BoS Quest 10 - Liberty Reprimed




Triggered by completing Brotherhood of Steel quest 09 - Outside the wire


Objective: Follow Proctor Ingram


After handing over the holotape during the previous quest, Ingram will start walking away. She'll lead you to a door that was previously inaccessible. After fiddling with the terminal beside it, the doors will open up revealing a warehouse stocked full of the remains of Liberty Prime, who we last saw during the final assault of Fallout 3.


Objective: Speak to Proctor Ingram


Another fetch quest immenent methinks. Yup, but it's a person this time. You need to convince Doctor Li to help out in fixing the power system.



Objective: Speak to Doctor Li


You'll find Doctor Li in the workshop area of the Prydwen and she doesn't like the thought of helping out with Prime. You can talk her into it however by simply convincing her that the Brotherhood cares about the Commonwealth.


Objective: Speak to Proctor Ingram


When you return to Ingram she'll have a new task for you to perform. She'll need you to construct a systems to power his arms and legs. The key component being powerful electromagnets. Unfortunately the Brotherhood don't just have a massive stockpile of electromagnets out the back, so you're going to need to find one.



Objective: Locate a high-powered magnet


The marker for finding this magnet can vary depending on the game. Options for it's location include: Hospitals, traders or just in a randomized spot in the Commonwealth (In my case it was located in the operating theatre of Medford Memorial Hospital). You'll need to travel to the location and retrieve the magnet wherever it is located in your playthrough.


Objective: Construct electromagnetic actuators


After you've obtained the magnet, it's back to Boston Airport to construct the parts for Liberty Prime. Head to the workshop area nearby when you arrive. You'll need the following to make each of the actuators for the four limbs: x5 circuitry, x1 screw, x10 steel, x3 fiber optics, x5 rubber, x1 high powered magnet. When the fourth actuator is complete, it's time to add them to Prime's semi-constructed frame.



Objective: Speak to Proctor Ingram


Ah, now we get to the real part of the fetch quest. Prime is missing the core of his arsenal, his nukes. The Brotherhood has tracked down a potential location for resupplying them but of course it's in the middle of the Glowing Sea, an area you've already visited at least once before that is full of radiation and dangerous enemies. Oh joy. Resign yourself to your fate and agree to find the nukes. Oh, and make sure you bring some power armour or a lot of radaway if you don't want to glow in the dark forever.


Objective: Speak to Scribe Haylen


Scribe Haylen has established a post just outside the irradiated area of the Glowing Sea to coordinate the retrieval of the nukes once you have located them. Fast travel as close as you can and then trudge through the radioactive wastes until you find her and her little group. After a brief chat, you'll be off into the Glowing Sea.



Objective: Locate the bomb storage facility


Depending on your prior exploration of the Glowing Sea, your distance to travel may be big or small. Keep in mind that the enemies here can be extremely dangerous (deathclaws, bloodbugs and other monstrosities) so make sure to use your V.A.T.S frequently to detect them early as you travel. There's nothing worse than being ambushed by an unexpected legendary alpha deathclaw. You'll eventually come across what looks like a black pyramid shaped facility rising up out of the ground, meaning you have reached your destination, Sentinel Site Prescott.


Objective: Locate the mark 28 nuke stockpile


The nukes are located at the end of a series of tunnels on the lowest level of this facility guarded by a large number of ghoul enemies. You'll need to descend to the lowest level you can through the rooms and use a terminal to abort the launch sequence to gain access to the huge central chamber. Once you've done that, enter the central chamber (killing any ghouls in your way) and walk down the ramp in the middle of the area to find the lit entrance to a tube/ tunnel leading away.



You'll run into multiple swarms of ghouls as you travel and explore, so stay alert. Deep inside the complex you'll pass through a metal door and turn a corner to encounter Brother Henri, a member of the Atom cult. You may be able to persuade him with enough points in charisma to let you pass. If not he'll activate the assaultron beside him and they will both attack. Backtrack into the previous room if you need more space to fight as the initial room is very cramped making it difficult to avoid the assaultron's attacks. Once both of them are taken care of, use the terminal to open the doors to find the stockpile inside.


Objective: Activate the distress pulser


Follow the marker over to the loading crane and interact with the spot to place and turn on the distress pulser.



Objective: Return to Proctor Ingram


And now it's backtracking time. Tromp all the way back to where you entered the main chamber. In the side room with the terminal you used to abort the launch is an elevator you can take to shorten the travel time to the surface. Leave via the way you first came in and fast travel back to Boston Airport and talk to Ingram to finally bring this long fetch quest to a close.


Objective: Activate Liberty Prime


Press the history eraser button, Er, I mean the activation button to trigger Liberty Prime's startup and the end of this quest.



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