Mosaic Pieces

MOSAIC PIECE LOCATIONS (+200 Influence for each mosaic completed)


The Fall (found in the Hinterlands)


Part 1 - Winterwatch Tower, highest level of Winterwatch Tower, up ladders




Part 2 - Redcliffe Farms, locked cottage




Part 3 - West Road, inside templar fort (near red lyrium)




Part 4 - Valamaar, in locked room in elder's area




Part 5 - Valamaar, in the vault room




Part 6 - Dead Ram Grove, dungeon to north west of redcliffe farm camp




Part 7 - Redcliffe Road, On stone battlements as you head towards Redcliffe Village. There is a slope you can walk up nearby to reach the wall.




Part 8 - West Road, inside small hut a small distance directly East of Fort Connor




Part 9 - Dead Ram Grove *Bugged: You need to climb to it a very specific way. Jump on the rock to the left of the dungeon entrance. Sidle along the ledge as far as you can go. Jump from here to the flat green area below (you can save here upon landing to avoid redoing the jump). Look for the unclimbable face to the North of you, summon your mount and use it to jump up the slope to reach the mosaic piece. There are plenty of videos of how to do this on youtube if you need more info.




Part 10 - Lake Luthias, leaning against hut wall at Lake Luthias. Next to where you met Blackwall during sidequest: The lone warden.




Part 11 - Grand Forest Villa, at the top of the west tower of the Grand Forest Villa. Up three or so ladders.




Part 12 - Wolf Hollow, *Bugged: The mosaic piece is bugged inside a wall of the hollow and cannot be obtained currently. Waiting for Bioware to fix this with a patch.





Freed Are Slaves (found in the Fallow Mire, the Western Approach, Lost Temple of Dirthamen, Crestwood, Cradle of Sulevin, Forbidden Oasis)


Part 1 - The Fallow Mire (Hargrave Keep), inside a locked room on top of the battlements, behind Masterwork Locked door (requires Perk)




Part 2 - The Western Approach (Still ruins - main chamber), behind locked door to the east of central area.




Part 3 - The Western Approach (Coracavus), North of Gryphonwing Keep (you will need to complete the sulphur pits operation to clear the way). In the Records room behind a locked door




Part 4 - Lost Temple of Dirthamen (Path of Shadows), can be found during the sidequest: God of secrets, north-west of temple behind magic barrier




Part 5 - Lost Temple of Dirthamen (Sanctuary), can be found at the end sidequest: God of secrets in the oracle room.




Part 6 - Crestwood (Flooded Cave - lower level), accessed during the sidequest: Still Waters.




Part 7 - Crestwood (Caer Bronach), must have taken over the keep to find this piece




Part 8 - Crestwood (Flooded Caves - Deepest Tier), room to the far east side of lowest level, in front of statue.




Part 9 - Crestwood (Flooded Caves - Exit), on a table up a ladder and stairs, accessible by going through the flooded caves and using the exit ladder.




Part 10 - Crestwood (Old Market Road) - At the back of the cave (Hidden Cave landmark) south of Village of Crestwood.




Part 11 - Cradle of Sulevin (Starlight Chambers - Room north of north-west staircase (Level 2)), inside locked room




Part 12 - Mosaic piece, inside mine East of Oasis camp, From entrance to door for Solasan Temple (To find the door, go through the cave and work your way upwards until you get to the Upper walkway. Next to the Ocularum there is a slightly hidden path to the left that will go down to where some Venatori are waiting.), go to the right (from facing door) and through the tunnel. Piece will be in an alcove at the first left turn.





Invasion (found in the Emerald Graves and Exalted Plains)


Part 1 - Emerald Graves (Viridium Mine), in the middle of the bandit hideout




Part 2 - Emerald Graves (Argon's Lodge), in one of the side rooms in the bandit encampment.




Part 3 - Emerald Graves (Chateau d'Onterre - grand balcony), mansion in the middle of the Emerald Graves area. Just before completing the Chateau d'Onterre sidequest by walking out onto the balcony, open the nearby masterwork door to find this.




Part 4 - Emerald Graves (Villa Maurel), behind a bashable wall in the South-West corner of the villa




Part 5 - Emerald Graves (Chataeu d'Onterre - Balconies), from the north-west balcony, head back inside and head west and up the stairs to find an open window on the left that you can jump through to land on a ledge. Walk south on a ledge and drop onto a balcony with the piece.




Part 6 - Emerald Graves (Din'an Hanin - Knight's tomb) - Sitting on a bench in the South East corner of the main level.




Part 7 - Emerald Graves (Elgar'nan's Bastion - next to Din'an Hanin fast travel point), just outide Din'an Hanin entrance, to the right (if facing the door) in a corner.




Part 8 - Exalted Plains (Ancient Baths), on a pier on the shoreline at the far North of the Baths area.




Part 9 - Inside Unadin Grotto (south west corner of map, graveyard), need to complete The spoils of desecration sidequest, given by attempting to open the door




Part 10 - At landmark of Dead Hand landmark which is to south-east of fens camp (must have unlocked area through operation)




Part 11 - Inside The Dead Hand (Cave), inside room with large archer statue on left, need mage (or elemental damage) to get past magic barrier




Part 12 - At top of mountain next to campfire, south-east of Riverwatch camp





The Archdemon (found in the Western Approach)


Part 1 - Sand Rock Mine, to the South-West of Lost Spring Canyon Camp




Part 2 - Abyssal Ledge, at base of Hidden Stairway landmark, descend the wooden structure to find it at the base




Part 3 - The Wastes, inside a cave unlocked by completing the sidequest: On the chantry trail




Part 4 - The Still Ruins, Leaning against a crate outside the entrance of the ruins




Part 5 -  Griffon Wing Keep, in cave underneath the Keep (poisoned well)




Part 6 - Lost Wash Creek Cave, underneath Lost Idol landmark, inside




Part 7 - Echoback Fort, must have traveled through Coracavus at least once to access this area.




Part 8 - Astrarium cave, you must complete all the astrariums in the Western Approach to unlock this cave.




Part 9 - The Thing In The Dark, cave to the East of Griffon Wing Keep, you will need to complete the sulphur pits operation before you can reach it,




Part 10 - Gates of Andoral (must have traveled through Coracavus at least once to access this area), halfway between the Gates of Andoral landmark and Echo Back Canyon Camp, in middle of Venatori camp.




Part 11 - The Wastes (Cave), inside the cave that opens after killing the Abyssal High Dragon. This cave will open once it is dead, but will close again forever if you leave the area. If it does close, you can still get in using the warrior ability Grappling Chain on the stone blocking the entrance to destroy it.




Part 12 - In same cave as Part 11 (see above for how to get in)





Sacrifice (found in the Hissing Wastes)


Part 1 - Sand Crags, only accessible after opening the four pillar tomb in the sidequest: The tomb of Fairel




Part 2 - The Shallow Basin, inside a nameless ruin to the North-West of the Logging Camp




Part 3 - The Canyon, only accessible after opening the canyon tomb in the sidequest: The tomb of Fairel




Part 4 - Sunstop Mountains, in a venatori camp




Part 5 - Burial Grounds, only accessible after opening the burial grounds tomb in the sidequest: The tomb of Fairel




Part 6 - Sunstop Mountains (Mountain Fortress Tomb), on the floor in the lower level of the tomb




Part 7 - Sunstop Mountains (Mountain Fortress Tomb), only accessible after opening the Mountain Fortress tomb in the sidequest: The tomb of Fairel




Part 8 - Golden Oasis, Ruins guarded by a unique varghest.




Part 9 - Sunstop Mountains, in a ruined pagoda next to an ocularum




Part 10 - The Colossus (Statue tomb), only accessible after opening the Statue tomb in the sidequest: The tomb of Fairel




Part 11 - Tomb of Fairel, only accessible after opening the tomb of Fairel in the sidequest: The tomb of Fairel. Repetition much?




Part 12 - Sunstop Mountains, can be found at the North East side of the main venatori camp.




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