RR Quest 07 - The Nuclear Option



THE RAILROAD QUEST 07 - The Nuclear Option

Triggered by completing The Railroad Quest 06 - Rockets' Red Glare


Note: This quest is quite heavy on the firefights, so you may want to bring along some power armour on higher difficulties or wear highly energy resistant gear due to the excessive amount of laser/ energy weapons used in the Institute.


Note: Starting this quest will fail any in progress quests for The Institute. So make sure you have no unfinished business remaining with them. However, make sure to avoid starting The Institute Quest 07 - End Of The Line as this will make The Railroad Faction hostile towards you.



Objective: Talk to Desdemona


As the flames of the Prydwen's wreckage billow in the breeze on the horizon, the vertibird will begin to land. After jumping out of the vehicle, fast travel back to the Railroad headquarters to and talk to Desdemona to be filled in on The Railroad's final operation. The Railroad is finally taking the fight to The Institute with plans for a mass break in and synth revolution. Before that however, you'll need to contact Z1-14 to make sure everything is prepared.


Objective: Talk to Z1-14


When you arrive at the Institute, you'll find Z1-14 missing from his usual position. Instead, take the central elevator back up to the relay room where you first arrived at the Institute. In the corner of a room with a couple of scientists and guards, Z1-14 will be working away. Converse with him and make the final call. After telling him 'it's time' all hell is about to break loose.



Objective: Kill everyone in the relay control room


You'll have to take down everyone inside the room besides Z1-14 (yes, including the unarmed scientists) to secure the relay control room. Focus on the guards first as they are the only ones who can fight back. There are only two of them so they shouldn't pose much of a threat. Shortly afterwards, your Railroad allies will materialize in the relay room.


Objective: Talk to Desdemona


Desdemona will hand over a fusion pulse charge for you to use on the nuclear generator. The Railroad really likes making things go boom, don't they? Along the way you'll have to try and help the synth rebellion as well. Maybe whip up a seven course meal and build a rocket as well in your spare time. What a slavemaster. Ironic isn't it?



Objective: Reach the reactor


To begin your reactor-bound journey you'll need to enter the nearby door leading to the old robotics area. After passing through the first door, you'll round a corner to see a pair of laser turrets and a synth strider and two patrollers firing at your forces. More enemy synths will fire at you out of windows on the far wall as you descend the stairs and ramps to where the first enemy group was.


Use the distance to your advantage, using rifles and other long range weapons to bring them down quickly with headshots. Be careful of destroying synth arms as they will then race to you and engage in melee. While not overly dangerous, an unexpected synth to the face can be a bloody big distraction when you are in the middle of a firefight.



After the windows are clear, take the stairs down to the level below, staying alert for a melee synth and a ranged synth halfway down. At the bottom of the stairs, is a terminal that controls the prototypes in the room beyond (including the sentry bot). Synths will swarm in from the far end of the room as you enter so be ready to backpedal to cover.


This is a long distance confrontation once again, so pull out a rifle or other ranged weapon to pick off the synths before they get too close. Your allies will help weaken them as the fight progresses. On the far side of the room down a side hall, you'll find a hatchway leading down. Drop through it and grab a fusion core from the machine to your left. A short linear corridor will take you to a doorway which leads to the Bioscience area of the institute.



Descend the stairs and pass through a door to find yourself at the console you may have encountered earlier (during the Institute sidequest - A House Divided) when you were dealing with the rebels. As you enter the main Bioscience area, scientists will flee only to be replaced by incoming synths from the far side of the room. Use the central wall as cover while you slowly clear the enemy synths one by one. Watch out for the laser turrets on the wall above the opposite doorway as well.


You'll then pass into the large central area of the Institute to be met by a multiple groups of synths with a few coursers amongst them. You'll have to fight your way across the area with your army of Railroad and rogue synths to reach the door of the Advanced Systems area. Which unfortunately for us has been locked tight.



Objective: Use terminal to override Institute lockdown


The terminal can be found in Father's living quarters. Follow the markers through the hallways and up an elevator to reach them. When you arrive you'll find him waiting for you there. You can either convince him to give you the password or hack his terminal. Take the time to talk to him either way. When you gain access to the terminal, you can also choose the option to 'engage evacuation protocol BD-2' which will ensure more people escape the upcoming blast. When you are ready to open the Advanced Systems doors, select 'master security lockdown override.'


Objective: Reach the reactor (cont)


You won't be able to return the way you came, instead take the side door and descend the spiral walkway back down to the central area of the Institute, taking on more synths as you approach the now open door to Advanced Systems. You can just rush past this wave of synths and access the door if you like instead of fighting your way through. When you are inside, several scientists and synths will engage you as you enter the lab area. By now you should be well practiced at bringing these foes down, so take them to the cleaners.



You'll pass through the old concrete and rusted metal of the corridors leading to the reactor room. Be extremely careful as you approach the doors leading to the room itself as there are large numbers of synths and scientists inside (including some with plasma and regular grenades). There are also multiple catwalks in the reactor room, meaning synths will often be shooting down at you from above making cover less effective. Take your time, avoid the grenades and use up a few stimpaks if you like because this is the final fight of this questline. You'll need to loot the body of one of the synths (A-2018) to obtain the reactor terminal password. When you can, work your way up to the reactor and interact with the terminal beside it's door. 


Objective: Plant fusion pulse charge inside reactor


You'll want to shut down the reactor first to remove the massive amounts of radiation from inside. Once that's done you can open the door to the reactor and place the pulse charge on the pillar (housing) inside. A few seconds later, you will be teleported by Tinker Tom back to the relay control room.



Objective: Talk to Desdemona


This should automatically complete as you arrive.


Objective: Speak to Shaun

Objective: Speak to Tinker Tom


Talk to the young Shaun and you can choose to save him or leave him behind. Quicky inform Tinker Tom about your choice and he'll fill you in on the escape plan.



Objective: Step into the relay


Step back into the relay where the Institute journey began to leave it for the final time. You'll appear on top of the Mass Fusion building you infiltrated earlier for the Institute.


Objective: Use the detonator


And here comes the BOOM! Interact with the detonator beside you twice to blow the Institute sky high. That's a hell of a screenshot right there. After the ending scenes play out, the rest of The Railroad and some institute personnel will be standing behind you on the rooftop.



Objective: Talk to Desdemona


Have a final chat with Desdemona to wrap things up and finish off The Railroad questline. Congratulations, you've finished The Railroad path of Fallout 4. 



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