Magazines (cont)

COLLECTIBLES - Magazines (cont)


U.S Covert Operations Manual


Federal Ration Stockpile - Fight your way through the raiders and enter the actual bunker. Follow the fairly linear path towards the South. In the far South end of the area you'll find what looks like a small office with a sofa and a coffee table that has the magazine on it.





Fort Hagen - In the command center area just before you reach the area you fight Kellog. Look in the bedrooms to find it on a bedside table.





Fort Strong Armory - On General Brock's desk in the South-West corner before descending down to the lower areas.





Libertalia - On the large ship at the rear of the area on a ramp jutting out at the front. To access it you'll need to go up to the third or fourth level.





Revere Satellite Array - Follow the walkway up to it's end to find it sitting on a table on the only tower with the dish missing.





The Switchboard - On a desk in the office up the stairs from where you enter the Switchboard proper.





USAF Satellite Station Olivia - Enter the station and use the first terminal to unlock the door to the nearby room. The magazine is waiting on a table inside.





Wasteland Survival Guide


Crater House - This is an extremely dangerous area. The place is full of atom cultists with radiation guns that will kill you extremely fast (70+ rads per shot) if you don't have good radiation resistance or power armour. The magazine is in a hut on the North-West side at water/ ground level. Look for a table with a lantern and caps stash on it to find it.





Egret Tours Marina - At the end of the pier inside the small metal hut on a bench.





Gorski Cabin - Inside the cabin, look for a hatch in the floor to descend into the basement. Follow the rocky tunnel to the workshop at the end and look on a desk to your left for the magazine.





Wreck of the USS Riptide - In the cabin just above water level (the cabin area on the level the ramps down to the deck end). Pick it up off a table inside.





Lynn Woods - Look in the South wooden hut on a yellow sleeping bag for the magazine.





Nahant Oceanological Society - In the back room on the ground floor next to a typewriter on a desk.





Old Gullet Sinkhole - This depression in the Earth contains a deathclaw that guards the entrance to the cavern. Make sure you are prepared to take one on before you descend the cliff into the hole. Once the deathclaw is taken care of, jump in the nearby water and follow the stream until the current sweeps you down the gap nearby into the cavern. Climb out after your splashdown and examine the cinder blocks next to the cooking station for your magazine.





Ranger Cabin - Head inside and pick the magazine up off the cabinet.





Sunshine Tidings Co-op - In the western shack guarded by a pair of ghouls. On the floor by the red loot chest.





You're Special
Gives permanent +1 point to any stat


Sanctuary (Hills) - Found under furniture to the right of Shaun's crib in your home (located in Sanctuary) after you emerge from vault 111 during Story 02 - Out of Time.





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