INS Quest 03 - Mankind Redefined



THE INSTITUTE QUEST 03 - Mankind Redefined

Triggered by completing The Institute Quest 02 - The Battle of Bunker Hill


Objective: Attend directorate meeting


Back at the Institute, wind your way up to a marked conference room to find the division heads and Father waiting for you. When you arrive the meeting will begin. Some important story events will happen here, so the guide will resume after the meeting ends.



Objective: Talk to Father


After the meeting is over, talk to Father about his decision and it's repercussions. Looks like things are about to get more complicated. From this point on (as long as you remain friendly with the Institute) the courser X6-88 is available to be a companion. Wow. Short quest. On to The Institute Quest 04 - Mass Fusion then, I suppose.



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