The Inner Circle

SIDEQUESTS - The Inner Circle


A friend of Red Jenny (reward: Sera joins the Inquisition, +80 Influence, +1 Power, )

From: Mysterious arrow in central plaza of Val Royeux any time after the quest: Address the chantry in Val Royeaux

The strange message, delivered via arrow, said there is an enemy of the Inquisition waiting to strike in Val Royeaux. It said to search the market, cafe, and docks for things that are red. The upper market can be reached by way of the quest map.


Examine the message


Look at the mysterious arrow to start the quest.


Search by the dock

Search in the cafe

Search the upper market


Head to each of the marked locations and use advanced search to find the hidden red objects. You can fast travel to the upper market by using the quest map.


Use the world map to travel to the meeting point


Once you have all three red notes, a new location (secluded courtyard) will appear on the world map. Travel there to meet Red Jenny and the threat to the Inquisition. Make sure you're prepped for a fight (not much of one really, but you don't want to be caught unprepared).


Fend off the guards


When you arrive, you'll have to deal with a small number of guards. Once they are done, open the large blue door opposite. After meeting Red Jenny you'll be attacked by guards experiencing severe wind chill. Yep. Engage them in battle


Talk to Sera afterwards to hear her explanation and select if you want her to join the Inquisition or not.




All new, faded for her (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power) *Note: Arcane knowledge inquisition perk will allow more options in dialogue

From: Speaking to Solas after friendship reaches a certain point

One of Solas's old friends, a spirit, has been summoned against its will and needs help.


Find the spirit with Solas in the Exalted Plains


Travel to the Exalted Plains and head to the marked area. As you approach you will see a Pride Demon, standing in the centre of a ring of glowing stones. As you approach, a conversation will start.

(Arcane) They corrupted it. (Solas++)
Is that your friend? (Solas-)
What happened?
That's a demon. (Solas-)

Yes, we are. (Solas-)
Solas is smarter than you are. (Solas+)
No, we're not.

(Arcane) I can break it. (Solas++) *Note: Choosing this option will make breaking the circle easier (Stones will start at half health)
We'll save your friend. (Solas+)
Sure, why not?
It would be safer to kill it. (Solas-)


Deal with the demon


Here you have the option to destroy the summoning circle stones, or kill the demon itself. Chosing the arcane option prior will make killing the stones easier.


Destroy the stones (Solas+++)

I'm sorry.
I don't know what to say.
Let's get out of here.

[Stop Solas.] (Solas--)
[Let Solas kill them.] (Solas++)


Kill the demon (Solas---)

I'm sorry, it had to be done.
Friends don't try to kill you. (Solas-)
It was a demon. (Solas--)

[Stop Solas.] (Solas--)
[Let Solas kill them.] (Solas++)


Speak to Solas


Return to Skyhold and the dialogue with Solas will start automatically.

I'm glad you returned.
You returned!
Are you back?

[Investigate] Where were you? (Solas+)
[Investigate] What is death like to spirits? (Solas+)
[Special] So it isn't really dead? (Solas+) *Note: Will only appear after asking What is death like to spirits. Make sure to pick this as soon as it appears. If you pick anything else once this option is available, it will disappear.
Goodbye. (Ends conversation)




Bring me the heart of Snow White (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: Vivienne in the main tower of Skyhold after raising her approval high enough

Vivienne requires the heart of a wyvern to complete an alchemical formula. Though all wyvern hearts look more or less the same, she specified that it needs to be from a rare beast known as the snow wyvern.


Obtain the heart of a snowy wyvern from the Exalted Plains


You will need to have completed the operation Gain access to Ghilan'nain's Grove operation (can be found by reaching the edge of the area in the Exalted Plain and finding the operation banner). Once the operation is completed, you will be able to travel to the marked area. If you kill and loot any other type of wyvern, you will get an additional optional objective.


Give Vivienne the heart of a common wyvern (optional)


Head East, deeper into the ruins. Then circle around to the North. As you get closer to the area, you will start to see burning bodies and begin to run into gurguts (lesser wyverns). Travel to the center of the marker circle and start looking around for a white wyvern. It isn't much tougher than the gurguts in the area, so if you can handle them, it shouldn't pose a problem. Kill it, take the heart and return to Skyhold.


Give Vivienne the heart of a snowy wyvern


Clamber back up the stairs to Vivienne in Skyhold and present her with the heart of your choice. Either way you get the quest reward.


Common wyvern: [lie] "I've brought the heart." - The formula doesn't work


"I'm so sorry."
"I don't know what to say."
"We should go."


Snowy wyvern: "I've got the heart, now talk." (Vivienne--)


"Then no deal." (Vivienne---) *Refuse to give her the heart, no quest reward
[lie] "I've brought the heart." *Same results as the just giving her the common heart - The formula doesn't work
"Very well, here it is."  - The formula works


"I'm so sorry."
"I don't know what to say."
"We should go."


Well, that was depressing. Afterwards, the sidequest is over.




Demands of the Qun (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power, Bonus: +400 Influence with underworld knowledge perk)

From: Iron Bull inside the Herald's rest tavern (ground floor) at Skyhold after multiple conversations.

The Ben-hassarath have offered an alliance with the Inquisition. Accompany Bull and his chargers to meet with their contact in the Storm Coast.


*Note: The choice at the end of this sidequest determines if Iron Bull becomes hardened or not (affects bulls personality for the rest of the game and some minor events)


Head for the Storm Coast with Bull


Add Iron Bull to your party and travel to the Storm Coast on the world map to automatically meet the Qun contact.


"Pleased to meet you." (Iron Bull+)


"Bull, does this work for you?" (Iron Bull+)


Speak with Bull to begin the assault


After the strategy meeting, make sure everyone is equipped and ready to go and then talk to Iron Bull.


Clear out the venatori


The nearby hills are lousy with several groups of venatori soldiers (defenders and warriors mainly). You can engage every enemy you come across, or just circle around them until you reach the main camp. AoE attacks work well in clearing the enemy clusters here. Once the camp is clear, the objective will update.


Signal the dreadnought


Make your way to the cliff edge and use the small fire to signal the dreadnought when you are ready.


Major character decision time:


"Save the dreadnought." Bulls Chargers are killed

*Hardens iron bull, changing his personality quite a bit. The dreadnought survives. He becomes a bit more similar to Sten (from Dragon Age Origins). Stern, less happy in general. He doesn't blame you personally, but is unhappy over the loss of his men. You gain access to the Qun alliance and spy network though.


"Look away, Bull." (Iron Bull-)

"Can they do it?" (Iron Bull+)


Check on Bull back at Skyhold


(Iron Bull+++)


"We'll make good use of it." (Iron Bull++) *Underworld knowledge perk required. Bonus +400 influence awarded with this option.

"I'm sorry about your men." (Iron Bull+)

"What does this mean for you?" (Iron Bull-)


(Qunari bench - throne unlocked)


"Save your men." Dreadnought is destroyed

*Leaves bull unhardened, he acts similar to how he has acted so far in the game. The chargers survive the quest. He is named a traitor by the Qun and can no longer access their spy information network. He will also be attacked by assassins at various points, sent by the Qun.


"Don't call him Hissrad." (Iron Bull+)

"Gatt, we can salvage this." (Iron Bull-)


Check on Bull back at Skyhold


(Iron Bull+++)


"We can minimize losses." (Iron Bull+)

"How are you feeling?" (Iron Bull-)

"You did the right thing." (Iron Bull+)

"I'm sorry." (Iron Bull-)


(Qunari bench - throne unlocked)




Favors of the first enchanter (reward: +40/80 Influence, Vivienne+ per book)

From: Vivienne

Vivienne wishes to undo the damage done to her beloved Circle of Magi and hopefully restore it to its former relevance. Recovering phylacteries and tomes lost with the fall of the Circles will help.


Circle tomes found (3)

Find a circle tome in the Western Approach

Find a circle tome in the Exalted Plains

Find a circle tome in the Hinterlands


Travel to each of these areas, and search in the marked locations to find the books.
For the book in the Hinterlands, there is a stone at the entrance to Redcliffe Village that you will need to climb. There is a steep path to the side you can walk up, or if you are feeling acrobatic, jump up the cliff. Cross the bridge to the ladder, and up here is the book and some loot.
For the book in the Exalted Plains, the book is right in the centre of the area, in a destroyed house that is partially on fire.


Return to Vivienne


Travel back to Skyhold, talk to Vivienne and tell her "It's done."






Guilty pleasures (reward: +80 Influence)

From: Talk to Cassandra at Skyhold to catch her reading one of Varric's novels

It seems Cassandra really likes Varric's book swords & shields. And she's caught up, and the last book's unfinished. See Varric about getting the last chapter for Cassandra.


Talk to Varric about swords & shields


Head to the throne hall and find Varric near the entrance. If Varric is missing from the keep (happens during from the ashes story quest after a certain cameo appearance). talk to Cassandra to make him reappear (with rather funny results). Ask him about [special] options to find a choice related to the book.


"She's a big fan." (Varric+)


"Cassandra seems to like it." (Varric++)

"No wonder she was embarrassed." (Varric-)

"It can't be that bad." (Varric+)


You will get the (one option) choice to let Varric join you in giving it to her or not. You have to let him accompany you or else he refuses to write it. Plus the result is quite funny.


Give Cassandra the latest chapter of swords & shields


Return to the training yard with Varric and talk to Cassandra to give her the book. And watch the scenes, they're worth it just for the awkward factor.






Last resort of good men (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: Mother Giselle in Skyhold, in throne room, after getting Dorian's approval past a certain point

Mother Giselle passed along the letter written by Dorian's father. Dorian may wish to read it, but it may be best just to take him to the tavern to sort this out in person.


Optional: Speak to Dorian about the letter

Bring Dorian to the Gull & Lantern


If you choose to talk to Dorian, he has the idea to go to the meeting anyway, so it will not affect being able to continue the quest. He may have other conversation dialogue before presenting this choice. If you do not choose to talk to him, you will get an additional dialogue option after you return to Skyhold. Some of the wordings of dialogue options will be different depending on your choices, but will still generally say the same thing. It is possible to get slightly more approval if you do not show him the letter.

Investigate - "The company of men?" *Note: The following options will only appear if you select this investigation option.

"I had a suspicion."
"Spare me the details."
"No women at all?"
"I've done it."
"I had no idea."


"You didn't let him speak." (Dorian--, Dorian stays)
"Are we done?" (Dorian--, Dorian leaves)
"Don't leave it like this." (Dorian stays)
"Let's get out of here." (Dorian leaves)


[Special] "Are you ok?" (Dorian++)
"Forgiveness takes time."
It's always blood magic."
"What he did was wrong."


*Note: These are available if you have not chosen to show him the letter beforehand.

"I'm sorry." (Dorian++, Conversation continues)
"I was trying to help." (If Dorian left - Dorian++, End conversation, else nothing and conversation continues)
"It's done." (If Dorian left - Dorian++, End conversation, else nothing and conversation continues)


"You're brave." (Dorian++, Dorian+++)
"It was entertaining." (Dorian+++)
"You're trouble." (Dorian-, Dorian+++)




Measuring the Veil (Reward: +40 Influence, +Various, see below)

From: Solas (when walking along trails to the NE of outskirts camp)

Solas has learned of an artifact in the Hinterlands that he wishes to study.


Travel to the Hinterlands with Solas


Just head to the outskirts camp in the Hinterlands with Solas in your party.


Locate the artifact


As you travel along the trails to the NE of outskirts camp, you may stumble upon an elvish mage by the name of Mihrin battling a shade. Help her defeat the shade and talk to her to find she is investigating some nearby ruins.


Head to the nearby blocked cave entrance (you should see an energize icon here) and swap to Solas to clear the path. As soon as the way is clear, shades and wraiths will attack from inside, so immediately swap back and lay into them. Another group of wraiths and shades will be waiting in the larger chamber further in, so be ready to engage them. Once the large chamber is clear of enemies, your objective will change.


Use the artifact


Head to the globe like object at the back of the room and press A to activate it. The quest will now finish and (Solas+) will occur. Before leaving, get Solas (or if you are an elf, talk to her yourself) to talk with Mihrin to obtain an amulet of power (ability points +1 when used). (Solas++) will happen after obtaining the amulet if he talks to her.




Memories of the grey (reward: ) *Ensure Blackwall is in your party to gain approval bonuses when retrieving artifacts

From: Blackwall (recruit via the lone warden sidequest) in Haven

Blackwall possesses maps that chart old warden camps and outposts throughout Ferelden and Orlais. The wardens who abandoned these camps may have left behind artifacts of interest to Blackwall.


Emprise du lion artifacts found (2)

Fallow Mire artifacts found (2)

Hinterlands artifacts found (2)

Storm Coast artifacts found (2)

Western approach artifacts found (2)





Of somewhat fallen fortune (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: Josephine after several conversations at Skyhold

Josephine's messengers have been murdered. Comte Boisvert claims to have information that could lead to the identity of the murderers.


Meet with Josephine in Val Royeaux


Fast travel to the main area of Val Royeaux and saunter over to the meeting point. Looks like we're going to see the Comte at his mansion. Onwards.


"You can leave." *Concludes the discussion without a battle.

"You're dead." *This leads to an attack by the assassin and two supporting rogues, they drop a little loot if you want to fight them.


*After the events, Josephine will try to help the real comte, the chatter is pretty funny if you feel like listening.


Return to Skyhold and speak with Josephine


Walk out the door to magically appear back in Skyhold. Go and see Josephine in her normal spot and discuss events with her. Whichever choice you make doesn't matter in the dialogue, it's what you do afterwards that effects the quest progression.


(Destroying the house of repose contract operation unlocked) *Leliana path


Optional: Dispatch Leliana's assassins *moves quest forward to next step: meet Josephine in Val Royeaux

Speak with Josephine about the next move


Talk to Josephine to get her path to resolving the situation:


(Find a sponsor for the du Paraquettes operation unlocked) *Josephine path


Meet Josephine in Val Royeaux *If you destroyed the contract with Leliana's assassins


"You don't need to." (romance)


After the conversation, this quest will end.


Speak with Countess Dionne in Val Royeaux


Fast travel to Val Royeaux, then walk over to the countess and tell her that her lover is safe.


Return to Skyhold and speak with Josephine


Back to Skyhold once more. As you open the door to Josephine's room, you'll find things amiss. Talk to Josephine again after finding out what happened to find out what you need next.


(Getting a judge's favor operation unlocked)


Arrange a favor for Judge Auld at the war table


To the war room again, folks. Complete the judges favor on the Ferelden side of the war table.


Speak with Josephine


Yet another step awaits you when you talk to Josephine)


(Speak with Minister Bellise at party operation unlocked)


Go to the war table and find a way to meet Bellise


Go to the war table once again and complete the Minister Bellise operation.


Go to the Marquis' party


A new location will have appeared to the West of Val Royeaux, the Marquis' party. Fast travel there to walk through the gates and enter the party. Or not. Looks like we're talking outside.


"The Inquisition army." *Convinces her.

"Valuable information." *Convinces her.

"An unforgettable night.." (romance) *convinces her. Worth it if just for the expression when you say you are serious.

"Connections beyond Orlais." *Convinces her.


Speak with Josephine


Back to Skyhold and once again talk to Josephine. Looks like it's back to Val Royeaux.


Meet Josephine in Val Royeaux


Fast travel to Val Royeaux (wow, this is a really long errand list for a sidequest), and meet Josephine near the water's edge.


"You don't need to." (romance)


And there's nothing extra for taking the long path. Damn.




One less venatori (reward: - Dorian approval increases during quest) *Make sure Dorian is in your party

From: Dorian after recruiting him

They may come from the same place, but there's a world of difference between the venatori and most people from Tevinter. Dorian wants a particular group of venatori mages dead.


Venatori killed with Dorian (3)


Head to the marked locations (two in the Hinterlands, one in the Exalted Plains) and engage the enemies there (usually a pair of mages and a pair of zealots). With decent tactics, you shouldn't even break a sweat.


(Dorian+++ for each group killed)





Promise of destruction (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: Talking to Cassandra after completing champions of the just or in hused whispers

Cassandra has reason to believe that Corypheus is behind the disappearance of the seekers of truth, but she requires help to prove it.


Have Cullen, Leliana, or Josephine investigate the disappearance of the seekers


Go to the war room and complete locate the missing seekers operation.


Use the world map to travel to Caer Oswin


Fast travel to the new area on the world map.


Explore the castle


Note: Cassandra must be in your party


Traverse the mountain trail until the path splits (you can go through a wooden door or continue along the trail). The trail leads a short way to a couple of loot sacks. After picking them up, return to the door and head inside. Inside you'll run into a strange group of enemies, the promisers. There will be a large cluster of soldiers in the first room or two. Kill the group and an additional objective will pop up.


Find the dungeon key


On one of the freshly made bodies, rifle through their clothes to find the dungeon key.


Keep pushing forwards, past the cells and along the red carpet hallway and you'll emerge on a balcony overlooking the main yards. Ranged characters can use this advantageous position to rain down death on the soldiers and marksmen below. Melee characters will need to rush the enemy forces to disable them quickly.


Find the courtyard key


Yup, more corpse scrounging. Grab the key from the marked body. As soon as you do, a scene will take over. Finish your loot spree and climb the stairs to continue onwards. Inside the castle proper, you'll be attacked by soldiers and knights (slightly harder to kill). Clear the room like usual.


Ascend the next set of steps towards the throne and climb up either staircase. On the upper level, open the closed door to watch another scene (eerily reminiscent of the Alien movies).


Find Lord Seeker Lucius


Ascend yet another staircase and walk outside into the sun again. A path leads around the upper area with more enemy forces. At the top of the path is an iron bound door with the quest marker pointing to it.


Within is Lord Seeker Lucius and several soldiers and marksmen. After a bit of dialogue you'll be thrown into battle against his forces. Lucius himself is a heavy shield defender type with a bit more health than a regular unit. If you can keep him knocked down, he poses little threat. The battle should be pretty easy really. Make sure you search the Lord Seeker's loot before leaving.


Follow up with Cassandra at Skyhold


Fast travel back to Skyhold and talk to Cassandra at the training yard. Once the conversation is over, the quest will end.


"You can do anything." (romance, Cassandra++)




(Andrastian throne unlocked)




Revelations (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: After raising Blackwall's approval and talking to him in an ally conversation about a dog from his past, he will vanish from Skyhold, leaving a note nailed to the wooden toy in the workshop next to the stables at Skyhold. Talk to the nearby Inquisition messenger to trigger the actual quest.

Blackwall has left the Inquisition. It appears to have something to do with the impending execution of a man named Mornay, one of the soldiers responsible for the Callier massacre.


Attend Mornay's execution


Travel to Val Royeaux. Blackwall will obviously not be available to join your party here. When you arrive, walk over to the North side of the main area to trigger a scene. Well, shit. Didn't see that coming. Well, possibly just a bit.


Speak to "Rainer" in his cell


Proceed into the jail to trigger a scene with "Rainier."


"What you did was brave."
"And dying makes up for it?"
"You lied to me."
"You really killed those people?"


"I want to help."
"That's up to you."
"I want an explanation."


"You're more than that."
"I'm not convinced."
"You're pathetic."


Discuss the situation with Cullen


Leave the cell area and you'll meet Cullen at the entrance.


[investigate] "Summarize it."
"Thank you."
"She had this report all along."
"She failed me."


[investigate] "What would you do?" --> takes you to dialogue choice below
"Leave him."
"I can't decide yet." *Puts the decision on hold
"Get him out."


"People change."
"You're impressed."
"It doesn't matter."


(Rainer's release: An alternative, Thom Rainier's fate operations become available at the war table)


Order the advisors to find a way to release Rainier from prison (optional)


Complete either of the two operations (Rainier's release: An alternative, or Thom Rainier's fate) to release him from prison, or you can leave him to die. If he dies, you will no longer be able to have him in your party.


Judge Rainier at Skyhold


"I own you. Your lie continues." (Blackwall---, Sera--)
"You're free, if you atone." (Sera++)
"The Wardens will decide." (Sera+)

The consequences of Blackwall's lie operation available


By the appearance of his card, the "I own you." option will give him the depressed horse, as he is now a slave. The other options, "You're free", and "The Wardens will decide." will give him the gryphon of death, as he is allowed to earn his freedom, or his atonement.




Seeing red (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power) *Ensure Varric is in party to obtain approval awards

From: Varric in haven after second conversation scene (ask about red lyrium)

Varric saw enough red lyrium in kirkwall for one lifetime. Now it's everywhere, and the worst of it "sings" like the shard that drove his brother mad. Varric would take no small pleasure in destroying those. Locate and destroy primeval red lyrium nodes.


Primeval red lyrium deposits found (12)


These are scattered in multiple areas in the world map. Each time you destroy a red lyrium vein, you will gain Varric++. They are generally pretty easy to reach (except the ones on the Storm Coast that require an operation to access), there are also more red lyrim deposits than the quest requires, so overall this isn't difficult.




Subjected to his will (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: Talking to Cole at Skyhold a few times (proper ally conversations, not generic ones)

Solas says that finding an amulet of the unbound will prevent venatori mages from binding Cole.


*Note: The choice at the end of this sidequest determines if Cole becomes hardened (human or spirit), which affects Cole's personality for the rest of the game and some other events later. If this sidequest is completed, Cole can join you in the final story quest. Else he cannot.


Send scouts to investigate possible amulet locations


Complete the Obtain amulet for Cole operation in the war room,


Give the amulet to Cole


Talk to Cole in regular dialogue at Skyhold and select the special option to give him the amulet. Doing so immediately triggers a scene, taking you to Redcliffe village.



"All right, if Cole is sure." -
"You think this will work?" -
"Do it." (Solas-, Cole-)


"Maybe Varric is right." (Solas-)
"Cole is a demon." (Varric-)
"I don't know what Cole is." -


"We'll investigate." -
"So we're off hunting." -
"This is a distraction." -


"No, Solas is right." (Solas+)
"I care about results." (Solas-)
"I agree, Varric." -


"Cole, wait." -
"I don't understand." -
"We'll take care of it." -


Note: This is the final choice to determine which change in Cole will manifest.
"Cole needs to grow." (Solas--, Varric+)
"Cole must forgive this." (Varric--)
*Note: The approval gains here are dependent on what you have said previously.


If Cole grows:
"We'll help." -
"I have no idea."
"You don't."


If Cole forgives:
"Are you happy, Cole?" -
"I'm with Varric on this." (Varric+)
"I can't understand him."




The captain of the chargers (reward: Iron Bull recruited, +80 Influence, +1 Power)

From: Cremisis (standing outside the chantry doors after completing the threat remains story quest)

A qunari warrior known as the iron bull is offering aid for the Inquisition from his mercenary company, the Bull's Chargers.


Speak to the messenger


Talk to Cremisis at the entrance to the chantry.


Meet Iron Bull at the Storm Coast


Iron Bull can be found a short distance from storm's solitude camp at the Storm Coast. Simply walk down the hill and watch the carnage unfold. You can help out if you want for some free exp but Iron Bull will take care of most of the enemies himself. Afterwards you'll get a chance to talk to the hulking captain.


Try not to do a mental double take when he speaks, especially if you've gotten used to Sten in the earlier Dragon Age games. At the end of the little talk, you'll get the chance to hire him and the rest of his company for the Inquisition. Hiring Iron Bull will also make some additonal operations available in the war room.





The forgotten boy (reward: Cole stays/ leaves)

From: The Inquisition after completing the story quest: In your heart shall burn

After the dust settled, Cole was nowhere to be found. It's hard to believe he isn't hanging around somewhere in Skyhold.


Look for Cole


Head to the marker in the front courtyard to find a spot that says "look for cole." Interact with it to talk to Cassandra and Solas about Cole (with him just sitting there hidden).


"He helped us." (Solas+)

"If he's a demon, he's gone." (Solas-)


"What of demons at the breach?" (Solas+) *Becomes available after asking about possession


"I'll get rid of him." (Solas-)


At the end of the dialogue sequence, you'll get the choice to let Cole stay or tell him to leave.


"Stay." (Solas++)

"Leave." (Solas---)


After making the final choice, the quest will conclude.




The ideal romance (reward: +80 Influence)

From: Obtained after raising Cassandra's friendship level to love and starting the romance in dialogue

When it comes to romance, Cassandra prefers the ideals. Someone who sweeps her off her feet with candles, poetry, and flowers. Track these things down for her.


Search the stores of Val Royeaux for some candles


Fast travel to Val Royeaux and talk to the marked merchant on the West side of town (or at least, look at his buy/ sell icon). Wow, it's actually called 'The most romantic candle in thedas,' the Inquisitor isn't mucking around then I guess. Buy it and move on.


Talk to a gardener about flowers in Val Royeaux


The gardener (elf) can be found in the Southern area of the city,  Ask her for some flowers for Cassandra to obtain some roses.


Talk to a vendor in Redcliffe about poetry books


Fast travel again to Redcliffe village in the Hinterlands and travel North to the bookseller (he can be found on the waterfront, just North of the quest icon). Looks like it's time to steal back a stolen wagon.


Find the dwarven bookseller's missing caravan


Make your way to the forest camp at the West side of the Hinterlands area and strike North to find the missing caravan. The caravan will be guarded by a trio of bandits. After taking care of them, look for the book nearby on the ground. Screw the bookseller apparently. No books for you.


Romance Cassandra with the candles, a poetry book, and flowers


And now the most dangerous task of all, wooing Cassandra. Talk to her underneath the tree at Skyhold.


"Why so incredulous?"

"Maybe not." (end romance)

"Of course I do."


[Special] "About us." (end romance)

"I'd like to talk. Privately." (romance scene begins)


"No, stop..." (end romance)

[All other answers will continue the scene]


This unlocks the option: "Lets spend time together." in future conversations with Cassandra




The imperial enchanter (reward: new party member - Vivienne, +80 Influence, +1 Power)

From: Circle mage messenger in centre plaza of main level any time after confronting the chantry in the story quest: the threat remains

Vivienne de Fer, the first enchanter of Montsimmard, has extended an invitation to her salon at the chateau of Duke Bastien de Ghislain.


Use the world map to attend the salon


The salon is a once off location (Ghislan estate) you can now fast travel to on the world map. When you arrive, you'll be part of an altercation with another guest, which will be stopped short by the Vivienne. You will get the choice on dealing with the Maquis afterward (she will kill him if you ask).


When you retire to her boudoir, you'll get the chance to have a chat and find out more about her. You will get a romance option during the dialogue if you intend to pursue that line with her. You will also get the choice on allowing her to join the Inquisition or not.




The lone warden (reward: +1 Power, new party member - Blackwall)

From: Leliana after quest the wrath of heaven

One of Leliana's agents reported a man, calling himself Blackwall, dressed in full grey warden regalia and last seen travelling through the Ferelden Hinterlands. With so many wardens disappearing in the wake of the Divine's death, this Blackwall should be questioned.


Search for Blackwall in the Hinterlands


Blackwall can be found on the shore of the lake to the South West of the upper lake camp. You will need to circle around the lake to reach him though as your character cannot swim. Talk to him when you arrive and get flung into a battle. The group will make short work of the bandits, and afterward you can finish your chat. Near the end of the chat, you'll get the choice to let him join the Inquisition and end the quest.






The Verchiel march (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: Sera in her room on the second floor of the Herald's rest tavern in Skyhold. You will need to talk to her a few times for her to ask you.

Sera says there's trouble in Verchiel. She's asked for an Inquisition presence - a few troops to march through town - to spook the nobles pushing around her people there.


Order a march through Verchiel


When Sera asks for your help, a new operation: a battalion for Sera and Verchiel will become available in the war room. Head there and complete it.


Talk to Sera about the march


Fast travel back to the tavern and talk to Sera. Turns out, it's time to go pick up the loot. You'll have to form a party including Sera and travel to Crestwood (automatic). When you arrive you'll be attacked, completing the quest. Kinda weird end point innit? Just like Sera.


*Additional optional stuff to do before leaving the area, worth your time for the approval rewards


Talk to Lord Harmond


He will be leaning against a post a little way down the trail. Have a chat with him.


If you keep asking him questions (around three), Sera will lose it and take out her frustrations on him (for rather comic effect, initially. Killing him as a result).


"You'll serve the inquisition." *Human noble background only (Sera++)

"Just kill him Sera." (Sera++) *Sera kills noble. Kinda obvious really.

"I'd like to partner with you." (Sera--)


If Sera kills the noble:


"I wasn't done with him!" (Sera--) *only appears if you asked too many questions and Sera went crazy


After that, you'll be transported back to Skyhold. The choices you are given depend on what happened during the conversation with the noble.


If you picked the following option: "You'll serve the inquisition." *Human noble background only (Sera++)


"Unpredictable but worth it." (Sera+++)

"This was your fault, too." (Sera-)

"No more mistakes, understand?" (Sera---) *If you take this choice, you will get the option to keep Sera in the Inquisition or boot her afterward. This also ends the conversation (once you choose to keep her or not).


If you chose anything else:


"You're right, I'm sorry." (Sera+++)

"This was your fault." (Sera-)

"Don't question me!" (Sera---)


If you choose: "This was your fault, too." (Sera-), or "This was your fault." (Sera-) you'll get one or two additional dialogues, depending on your choice.


"Never mind. I'm dropping it." (Sera+++)

"You put your people in danger." (Sera--)

"Your plan provoked him." (Sera--)


"Never mind. I'm dropping it." (Sera+++)

"You don't help anyone!" (Sera--) *If you take this choice, you will get the option to keep Sera in the Inquisition or boot her afterward. This also ends the conversation (once you choose to keep her or not).

"It's about the greater good." (Sera---) *If you take this choice, you will get the option to keep Sera in the Inquisition or boot her afterward. This also ends the conversation (once you choose to keep her or not).


"It's simple. I like you." (romance, Sera+)

"I want us to be friends." (Sera+)


(Red Jenny attends a party operation unlocked)


Now that was a hell of a dialogue tree. Yikes.




Under her skin (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: Talk to Leliana twice in Skyhold (dialogue scene, not regular conversation) after becoming Inquisitor

Much like the Inquisition, Corypheus has invested great time and effort building a trusted inner circle. Calpernia leads the Venatori - and it seems she's been busy. In the search for a a particular set of elven ruins, she and her army of Tevinter extremeists have taken a keen interest in a merchant named Vicinius. Perhaps finding him would shed more light on Calpernia and her motivations.


Find Vivinius in Val Royeaux


Make your way to the marked blue door and enter. Inside, turns out things have gone bad. You can pick up the papers in the first room to find out a bit about what is going on. Upstairs, you'll find venatori soldiers and a spellbinder. Just be careful to avoid being swarmed in the narrow hall, you can retreat back down the stairs for more room if you need it. Find Vicini's body upstairs in his study.


Crystal pieces found (3)


Use advanced search in the small room to find all three pieces.


Consult with Leliana


Leave the house and travel back to Skyhold to show Leliana the memory crystal.


Speak to Dagna about the crystal pieces


Time to head down to the undercroft to talk with Dagna.


Arrange for a spy to plant the recording crystal in Calpernia's camp (+1350 Infuence)


The new operation: Plant crystal in Venatori headquarters will become available at this point. You need to head to the war room and complete the operation to continue onwards.


Listen to the receiving crystal with Leliana


Head up to where Leliana is and talk to her about the crystal to find out what new information was obtained.


(Investigate the shrine of Dumat operation unlocked)


Have Leliana locate the shrine of Dumat


Descend to the war room and complete the shrine of Dumat operation.


Explore the shrine of Dumat


Now that the location is revealed, you can travel there on the world map. Cross the courtyard and watch the short light display before entering the double doors. Inside you'll meet a pair of terror demons. More wraiths and shades will appear as you explore the large room, so be sure to use the layout to your advantage and pick them off individually if you can.


Optional: Corypheus' Memories (6)


In the first room on a tomb is a red glowing crystal. Interact with it to find some of Corypheus' thoughts. Another is stuck on the wall opposite. In the rear room is a pride demon flanked by wraiths and shades. If you are having trouble you may want to use your rift ability to make the fight easier. In the same room is another memory crystal.


Descend the stairs here and enter the first room you come to to find another crystal. Continue on to the lower room to find a terror demon, shades and despair demon. The final two crystals should be in this room. Turns out things aren't exactly as Corypheus claimed.


Now that you have all the memory crystals, head for the marker on the mini-map. Inside the door you'll meet a strange new person.


"You're too useful to kill" (Solas++, Cole--) *Erasthenes lives

"I'll free you from your pain." (Cassandra-, Cole++) *Erasthenes dies

"Your death will be a message." (Cassandra-. Cole++) *Erasthenes dies


Speak to Leliana about the fate of magister Erasthenes


Fast travel back to Skyhold and talk to Leliana to finish the quest.




Unfinished business (reward: +600 Influence, +2 Power)

From: Talk to Cassandra after completing the guilty pleasures sidequest

Since the seeker's strange absence, some of their high profile cases have been left unchecked. Help Cassandra hunt the targets down.


Take down Leo of Lucien Bay in the Western Approaches


Take down Gordon the Frank in the Emprise du Lion (+150 Influence)


This guy is a high level mage with a couple of other lower level mages as support. Use all your knockdown and status abilities to stop Gordon from retaliating, while leaving your allies to bring down the minions. This guy can be a pain if he gets the chance to fight back.


Take down Jepler the Unbound in the Emerald Graves (+80 Influence)


Jepler the unbound is in the more dangerous North area of the Emerald graves (filled with giants and armored brontos). Make sure to avoid getting bogged down in battles here as giants have a tendency to respawn in the area before you manage to kill the first one. Jepler will be lv 19 and can pose a threat if you are more than 3 levels below him. Use knockdown and incapacitation techniques if he is posing a problem.


Take down Ser Rebenger Torn in the Ferelden Hinterlands


Fast travel to the forest camp in the Hinterlands. Trek over the nearby hill to find Ser Rebenger waiting in the ruin with two bodygaurds. He is quite weak, so you shouldn't have any problems really.


(Cassandra+++) if in party


Take down Ser Hildebrandt in the Exalted Plains (+80 Influence)


You will need to have completed the operation Gain access to Ghilan'nain's Grove operation (can be found by reaching the edge of the area in the Exalted Plain and finding the operation banner). Once the operation is completed, you will be able to travel to the marked area. Kill Ser Hildebrandt. I'm surprised they managed to survive here as the enemies are over double their level.


After all five are dead, the quest will end.





Well, shit (reward: +400 Influence, +3 Power)

From: Varric, after completing Seeing red sidequest

Bianca says Corypheus is getting his red lyrium from the thaig Hawke and Varric discovered years ago - on their expedition into the Deep Roads under Kirkwall. It may be possible to reach it using an entrance to the Deep Roads somewhere in the Hinterlands.


Enter Valammar


Fast travel to Upper Lake Camp, and head south to the cave entrance, behind the waterfall at lake Luthis.


Open the locked door


Head down the ruins. You may have been here before if you have done Hinterlands sidequests. At the bottom there is a door that you can now open.


Find a key for the second door


Fight your way through some carta forces and a warden spellslinger to a table at the back with a key on it.


"It isn't really your fault."
"You put this on us."
"You've done a lot of damage." (Varric--)


"Varric is right."
"Get a room, you two."
"She's right." (Varric+)
"Just let it go."


Speak with Varric about all this


Leave Valamaar and fast travel back to Skyhold to talk to Varric.


"Nobody is.
"Talk your way out of it." (Varric-)
"Just confront it,"


"No, you wouldn't."
"Nothing's stopping you." (Varric+)
"She did you a favor." (Varric-)


After the talk is done, the quest is too.


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