The Fade



*Note: This area is only available during the story quest: here lies the abyss. Make sure you complete the sidequests you want before leaving


Fears of the dreamers (reward: +80 Influence)

From: Document on a table to the south east of where you enter the fade during Here lies the abyss story quest

Fears torment the dreamers. Find the answers that may calm their fears, so that they may find peace.


Find light in the darkness


Automatically completed when you obtain this quest


Find another fear (5)


The fears are spread out in the fade, head to each marked location and use advanced search to find the required items. Then give it to the spirit and claim your reward.


(Magic +1)
(Consitution +1)
(Strength +1)
(Willpower +1)
(Cunning +1)


Retrieve the dreamer's reward


The loot cache for this is located near the exit of the fade. Make sure you pick it up before leaving.




Broken window (reward: +80 Influence)

From: Strange device found on the edge of a platform in the North East part of the fade (after climbing a set of stairs and battling a pair of pride demons)

A strange device stands deactivated in the heart of the fade. It's construction resembles the architecture of ancient Tevinter.


Light the flames

The correct order (drums from left to right) is: 4,1,3,5,2


Retrieve the magister's amulet


Once the fires are lit, you can loot the device. Amulet of power (+1 ability point - your character)


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