The Fallow Mire


SIDEQUESTS - The Fallow Mire


Artifact requisition in the Mire (reward: +1 Power)

From: Requisition officer at any camp

A wealthy Ferelden noble, interested in Bann Hargrave's famous battles with the avvar in the Fallow Mire, has asked for any artifacts from the era that can be recovered.


Gather Ferelden artifacts (x1 Fereldan medallion of service, x1 Fereldan tome)




Beacons in the dark (rewad: +280 Influence, +2 Power) *Mage needed in party to light the beacons

From: Approaching any of the four beacons in the Fallow Mire area

The Fallow Mire is plagued with demons. Lighting veilfire beacons should draw them out. Defeat the demons to make the area safer.


Light the beacons and defeat the demons (4)


Swap to a mage or light the beacons yourself if you are one. The beacons are similar to rifts, just annihilate the demon forces that emerge from them to succeed. You may also be attacked by nearby undead as well. One advantage of doing this sidequest early is that the beacons (when completed) turn into fast travel pillars, making moving about easier.




Beneath the Mire (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power)

From: Approaching any rune site with a veilfire torch

Mysterious veilfire runes are inscribed on rocks and ruins in the Mire. Perhaps they can be deciphered.


Find all veilfire runes (4)




Blue vitrol survey in the Mire (reward: +100 Influence, +1 Power)

From: Requisitions officer at any camp in the Fallow Mire

The university of Orlais has requested summer stone and blue vitrol samples for a geologiacal survey of the Fallow Mire.


Fill the requisition (x20 blue vitrol, x10 summer stone)


Blue vitrol and summer stones can be found amongst the rocks in the Fallow Mire with relative ease. Just explore and pick up any you see and you'll reach the quota easily. Return to the requisition table to complete the quest.




Cabin fever (reward: +80 Influence)

From: Examining the door of a cabin to the North of the South-West beacon

Explore the Fallow Mire to find a way inside the locked cabin.


Find the cabin key


Use advanced search to find the cabin key near the water's edge.


Unlock the cabin door


As soon as you open the door, you'll be confronted by a wraith. Defeat it to complete the quest.




Holding the Mire (reward: +100 Influence, +1 Power)

From: The Inquisition upon arrival to the area

Establish camps to hold the Fallow Mire and support Inquisition activity in the region.


Camps established (2) *The first camp is already discovered upon entry to the area


Quite a simple quest, if a bit time consuming. All you need to do is to travel to each of the indicated camp sites on the map and claim them. This enables fast travel between camp sites and will make your exploration far quicker and easier.




Lost souls (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: The Inquisiton

Inquisition soldiers are missing in the uncharted marshes of Southern Ferelden


Go to the war table and locate the soldiers


Enter the war room and complete the operation: Rescue soldiers missing in Ferelden for 8 Power.


Travel to the Fallow Mire


Now that the Fallow Mire is unlocked on the world map, fast travel there.


Locate the avvar outpost


When you arrive, talk to head scout Harding to find out more about the situation. The castle containing your missing troops is to the far South-West of the area, with a horde of undead at it's gates and avvar forces within. When you get near the place, your allies will shout out that the undead here are endless, meaning you should sprint for the castle gate. Fight the avvar inside to empty the front area.


Open the gates


Once the area is clear, climb the scaffolding to the battlements and pull the lever up there to open the gates.


Defeat the avvar leader


There is a supply cache next to the gate lever if you need to restock. Head through the gate, clearing the small group of guards and walk inside the leader's lair. The leader (though impressive looking), just acts like a horlock alpha or any other two handed warrior enemy. Clear his support staff of defenders and archers first, and then focus on breaking his guard and whittling down his health. Once he dies, he'll drop a unique weapon and the key to release your allies.


Secure a route through the frostbacks operation now available.


Release the Inquisition hostages


Pick up the key from the leader's corpse and open the nearby door. As you leave the building, you will find the sky watcher, at this point if you talk to him, you can recruit him as an agent for the Inquisition (+50 Influence, +1 Power). The leader will also be taken away as a prisoner for you to judge in Skyhold later (wow, they managed to stitch him back together well after he exploded in my game).







Rifts in the Mire (reward: )

From: The Inquisition upon arrival to the area

Active fade rifts have been spotted in the mire.


Fade rifts closed (2)


West rift: Medium (+200 Influence, +2 Power) This rift needs to be opened first. A sky watcher will help you during the fight. Improve stability operation becomes available.


Extremely West rift: Medium (+200 Influence, +2 Power)




These demons are clever (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power)

From: Book found next to beacon in Old Thoroughfare to the North-West of old thoroughfare camp.

A journal recovered in the Mire suggests a rather unstable apostate is roaming about somewhere. The apostate, apparently named Widris, seems to be mixed up with some demons and could be dangerous.


Find Widris


Widris can be found in the hidden apostate's camp to the far west of thoroughfare camp. Look for a gap in the rock wall and cross the water to reach it. Widris will attack as soon as you get in range, so when you see him, open fire immediately. You can't reason with him, so attack is your only option. He has an artifact in the camp to measure the veil that you can activate for additional influence and Solas approval.

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