with the smith


The smithy is located at the base of the village near the large front gate. Walk down the hill and talk to Harrit. Make sure to ask the following:


"Do you have any designs?"


This will give you a free scout coat armour schematic for your trouble.


Speak with the quartermaster


You can find the quartermaster in a tent next to the chantry entrance. Ask her about requisitions to receive a recipe that you can fill to increase the inquisition's power by one. All the items for this recipe can be found in the forest near Haven village by roaming around the area.


Speak with the apothecary


The apothecary is to the right side of the village (head right from the chantry). Adan is pretty cranky, but his information about potions and upgrades are very handy to know. You can upgrade potion's effectiveness permanently if you have the required ingredients. Ask Adan about how to make potions and you'll obtain the regeneration potion recipe from him.






Know thy enemy (reward: +150 influence)

From: The Inquisition

Some items recovered in battle may later be worth studying.


Give Minaeve an item to research


Creature research items can be found from many different enemies in battle. They are placed in the valuables section of your inventory, so be careful not to sell them. Once you have obtained a research item, head to Minaeve's room and deposit it on the highlighted table. With enough items, you will begin obtaining bonuses against enemies, so it can really help to do this.





Mixing potions (reward: none)

From: Adan (during Haven's best and brightest sidequest)

A Recovered recipe can be used to mix a potion at a loadout station. There, the potion can also be equipped or replenished. Potion loadout stations are found in the Inquisition's base of operations or at any claimed camp.


Visit a potion loadout station


Once you get this quest, simply head over to the potion table nearby and interact with it to complete it.





Passing notes (reward: Lyrium potion recipe)

From: Apothecary Adan (ask him "need any help?" to obtain sidequest)

The apothecary mentioned that his master, Taigen, was working on something special before he died at the conclave.


Find Taigen's notes


Taigen's notes can be found in a small shack near the frozen river at the front of the village. You will need to use the advanced search to find the missing notes.


Return the notes to Adan


Make the trek back to the village and hand over the notes to end the quest.






Piece by piece (reward: none)

From: Harrit (during Haven's best and brightest sidequest)

The blacksmith can also improve existing armour.


Modify some armour


Select a piece of armour at the modify station in the smithy and add the only upgrade component you have to the arms.





Requisition for weapons (reward: 200 Influence, Power +1)

From: Threnn (during Haven's best and brightest sidequest)

With the right materials found, weapons for the Inquisition can be requisitioned through the quartermaster.


Requires: 5 Iron + 1 Logging stand


Iron can be found quite easily in the rocks near the Haven village entrance. The logging stand will require you to follow a quest marker and locate the stand within a certain area.


Fill the requisition


Once you have all the materials, return to the requisition table to complete the quest.






The right armor (reward: none)

From: Harrit (during Haven's best and brightest sidequest)

With the right materials, Haven's blacksmith can craft some pretty decent armour.


Have some armour made


Before trying to craft some armour at the table in the smithy, loot the two crates nearby for materials. This should give you the items you need if you didn't have them already. Head back to the crafting table and make the armour from the schematic Harrit gave you to complete the quest.



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