BoS Quest 14 - Ad Victoriam




Triggered by completing Brotherhood of Steel quest 13 - Spoils of War


Objective: Speak to Proctor Ingram


This is it folks, the point that all that effort has culminated to. The activation of Liberty Prime. One last thing first, you need to insert that agitator you picked up in the Mass Fusion building during the previous quest.


Objective: Plug in the Beryllium Agitator


You'll need to climb up the scaffolding and gantries surrounding the massive robot until you arrive at his upper back, just behind his head. Interact with the obviously waiting slot to insert the agitator.



Objective: Activate power transfer switch


Backtrack down to where Ingram is and you'll see a marked big red button just waiting for you to press the hell out of it. Push that sucker and watch your creation come to life. It's alive. IT'S ALIVE!


Objective: Follow Liberty Prime


After a brief power up sequence, Liberty Prime will begin moving towards the Institute. Your job is to trail after him, looting the bodies of the slain until he reaches the C.I.T ruins. Waddle along after the lumbering death machine, occasionally taking potshots at fleeing enemies if you feel like it. Anyone else feel like we just turned on god mode for this game? Oh, and you will probably need to swim (walk through if you're in power armour) the river as well. So make sure you have some radaway/ rad-x, the aquaboy/ girl perk or power armour to protect against the water's radiation. You'll also pick up some Brotherhood forces along the way to help you in the attack.



Objective: Defend Liberty Prime


When you arrive at the C.I.T ruins, you'll start to face tougher opposition from Institute synths. You'll know you're there when multitudes of blue lasers start firing at Liberty Prime. Synths will teleport in from the edges of the area attacking both you and your allies, so take cover and pick off as many as you can. Liberty Prime will begin scanning the area in front of the ruins while the fight continues, looking for a way into the Institute below. Most of the synths will attack from the pillars in front of the main doors, so use the objects to the left and right of the area to hunker down behind. Prime can't actually be destroyed, so it's just a matter of staying alive and killing all the synths to keep moving forward. Or at least kill enough synths to let Liberty Prime use his laser to tunnel down into the Institute.



Objective: Enter the Institute


When the tunnel is complete, drop down into the hole and the quest will end as you begin the assault on the Institute in earnest.



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