BoS Quest 03 - Call To Arms




Triggered by talking to Paladin Danse again after completing BoS Quest 02 - Fire Support


Objective: Speak to Paladin Danse


Note: You will be facing enemies armed with energy based weapons almost exclusively (except when on the way to the Arcjet facility at the beginning of the quest), so consider adjusting your armour to defend against this damage type on higher difficulties.


When you're ready to begin the quest, hoof it to the Cambridge police station and have a brief chat with Danse inside. You can also talk with Haylen or Rhys as well for some extra information.



Objective: Follow Paladin Danse


After confirming you are ready to go, Danse will head out of the police station. Exit out the door after him and down an alley beside the station. He'll then head almost due West along an old stretch of road. Danse will explain a bit more about his and his team's situation as you stroll along. Keep an eye out for a ruined bus on the right side of the road as on the other side of the road opposite is a crate you can loot for some explosives. Just ahead of this you'll see a group of raiders standing in the road, in mid-battle with a caravan. Join the fight, but let Danse rush forward to be your distraction and meat-shield. Even on survival difficulty, Danse's laser rifle should tear through them pretty quickly.


Continue along the dusty road, shortly afterwards turning to the right and heading up a hill towards the orange and black Arcjet Systems. You might run into a bloatfly or two as well as a small group of wild mongrels here as you move up the hill, so pick them off before trotting onwards. You can always kite them around Danse if they all target you at once, letting him mop them up. When you reach the place, speak to Danse and then head through the front door. As expected the place is in shambles. Trail after Danse into a hallway and then a room full or dismantled protectron and other torn apart robots.



Objective: Speak to Paladin Danse


Ask him about the destroyed robots to find out what you're dealing with here.


Objective: Follow Paladin Danse


You'll pass through another couple of hallways, arriving in a room with a terminal on a desk ahead of you with a set of locked doors opposite it.



Objective: Find a way to open the door


Interact with the terminal if you have the required hacking perk, or look for the lab analyst's terminal to retrieve the password. Either way, when you gain access, open up the security door and take cover immediately.


Objective: Provide fire support for Paladin Danse


You'll be up against five synths (two melee, three ranged) who will enter through the now open door across the room. Stay to the sides of the door or behind cover as you peek out to deal with them. Danse will be a good distraction here as the ranged synths should target him mainly. Help out by dealing as much damage as you can until the last synth falls. Well, the first wave is done, but there's plenty more synths to go. Make sure to pick up all the energy cells found on the synth's bodies as you will want them to power your reward after completing this quest.



Passing through the room beyond and then through a short hallway will bring you to a large open multi-level area with a ramp in front of you. Stay back here and let Danse enter first as it is easy to get shot six ways from Sunday here due to a large number (around eight or more) synths appearing on both levels and firing at you. Use the broken concrete at the end of the hallway to take cover while you fire out at the synths at the top of the ramp and on the upper level to the left. When there are only a few left on the radar, you can emerge and take the fight to the robotic minions by racing up the ramp.


Head up the ramp after Danse and across the upper level, dropping down through a hole in the floor after him. You'll pass through another room and up a set of stairs, turning left at the top.


Note: On a desk beside a terminal in this room is a Tesla Science magazine



Go through the far door and you'll follow Danse into a corridor guarded by a pair of ceiling mounted guns. Danse should take them out fairly quickly by himself, but you can lend a hand if you like. Another ceiling mounted gun will be around the next left corner of the corridor as well.


Objective: Follow Paladin Danse


Once the corridor is clear, Danse will move down a set of stairs, and you'll find yourself facing a door leading to the Arcjet Engine Core. Head on in. Follow the hallway straight ahead and you'll emerge onto a catwalk overlooking a large shaft with a huge rocket engine in the center. Wind your way down, descending the stairs until you reach the bottom of the shaft.



Objective: Restore auxiliary power to engine core


Enter the open doorway down here and you'll enter the rocket control room. On a table in here is the junk jet, an interesting weapon that fires junk items at enemies to inflict damage (there's nothing like a coffee mug at 200km p/h to start the day). Moving through the door in here will bring you to a terminal and in a machine beside it a fusion core. Grab the core and then use the terminal to turn the auxiliary power back on.


Objective: Proceed to the control room


Head back to the previous room to find that synths are swarming out of the woodwork (figuratively anyway as the whole place is metal and concrete). You now have a choice to make. You can either race out into the main chamber to help the paladin under siege or...



(Optional) Objective: Activate the engine core's rocket


You can trigger the rocket engine to scorch everything in the main chamber. Don't worry, Danse will survive. He'll just be a bit crispy. There is no downside (except the potential loss of some small XP gains), so don't worry about taking the easy way out here.


(Optional) Assess Paladin Danse's condition


Walk back into the main chamber and talk to the paladin to discover that lo and behold that he's fine.



Objective: Proceed to the control room


Pick up the massive amounts of loot dropped by the disintegrated synths and then head back up the catwalk to the now active elevator. Hop in and travel upwards to launch command. Step out of the elevator and tromp up the stairs to reach the final room where your objective is waiting. A large group of six or so synths will be guarding a synth strider who holds the deep range transmitter. You'll once again want to let Danse take point here while you fire around cover, picking off any weakened or onrushing melee synths.


Objective: Retrieve the deep range transmitter


When the battle is done, examine the synth strider's corpse to retrieve the transmitter.



Objective: Exit Arcjet Systems


Once the frenzied looting is over, enter the marked elevator to travel back up to a hallway which will take you outside once more.


Objective: Speak to Paladin Danse


As you leave, Danse will turn to you and thank you for your help, taking the Deep Range Transmitter and rewarding you for your efforts.


Reward: Righteous Authority (legendary laser rifle), 50x fusion cell


He will also offer you the chance to join the Brotherhood of Steel. Joining up will give you access to further Brotherhood of Steel quests and rewards (including a suit of power armour better than the one you found at the Museum of Freedom), so why not? After the talk ends, so does the quest.



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