The Final Piece

STORY QUEST - The Final Piece


Recommended Level: 16-19



Go to the Altar of Mythal


A new area has appeared on the world map: the Altar of Mythal. Travel to the new destination.


Approach the altar


Wow, this large open circular area looks in no way suspicious. At all. Really. Climb the steps and interact with the altar to read the inscription and talk with your allies.



[arcane knowledge- Inquisition perk] "I know what this place is."
"This place is beautiful."
"Sounds ominous."
"Let's get this done."



"Are you here to help?"
"Couldn't resist. I see."
"Alone means without you."


And yet another surprise twist.



"This is Mythal?"
"You know her?"
"What's going on here?"


"You're not even an elf!"
"Release me!"
"I welcome you."
"She is?"
"You're no god."


"She's part of you?"
"That could be a demon."
"Why should we trust you?"



[Hisory knowledge - Inquisition perk] "I know who Flemeth is."
[investigate] "You're Morrigan's mother."
[investigate] "Why stay secret?"
"Will you help us?"
"This was no accident."
"So what now?"


"I'm not."
"That was bizzare."
"I hope this was worth it."


Ah crap. Dragon incoming.



Tame the dragon


I guess the word tame in this context means attack it until it stops hitting you. The dragon has most of the common dragon attack patterns and abilities. Keep in mind, you will only need to remove one third of it's health to emerge victorious.



Flame stream - Close to mid range spray of fire in front of the dragon. It will turn it's head left and right while it does so, making the impact shape more of a cone as opposed to a straight line.

Wing buffet - The dragon will raise it's wings and begin sucking all the characters in the party towards itself. If you are in the circle surrounding the dragon at the end of the attack, it will do an additional attack dealing large amounts of damage. Use evasion abilities or run from the circle as best you can. There is a maximum effective range, it is where you can no longer target specific enemies properly for console.

Fire ball - Targeted ranged ball of fire. This leaves the ground on fire where it hit burning for anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute. Walking into the fire will burn a character for large chunks of damage. Being hit by the fireball will also do large damage and set the character on fire.



Once the dragon is sufficiently damaged, a scene will trigger, ending the battle and the quest.



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