INS Quest 06 - Powering Up




Triggered by completing The Institute Quest 05 - Pinned


Objective: Speak to Father


When you return to the Institute and talk with Father, it turns out things are going extremely well with the reactor project. Wallace is also apparently making himself useful. Father wants to make an announcement to the Commonwealth, informing them of The Institute's plans to minimize loss of life in futile attacks. Naturally you have been selected to voice this message.



Objective: Record the speech


Walk over to the marked microphone on the table and activate it to begin. Your choices here make no difference to the outcome, they only change the tone of your message.


Objective: Speak with Father


After hearing Father's take on your message, he'll inform you that it needs to be broadcast using the transmitter in Diamond City. You also need to boost the transmitter's signal to reach as many people as possible, but we'll deal with that when we get there.



Objective: Reconfigure the transmitter


Fast travel to Diamond City and follow the marker through the back areas of town until you find the transmitter and the small shack beneath it. Inside you'll find Travis Miles, who seems to be unable to form coherent sentences. Ignore him and look under the control console for a metal box containing the parts you need to modify the transmitter. Seriously, the parts were here all along? Obviously these guys have no work ethic.


You'll need to put in the three parts in the gaps in the control console (three gaps). From left to right:radio thing with buttons, radio thing with dials, radio thing with tubes. This will maximize the transmitter's signal and prep it for your message.



Objective: Speak with Father


Fast travel back to the Institute and the quest marker will point you towards Advanced Systems. A new door in the back will lead you into some old concrete corridors, a far cry from the shiny sleek main area of the Institute. Follow the corridors down into the depths of the facility and you'll reach the reactor with a crowd of scientists and Father on a catwalk overhead. Climb up and converse with the man. After hearing the reactor is ready to go, you'll be tasked with starting it up for the first time.


Objective: Activate the reactor


Listen to the speech if you like, before opening the reactor door and placing the part you pilfered from the Mass Fusion facility into the center. Leave the core and interact with the terminal outside to check the status of the reactor. Chose to 'initiate reactor startup sequence' to bring the reactor online.



Objective: Speak with Father


Father will inform you of an upcoming directorate meeting. Looks like you're the one running things now, Director.


Objective: Attend directorate meeting


Or not. Apparently the directorate has decided that it wants to attack the other factions. Your input is appreciated, but not necessary to their plans. Politics, ugh. You can choose where to pool your development resources (weapon or synth production) as well during the meeting. Either way, the Institute is now at war with the Brotherhood of Steel. As the meeting ends, you will receive a message from Z1-14 to meet if you are undertaking The Railroad quest 05 - Underground Undercover.



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