In Hushed Whispers

STORY QUEST - In Hushed Whispers


Recommended Level: 4-7



Travel to Redcliffe and make contact with the mages


The actual marker you need to reach is found in the Hinterlands to the North West of the dusklight camp. A word of warning first, don't head directly North from this camp, as you'll walk into a valley and get flamed by a massive dragon.


Circle back around to the South West and then travel North instead. When you reach it, you'll stumble upon a fade rift blocking the path.



Close the fade rift


2x Wraith, Lesser terrors

3x Wraith, 2x Lesser terrors


(+1 Power reward)



Enter Redcliffe


Now that the path is free of demons, you can stroll down the road to Redcliffe village. Watch the scene to find some suspicious circumstances await you.



Go to the gull & lantern to meet Fiona


Head down the street to find the inn a short distance away.



Meet Felix in the chantry


After reading the note, you'll have to locate the chantry and head inside. Before heading for the chantry however, take a minute to chat with Clemence. Talk to him and he will ask to join the Inquisition. This gains you +40 influence and +1 Power.


Help the strange mage close the rift in the chantry


Yup, another day, another rift. This time, sections of the floor will glow green and yellow. The yellow areas will speed up anything within them, while green slows them down instead. Try and use this to your advantage if you can.



These enemies will vary, but you can tell their average strength from the waves below:

2x Wraiths, Lesser terror, Lesser shade

Wraith, 2x Lesser terrors, Lesser shade


"I'm flattered." (Varric+)


After a fairly long conversation with Dorian and Felix your objective will update.


(+1 Power)



Return to the war room (DECISION POINT)


Fast travel back to Haven and enter the war room.


In hushed whispers operation will now be available. Accepting this operation will side you with the mages, preventing you from siding with the templars, so make sure to decide carefully.



Select the operation: In hushed whispers to officially side with the mages.


Dorian will be automatically added to your party, but you will be free to select the other two members. During a scene, you'll arrive at Redcliffe castle to negotiate with Alexius over the mages.



"Perhaps we should include her." (Solas+)


"He's concerned about you." (Solas+)


"What is the mark?" (Solas+)

"What was supposed to happen?" (Solas+)


"Who is the elder one?" (Solas+)


Watch the scene end as the vortex swirls around you.


Find out what happened


You'll now be facing zealots in a waterlogged cell in the castle with only Dorian to help you. Well that was a bit of a jump. Finish off the enemies and then ask Dorian about what the hell is going on. Make sure to spend Dorian's points in the character screen before continuing.


Walk down the cell hall past the worrying red lyrium and climb the stairs. Take the left set of stairs after this first to collect loot, before returning and taking the one on the right.



Keep looting your way along the upper cell level. At the back you'll find another short set of stairs leading up to a large open room with two more zealots and another path split. In each direction is an explaination, the left path leads to grand enchanter Fiona. Take this one first to add another objective.



Find Leliana


Now head back to the other path and take that one. In the cells on this side, you'll find your missing party members. Turns out these party members have been around a little longer than you have.


Now that you have your "party" back, head back upstairs to the large open room to find the drawbridge lowered and another group of zealots to battle. Killing these guys will apparently solve the first objective, but you'll still need to locate Leliana.


In the room beyond the dead zealots is a supply crate and several rooms to loot before moving upstairs once more. Be careful as you investigate the rooms on your way up as one has several zealots inside. On the way, you'll hear a room with screams emanating from it. Leliana is inside.



Fina a way back to Alexius's throne room


Go through the door opposite Leliana's torture cell and head along the path. You'll run into a rift sprouting wraiths on the way that you need to deal with. Turn the crank next to the portcullis to open it and ascend the stairs to reach the docks.


You'll run into lesser shades here and another supply cache. Walk upstairs once more to emerge into the sun once more. Walk up to the upper level and a rift will spawn right in front of you. A heap of wraiths and lesser shades will try and stop you, but you should manage to bash your way through.



Another rift will activate about ten steps further on with wraiths and lesser shades. Keep your distance and pick off the wraiths with specials if you can. Enter the door past this to enter the castle proper. Loot all the rooms along the way to find out some of what has happened in journal entries.


You'll spot another supply cache on your way as well. Just after entering the lower royal wing, you'll find a door and see a large amount of enemies on your mini-map.



As soon as you walk through, be prepared to engage a fair number of lesser shades and a spellbinder. After the battle, you'll most likely stumble upon your first red lyrium shard which will be added to your objectives list.


Red lyrium shards found (5)


The way forward is blocked (if you examine the door to the throne room), so you'll need to craft a key from red lyrium to get inside. Head into the marked rooms (expect spellbinder and zealot fights for each) and retrieve the lyrium you need.


With the final group, if you have a warrior and rogue in your party, you can unlock a locked door and bash down the wall to side attack the spellbinder with the shard. Once you have all five, return to the locked door to use them. Enter to confront Alexius.



Defeat Alexius



Alexius is a powerful mage and will spawn his time zones on the ground during the fight as well. Be careful not to stray into the slow zones while you fight. Dispell effects, barriers and knockdown attacks (sometimes work) all work well in keeping Alexius from actually attacking.


He is immume to sleep effects though. After dealing about 1/3rd of his health in damage to him, Alexius will open up a fade rift which spawns lesser shades and other enemies into the fight. You'll need to close the rift before resuming the fight with Alexius.



Once again at 1/3rd health remaining, he will open up another fade rift for you to deal with before resuming the murder. Once the battle is finally over, you'll be rushed out the door and back to your own time. When you return to the present, you'll finally get your chance to recruit the mages. It's up to you whether they are prisoners or allies though.



"You're our allies." (Solas+++), (Blackwall++),

"You're our prisoners."


Go to Haven's chantry


You'll be teleported back to Haven's chantry and get the chance to talk to the other Inquisition leaders. You'll also get the choice to allow Dorian to join the Inquisition, or to refuse him. Once you decide. The story mission will conclude.



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