BOS Quest 09 - Outside The Wire




Triggered by asking for the Brotherhood Of Steel's help during Story 10 - The Molecular Level. Begins when you step onto the platform of the Signal Interceptor to teleport into the Institute.


Objective: Insert network scanner holotape into Institute terminal


As you are finishing the final steps of Story 10 - The Molecular Level after getting Ingram and the Brotherhood to help you build the device, you'll stand on the platform in preparation to teleport into The Institute. When this happens, Ingram will hand over a holotape and request that you use it to scan the Institute's network, returning the data to her afterwards. Whoosh, you're off.


When you materialize inside the Institute's relay room, directly ahead through the doorway is a bank of consoles with a terminal in the middle. Insert the network scanner holotape into it and select 'initiate network scan' when the option appears. After the network is scanned, remove the tape and back out of the terminal.



Objective: Give holotape to Ingram


Now progress with Story 11 - Institutionalized until you get the ability to fast travel to and from The Institute. This will allow you to return to Boston Airport and Ingram to hand over the holotape and complete this quest.


Note: You can hand over the results of the tape to multiple factions (they make copies for you), giving you more options.



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