COLLECTIBLES - Bobbleheads


S.P.E.C.I.A.L boosts:




On the tip of the prow (the front-most part) of FMS Northern Star. You'll need to fight your way through a fair number of mirelurks and raiders to reach it though, so make sure you are well prepared.







To access Parsons State Asylum, you will need to begin the Special Delivery House sidequest by reaching level 10 and approaching Parsons State Asylum (you don't need to kill the guards, just discover the location). When passing through the Third Rail, Colonial Taphous, Dugout Inn or the market in Bunker Hill you may be approached by a ghoul named Edward who asks you to go to Cabot House. You can also bypass Edward and just visit Cabot House and use the intercom by the door. You then need to complete the Emogene Takes a Lover sidequest for Jack Cabot and then when the final sidequest is triggered (The Secret of Cabot House) meet Jack Cabot at the Asylum and follow him to the entrance so he can open the door. Then trail after him, dealing with the raiders until he reaches his office and you encounter Edward. The bobblehead is on a desk in his office.







Found in Poseidon Energy. When you visit for the first time, you'll need to access the facility via the water pipes on the side of the structure facing the sea. You'll then have to work your way up through the sublevels to the upper areas of the power plant. When you reach the catwalks overhead, the raiders will be bunched up in a large room filled with desks and multiple matresses. On a desk against the wall is the bobblehead.




No local area map within Posiedon Energy




Found inside the control room of the Boston Public Library sittng on one of the terminals.







Found in a dilapidated ship inside an open locker at the South end of Spectacle Island.







On top floor of Museum Of Freedom on a desk in the office where Preston and the survivors are during Minutemen Quest 01 - When Freedom Calls.







On a railing on level 5 of the Mass Fusion building. Can easily be picked up during Brotherhood of Steel Quest 13 - Spoils of War or The Institute Quest 04 - Mass Fusion. For a more detailed description of the location, read the Brotherhood of Steel quest page:





Other boosts




Inside control room overlooking main workfloor with production line, sitting on top of a broken terminal.





Big Guns


Found in the Northernmost room inside Vault 95 sitting on top of an old radio. Be prepared to take on two assaultrons and a horde of gunners to reach it.





Energy Weapons


Found in the cafeteria section on a counter in Fort Hagen during Story Quest 06 - Reunions as you are searching for Kellog. For a more detailed description, read the story quest page:







Found in the Saugus Ironworks in the Saugus Blast Furnace area where you encounter Slag the raider leader during the Minutemen sidequest - Out Of The Fire. On the catwalk directly in front of you above the molten metal, look at the machinery coming out of the wall it is sitting on top of it (about two feet from the red loot chest).





Lock Picking


Found in Pickman Gallery. To find it, you'll need to follow after the raiders chasing Pickman into the maze of tunnels beneath the building. When you eventually reach the room where Slab (raider leader) confronts Pickman, you can find the bobblehead on the ground beside the flaming trashcan in the middle of the room.







Found in the same room as Curie during the sidequest Hole In The Wall which begins in Vault 81 after you return there following your first visit (during the sidequest Vault 81). For a more detailed description, read the sidequest page:







Found in the same cell as Strong and Rex at the top of Trinity Tower during the sidequest Curtain Call.







Corvega Assembly Plant - This is located at the top of the catwalk surrounding the tallest tower at the factory.







Found in the observation room overlooking the combat simulation area (Diner) in Vault 75. You'll need to obtain the lab access card first, then the bobblehead is in the same room you find the admin card in.





Small Guns


Found in Gunners Plaza inside the recording studio (the room with the flashing red 'on air' sign above it. You will either need to have master lockpick abilities or kill Cruz, a bandit leader on the upper level and then take the key off his body. Either way, enter the studio and defeat Captain Wez inside to find the bobblehead on the desk.







Found underneath the terminal marked 4 inside the dig site (they appear in numeric order, so just keep your eyes open). A little bit into the area where ghouls start appearing. Come heavily armed as there are many raider survivalists and even a power armour raider guarding the site.




No local area map within Dunwich Borers




Found in the same room on a desk as Nick Valentine in the Vault underneath Park Street Station during Story Quest 04 - Unlikely Valentine. For a more detailed description, read the story quest page:







Simply walk into the Atom Cats Garage and grab it off the bonnet of the car frame. Easy.





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