There are several things that are essential to know before heading out into the world. The game can be a bit late in explaining certain game-play elements sometimes, so below is a list of key points that any budding Inquisition leader should know.



  • Searching: One of the first things you need to know in this game is "searching." Pushing in the LS will generate a pulse emanating from the your character that highlights any loot or important objects nearby. This is invaluable for collecting items and crafting components as you travel the areas of the world.


  • Advanced Searching: Sometimes when you walk into an area, a gold ring will surround your mini-map. This indicates that there is a hidden item or object in the area that you can discover. Push in LS in one of these areas and an additional wave (pointing in the direction of the object) will appear. When you are close enough, the hidden object will be revealed.


  • Upgrading potions: Once the Inquisition is formed, you will get a side-quest in which you can meet the three craft-masters of the Inquisition forces. The alchemist/ potion master will inform you about equipping potions to your party. You can also find on a desk nearby the option to upgrade potions. While costing a lot of components, this is worthwhile as any upgrades made to a potion are permanent. This makes your potions far more effective and more useful as the game progresses.


  • Fast travel: Once you leave the Inquisition headquarters for the first time and go to a new area, you will be able to generate campsites at certain locations. You can fast travel between these sites after creating the camp and also fast travel to other locations on the world map.


  • Spending Power: Completing side quests, story missions and events in areas of the world will provide you with power points. These represent the influence and political power of the Inquisition and can be spent when you summon the war council in Haven. A good method is to spend points on long missions while you work away at side-quests or story missions.


  • Balanced Party: While you can customize the party you have once you begin recruiting new people, your initial group is always the same. It consists of a Warrior (weapon and shield), a Rogue (Archer) and a Mage. If you are playing on harder difficulties, you will likely want to ensure balance in the party to make life easier on yourself (two melee and two ranged characters).


  • Story Difficulty: Each story mission will have a recommended level that displays before starting it. The difficulty scale is as follows. Normal is equal to the lowest recommended level, hard is equal to the highest. Nightmare you would want to be higher than the maximum recommended level to survive. Eg: The final piece is recommended level: 16-19. Normal = 16, Hard = 19, Nightmare = 20+.



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