In Your Heart Shall Burn

STORY QUEST - In Your Heart Shall Burn


Recommended Level: 8 - 11


Note: Starting this mission will mean you can no longer use Haven as a destination. Be sure to complete everything you need to do and sidequests there before beginning this mission.



Collect Power (1)


Once you have enough power, you can start this mission.


Meet in the war room when ready


Enter the war room and look for the In your heart shall burn operation in Ferelden. Select and start this operation to continue the quest.



You'll arrive back at the base of the Breach at the temple with your party. Watch the scene. Well, that was a short game wasn't it? Thought there would be a bit more difficulty in sealing that. Wow, even the apothecary is happy, that's a first. Watch the celebrations get interrupted to see that things have just gone from bad to worse.



Head to the gates


Behind you is a supply cache if you need it at any point. Descend to the front gates of Haven to see what the hell is going on. When you arrive, you'll find Dorian there with a warning. Turns out that whatever force you did not side with in the templar/ mage choice is here to destroy you.



Defend the north trebuchet


Whatever forces are attacking, the battles are still pretty much the same. Clear the initial enemy mob who will be in front of you when you regain control. Move straight ahead to the first trebuchet to find a stream of enemies heading towards it. Block their path and hold the line until the threat is no more and the trebuchet is safe. Just be careful to avoid being flanked by lone enemies.



Retake the south trebuchet


Rush over to the second trebuchet and stop another stream of enemies from taking it over. Pick off less armoured enemies first if you can (like spellslingers and archers) before focusing fire on the defenders and warriors.



Man the trebuchet


Climb up to the platform beside the trebuchet and haul at the crank on the side to wind it up. Once the bar is full, it will be released for devastating effect. But don't celebrate too soon.




Return to the gates


Uh-oh, looks like the enemies have a bloody dragon on their side now. There is a small sidequest to do before reaching the gates though.


Evacuate Haven


Help Harrit


Harrit will be trying to get inside his hut. Break the boxes in the way to let him inside.


Scramble back to the gates to scarper through and Cullen will close the doors behind you.


Regroup at the chantry


Before heading to the chantry, take the time to locate and help the surviving members of the Inquisition.


Rescue Haven's townspeople

Rescue Lysette (+80 Influence)


Lysette will be through a gap in the fence to the right as soon as you are through the gates. She us under attack from enemy rogues and a spellbinder. Make short work of them and resume your search.


Rescue Seggrit (+80 Influence)


*Note: This is a timed event, you only have a certain amount of time to rescue Seggit before he burns to death


As you arrive on the next level up of Haven, a new townsperson in peril will flash up. Seggrit is trapped in the burning building on the west side of the area. To get in, climb the nearby ladder and jump across the wooden path to drop down through the roof. Release Seggrit from under the wooden beam to save him. Blast the boxes out of the way of the door to leave the burning house.



Rescue Flissa (+80 Influence)


Flissa is in the Haven tavern, race into the building and interact with her to save her.


Rescue Adan (+80 Influence for both)

Rescue Minaeve


This one is all to do with speed. As soon as you get this objective on the east side of the village, sprint to the front of the apocethary's hut to find Adan and Minaeve collapsed next to jars of exploding potion. You need to be very quick to revive both of them before the jars explode, killing any that are still downed.



Rescue Threnn (+80 Influence)


Threnn will be fighting off enemies in front of the chantry. Help him slaughter the remaining foes to finish the optional sidequest.





Open the door to the chantry and a scene will take over.


"I'd give myself to save Haven." (Solas--, Varric++)

"Why? Why does he want me?" (Solas+)


Rocks won't stop a dragon." (Varric+)



Reach the trebuchet


As soon as you leave the chantry, you'll be swarmed by rogues, warriors and spellslingers. Use AoE attacks and status effects to stun or disable as many as you can while dealing damage. Work your way back down through the village towards the front gates, clearing the path as you go. When you arrive at the gate, head east to find another trebuchet with more enemy soldiers around it.


Aim the trebuchet


There are supplies near the base of the trebuchet if you need to stock up on potions. When you are ready for another fight, start turning the crank nearby.



At about 1/5 of a bar, you'll be attacked by marksmen and then another large wave of enemies. Kill them all and return to your work at the crank.


At 1/3rd, another wave will arrive. Repeat headbashing.


At 2/3rd, yet another swarm. Stomp, stomp.


After this one, the leader of the faction you didn't support will arrive and begin attacking your party. This is either the lord seeker or grand enchanter Fiona. If you do manage to kill the leader, you won't get anything special for it, so you can ignore them if you like and just focus on winding. If you do defeat this wave, you are free to finish the winding unmolested.


Once the bar is filled, another scene will take control and you will finally meet the Elder One face to face.



Find a way forward


Once you stumble to your feet, walk forward through the only path available. When wraiths appear to block your path, a new ability called "mark of the rift" will be unlocked. You can use this to take out all the enemies here at once if you place it right. It creates a mini-rift that deals massive damage to anything it hits.



A whole other tree of skills will also appear in your character record, so take the time to have a look. When you are ready, head outside and descend through the snow drifts to the marker on the mini-map.


When you get past the blizzard, you'll find a camp site right next to you. Keep moving on toward the marker. Finally, you'll find help and be taken back to camp. After the unifying moment, you'll have a chance to talk to Solas.




"How do you know this?" (Solas+)


"You're right to be worried." (Solas+)


Watch the scene end to arrive at the Inquisition's new seat of power. Skyhold. Watch the dramatic scenes and talk with Cassandra.



"I'm honored." (Cassandra+)

"I don't want this." (Blackwall--)



"My faith is rewarded." (Cassandra+) *If you follow the faith answers in earlier conversation

"I'll do it because it's right." (Blackwall++, Cassandra+, Varric+)

"I fight for order, not for faith." (Cassandra++, Varric+)

"Corypheus must be stopped." (Blackwall+)

"I'll lead them to revenge." (Varric--, Solas-,Cassandra-)

"I'll do it for my own power." (Blackwall---, Cassandra---, Varric---, Solas---)


Shortly after that, the story mission will end.


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