BoS Quest 06 - Tour Of Duty




Triggered after completing Brotherhood of Steel quest 05 - Shadow of Steel


Note: The following four objectives can be done in any order


Objective: Meet Proctor Quinlan


Does anyone else think this guy looks like Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters? Anyway, when you walk in and talk to him he'll repeatedly fail to ask for help about his overwhelming workload. If you ask him about it you will obtain the ongoing quest Getting Technical. This requires you to pick up technical documents that appear randomly in loot containers around the Commonwealth.


Thankfully they are everywhere and you don't have to track them down or anything. Simply return to Quinlan when you've got a few for some caps as a reward. You can also ask him about research patrols, but you'll have to finish your introductions in this quest first for more details. Either way, when the conversation is over it's on to the next one.



Objective: Meet Knight-Captain Cade


Knight-Captain Cade can be found in the medical bay nearby and will want to go over your medical history. There are some interesting lines of dialogue here if you want to be sarcastic, but nothing should affect the outcome. When you're cleared for combat by the doc, off we go again.


Objective: Meet Proctor Ingram


Proctor Ingram in the workshop area will be rather blunt and just tell you quickly about her job. She'll also let you know you can use any of the armour bays to craft/ modify your power armour.



Objective: Meet Proctor Teagan


The quartermaster for the Prydwen will be waiting to welcome you. Have a chat with him to find out he offers some repeating sidequests - Feeding The Troops (which he will discuss more with you when you finish this quest). He also sells weapons an other supplies, including a random selection of mods for energy weapons (which can be extremely overpowered if you get lucky). There is also a holotape about Elder Maxson you can buy from him as well. When the final conversation is at an end, so is this quest. Time to move on to the real action in the next BoS quest.



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