BoS Quest 11 - Blind Betrayal




Triggered by completing Brotherhood Of Steel quest 10 - Liberty Reprimed


Note: If you want to keep Danse available as a companion at the end of this quest, you will need a decent charisma value (5+) and/ or the drive to reload constantly until you succeed in the check.


Objective: Speak to Elder Maxson


Fast travel to the Prydwen and stroll onto the command deck to find the Elder and be completely flummoxed before he fills you in. Apparently the data you retrieved from the Institute contained a list of missing synths that included one exactly the same as Paladin Danse. Needless to say, the Elder is not happy about this. Afterwards, Maxson hands over the task of tracking down and eliminating Danse to you.



Objective: Speak to Proctor Quinlan


Climb up the nearby ladder to the main deck and enter Quinlan's office to talk to him. He'll start filling you in on some more details and then give you no help whatsoever in locating Danse. Partway through the conversation, Scribe Haylen will turn up and start spouting accusations. Haylen will volunteer that she know's Danse's location after she's done with her little tirade and will ask you to follow her back to her vertibird to retrieve it.


Objective: Follow Scribe Haylen


Haylen's path can be a bit buggy, but you'll need to follow her down to the lower level underneath the main area (eventually. she may do a full circuit of the place beforehand).



Objective: Speak to Scribe Haylen


When you reach the lower level, she'll ask you directly if you plan to kill Danse. Whatever you say, she'll give you his location. An old outpost that was intended as a fallback position.


Objective: Travel to Listening Post Bravo


Return to the flight deck and fast travel as close as you can to the marker in the North-East area of the map. Be careful as you get close as there are two machine gun turrets and a laser turret above the entrance that can be painful if you are caught unawares. Inside is an advanced lock security gate blocking access to some ammo and weapons if you want to open it up. On the other side of the room is a terminal and elevator. Divert power to the elevator using the terminal and then step inside to descend to the lower levels of the outpost.



As you emerge from the elevator, a nearby pair of protectron and a wall turret will open fire on you. Use the sides of the elevator as cover if you need to while firing out of it at them to bring them down easily. Circling around the side rooms will bring you to the rear area of this floor where Danse (wow, doesn't he look strange without his power armour?) is waiting for you.


From this point on, there are multiple paths to resolve Danse's fate:


  • Execute him (can be done initially when you confront him or by returning after you attempt to leave the outpost)
  • Maxson executes him (refuse to kill Danse when you confront him, then fail to persuade Maxson when you leave the outpost)
  • Convince Maxson to spare Danse (refuse to kill Danse when you confront him, then persuade Maxson when you leave the outpost)



(Optional) Objective: Speak to Paladin Danse


Keep in mind that if you kill him/ Maxson kills him he will no longer be available as a companion. If you do keep Danse alive, he will wait at Listening Post Bravo until you need him to travel with you.


Objective: Speak to Elder Maxson


No matter which way things play out, you'll need to return to the Prydwen and talk to the Elder. Now that things have been resolved, he'll confer upon you the rank of Paladin as well as giving you Danse's old suit of power armour. Bringing an end to this sorry business and the quest too.



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