BoS Quest 05 - Shadow Of Steel




Triggered during Brotherhood of Steel quest 04 - Semper Invicta


Objective: Report to Paladin Danse


Now that you're officially a member of the Brotherhood, it's time to go meet the boss. Danse has received orders that you both are to report to the Prydwen, the massive airship floating over Boston Airport. Talk to Danse and then follow him up the stairs in the police station to the rooftop where a vertibird is waiting for you both.


Objective: Board the vertibird


Stroll over to the idling vertibird and press A/ X to get on board. You'll be plonked down behind a loaded minigun. It's a long flight so feel free to take out your boredom on any enemies you see roaming the streets below (if your machine has enough power to render them anyway). Just be careful to avoid firing on any Brotherhood allies (vertibirds, patrols, etc.) as the soldiers on the Prydwen don't like that kind of thing, and will blast you in the face when you arrive if you do.



Objective: Attend the debriefing


When you reach the flight deck of the airship, press A/ X once again to hop out of the vertibird. A few steps away, Lancer Captain Kells will be standing ready to receive you both.


Objective: Speak to Lancer Captain Kells


Talk to him and you'll both obtain new orders with Kells confirming that you have been given knight status officially from Elder Maxson, the leader of this section of the Brotherhood. Ask any questions you wish before being dismissed.



Objective: Attend Elder Maxson's address


The command deck is nearby, simply walk over to the marked door and head inside. When the area shift ends, you'll see Maxson straight ahead through the rungs of a ladder. Walk into the room and listen as he enlightens the other Brotherhood members as to their purpose in the Commonwealth.


Objective: Talk to Elder Maxson


After the speech is over, you'll have a brief chat with Maxson who will inform you about your new status and the shiny new suit of power armour that comes with it. Well, not really shiny or new. But it's better than the one you got earlier from the Museum of Freedom. It can be found on the main deck (which we'll be going to shortly) in armour bay 3.



Objective: Report to Paladin Danse

(Optional) Objective: Open your personal storage container


Maxson has ordered you to get to know the important people on the ship, but it's time to meet up with Danse first. Follow the marker and ascend the ladder to the main deck. Here you'll see a hallway ahead leading to a bar. We'll be using it in a second, but first go through the opening to the right and head up the stairs.


The lit bunk to the right is yours and the metal crate is your personal storage container. Ransack it for a fusion core and other goodies and also look the green bag beside your bed for some free ammo and other loot. Now backtrack down the stairs you just used and head down the hallway to meet Danse near the bar. When you talk to him he will offer to accompany you around the ship if you like. Accept or decline and finish the conversation to bring this easy quest to a close.



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