INS Quest 02 - The Battle Of Bunker Hill



THE INSTITUTE QUEST 02 - The Battle of Bunker Hill

Triggered after completing The Institute Quest 01 - Synth Retention


Objective: Speak to Father


When you catch up with Father, he'll ask you a few questions before going into detail about what he wants you to do. Apparently several synths that The Railroad have been located by The Institute. So Father is sending you in to retrieve them. Oh, and the Brotherhood of Steel also knows about them. Happy, happy, joy, joy. There are several options you can take during this quest by helping the factions achieve their objectives:



(Optional) Inform The Railroad

(Optional) Inform the Brotherhood


Note: The 'forces' in the dot points below only refer to the local soldiers, not the faction as a whole.


  • The Institute wants you to team up with a nearby courser before infiltrating Bunker Hill and retrieving the synths (no change to faction forces unless you attack them). For example if you are a member of the Brotherhood of Steel but have never met The Railroad, only The Railroad forces will be hostile unless you attack a Brotherhood soldier.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel simply wants you to locate and destroy the synths. This makes the Institute and Railroad forces attack you.
  • The Railroad wants you to get the synths out safely. This makes The Institute and Brotherhood of Steel forces hostile to you.



Objective: Reach Bunker Hill


Before heading to Bunker Hill you will be pointed towards the waiting courser X4-18 who will give you the recall codes for the synths. From there you need to make your way to Bunker Hill.


Objective: Find the escaped synths


If you are a member of all three of the involved faction and haven't turned any of them hostile against you, the quest is surprisingly easy as you can simply walk through the three way fight and no human enemies will shoot at you (turrets will still fire at you however). Don't fire at any of the soldiers to avoid factions turning on you and reach the synths easily. If one or more of the factions is hostile to you, you'll have to fight your way inside Bunker Hill using the side entrance (the main entrance has been locked by the locals).


Note: You can climb the large monument (using the stairs inside it) in the middle of Bunker Hill to find a copy of Live and Love magazine near the top.



Work your way inside and enter the marked hatch behind the counter to enter the utility basement. A linear path will bring you to the middle of another three-way firefight that you can ignore or participate in depending on your allegiances. Pass through a door on the other side of the room and climb some stairs, destroying the turret at the top. You'll turn onto a catwalk with a short set of stairs and another waiting turret at the top. Beyond this is a winding tunnel that leads to the escaped synths. Now you get to choose which faction's objective you want to complete.


Objective: Deal with the escaped synths


Institute: Use recall code on all four

Brotherhood: Destroy all four

Railroad: Let them leave


Make sure to pick up all the loot off the fallen as you leave as there is a nice amount of ammo, armour and weapons to grab. You may even find some legendary items from dead legendary enemies.


Objective: Speak to Father in the ruins of CIT


Super mutants and synth forces are fighting it out on the upper levels of the ruins when you enter the building. However you don't need to join in the fray. Instead head to the far East of the ground floor (use the local map if you're having trouble) to find a staircase that leads straight up to the rooftop where Father is waiting for you. After a brief conversation the quest will be wrapped up and you'll have started The Institute 03 - Mankind Redefined.



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