MM Quest 02 - The Sight




Triggered by talking to Mama Murphy after she arrives at Sanctuary after completing Minutemen Quest 01 - When Freedom Calls.


Note: This quest can be skipped completely or done at any time with no repercussions.


IMPORTANT: This quest has many negative affects on your reputation with companions who dislike drug use. Therefore it is a good idea to either do this quest early in the game before recruiting many people, or to send them all to a different settlement (anywhere but Sanctuary) to avoid the reputation damage.


Objective: Bring jet to Mama Murphy


Mama Murphy will request you bring her some jet to trigger her sight ability. Jet can often be found in raider encampments (you will likely have picked up some during your visit to the Museum of Freedom), coolers or bought from medical suppliers (such as the doctor in Diamond City). Every time you give her a chem, you'll need to wait eight hours before she can use the sight again.


Note: The vision she has about a reset code can be useful in Story 09 - Hunter/ Hunted as it gives you another option in the final confrontation.



Objective: Build Mama Murphy's chair in Sanctuary


The chair requires 4x wood, 3x cloth and 1x steel to build. Mama Murphy will then stay in this chair when it is built, making her much easier to find.


Objective: Bring mentats to Mama Murphy

Objective: Bring med-x to Mama Murphy

Objective: Bring buffout to Mama Murphy

Objective: Bring psycho to Mama Murphy


Bring her the drugs one after another, listening to her visions each time. After hearing the final vision, the quest will draw to a close.



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