Specializations for the Inquisitor

STORY QUEST - Specializations for the Inquisitor (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power)


Seek out combat trainers at the war table


Enter the war room at Skyhold and complete the operation: Specializations for the Inquisitor to recruit the specialist trainers.


Speak to the trainers


The trainers can be found out in the courtyard after the brief arrival scene. Talk to the trainers to find out information on the specialties and obtain quests for a taste of the specialties abilities.




SUB-QUEST - Way of the Artificer


Acquire writing on artificer methods

Gather materials to construct tools (x3 Alpha quillback spines, x20 obsidian)


The writings can be found in the throne room hall on a table at Skyhold (or bought in Val Royeaux if you desire).

Make Operation unlocked


SUB-QUEST - Way of the Assassin


Acquire writing on assassin methods

Gather knife materials (x3 Assassin guild leader tokens, x20 deathroot)


Way of the assassin writings can be found next to Cole on the third floor of the herald's rest tavern in Skyhold (or bought in Val Royeaux if you desire).

The Western Approach is a good area to find Deathroot.

The Assassin guild leader tokens are dropped by Named Assassins, and can be most easily found in Crestwood. The can appear in other places (such as The Western Approach), but are far less frequent.


Craft the knife


Return to any requisition table with the materials to make the knife


Return to Heir


Travel back to Skyhold and turn the knife in to Heir if you want to choose the Assassin advanced class

End Operation unlocked


SUB-QUEST - Way of the Tempest


Acquire writing on tempest methods

Gather materials for a bottle of smoke (x2 Essence containment apparatuses, x3 Spirit Essence)


Way of the tempest can be found in sera's room in the herald's rest tavern (second floor) at Skyhold (or bought in Val Royeaux if you desire).


Return to Kihm


When you are ready to make your choice on which specialization, return to Kihm or the trainer you desire.

Smash Operation unlocked


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