INS Quest 05 - Pinned




Triggered by completing The Institute Quest 04 - Mass Fusion


Objective: Speak to Father


As usual for most Institute quests, we start off with a chat with Father. When you arrive at his quarters, he'll be in the middle of a consultation which you can listen in on or interrupt. After a bit of discussion about your earlier efforts, he'll get to the point. An Institute team was dispatched earlier to collect a promising Commonwealth scientist who could be of great use to the reactor project. Unfortunately things have gotten... complicated and it's up to you to sort things out.



Objective: Reach the house


Fast travel to the marked location on your map (or at least as close as you can). When you approach the structure you'll see a decent number of Minutemen troops surrounding the place.


Objective: Speak to Minutemen contact


Depending on your dealings with the Minutemen up to this point, you'll have four options:


  1. Kill the Minutemen troops: Pretty self explanatory but can be challenging on higher difficulties.
  2. If you have not joined the Minutemen faction: you can kill some gunners to convince them to listen to you
  3. If you have joined the Minutemen faction: You can agree with their plans and join them in storming the house. This makes The Institute hostile against you and triggers the Institute sidequest Banished. You will also get an additional objective to 'Eliminate the opposition.'
  4. If you have joined the Minutemen faction: You can persuade the leader of the squad of Minutemen to stand down which allows you free access to the building.



Objective: Speak to Enrico Thompson


When you enter the house (if you aren't attacking), you will get the chance to talk to the leader of the Institute force inside. He'll fill you in on what's been happening with Wallace, the scientist they are trying to recruit.


Objective: Speak to Wallace


You'll have to talk to Wallace through a doorway as he has barricaded himself inside. During the conversation you can either threaten or try and persuade him to go with The Institute personnel. Either way he should agree in the end, ending this short quest.



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