Story 01 - War Never Changes



STORY 01 - War Never Changes


After the initial scenes are over, you'll be face to face with yourself in the mirror. Here you can swap between genders as the husband or wife and make adjustments to your physical appearance until you are satisfied. When you are done, confirm your character and you'll be in control of your new self. Codsworth will race by up the hallway, so follow him by taking a right in the hallway to reach the lounge room and kitchen area. Here you can talk to Codsworth to pick up your morning coffee and chat with him about breakfast if you like.



Note: This is a timed scene, so you can do nothing if you wish as well. Also notice the Grognak the barbarian comic on the bench-top as it will still be there after the opening missions end for you to retrieve.


Talk to your wife/ husband afterwards if you like or watch television and afterwards you should hear a knocking at the door. Walking over and opening it reveals a Vault-tec representative. You can choose to be snide or happy and helpful, but all the conversation options result in you setting your S.P.E.C.I.A.L points and choosing your character's name. Examine the builds/ recommendations in the build section of the guide for more details on stat placement.



A little reminder of what each stat does:

S = Strength - This determines carry weight and melee damage you deal

P = Perception - Affects V.A.T.S (Vault-tec Assisted  Targeting System) weapon accuracy.

E = Endurance - Hit points and sprinting action point drain (how fast your AP bar depletes when sprinting).

C = Charisma - Affects persuasion chance in dialogue and prices when trading.

I = Intelligence - Adjusts amount of experience points earned.

A = Agility - Sets amount of AP available in V.A.T.S and your sneak ability.

L = Luck - Affects recharge rate of critical hits.


After completing your point distribution and selecting your name, you'll have a quick chat with your wife/ husband before Codsworth comes down the hallway and asks you to look in on baby Shaun. Turn into the room on the right at the end of the hall to enter the nursery.



Note: The I'm S.P.E.C.I.A.L book in the nursery that will be available for you to retrieve after the opening missions. This book permanently adds +1 to any stat you select.


Interact with baby Shaun to play with him and your partner will enter the room a few seconds later. After twiddling the mobile and talking to your partner, Codsworth will call you back to the lounge to see something on the television. Watch the news report unfold as nuclear war erupts across the globe.


Objective: Get to Vault 111


Follow your partner out of the front door of the house and race up the street, turning right at the army officer pointing up a nearby dirt path. Run along this dusty trail until you arrive at the main gate of the Vault-tec facility. Approach the guard at the gate and talk to him to head inside, running up the hill after the security officer. At the top, follow the instructions of the security staff by standing on the large elevator platform. Seconds later you'll be rushing down into darkness.



When you regain control and the elevator stops, emerge and follow the catwalk towards the waiting vault-tec personnel. They will hand you a vault 111 jumpsuit and ask you to follow the nearby doctor (in the white lab coat) further into the vault. Trail along behind him and he will eventually stop, asking you to step inside the decontamination pod before you can go into the deeper levels of the vault. Trigger the pod and watch the events unfold. Welcome to Vault 111, we hope you're happy being a popsicle. Really should have read the fine print on that one.



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