Story 07 - Dangerous Minds



STORY 07 - Dangerous Minds


(Skippable) Objective: Retrieve a piece of Kellog's brain


If you didn't pick up the cybernetic brain augmenter from Kellog's body during Story 06 - Reunions, you'll need to return to Fort Hagen to get it at this point. If you already have the brain piece, you will automatically skip to the objective below.


Objective: Talk to Doctor Amari


Doctor Amari is located in the town of Goodneighbour, a fair way to the East of Diamond City. Travel from your closest location (most likely Park Street Station) to reach it. There is a group of super mutants in a building near the entrance to Goodneighbour but you can run past them if they are too difficult to defeat.



If this is the first time you have entered Goodneighbour, you'll have a short conversation with a local before the mayor steps in. After the events play out, you are free to travel through the place. Follow the marker to the Memory Den and head inside. As you enter you'll find Nick in the middle of a conversation with the proprietor. She will point you both downstairs to where Doctor Amari is located.


Head downstairs to meet the doctor and explain the situation to her, handing over Kellog's cybernetic brain augmenter in the process. After agreeing to help, she will place the component inside Nick's head. Unfortunately one mind isn't powerful enough to break the encryption, so you'll need to dive into Kellog's memories yourself.



Objective: Sit in the memory lounger


Step into the memory lounger when Doctor Amari tells you to and you'll enter the world of Kellog's memories. Wonder if there's popcorn and beverages provided?


Objective: Explore Kellog's memories


You will be dropped into a linear sequence of areas connected by narrow (synapses) trails. You can interact with elements from each memory however all you need to do is watch the memory play out before proceeding to the next one. Repeat this process several times until you see the final memory with Shaun. When the scene is over, interact with the TV to exit Kellog's mind.



Objective: Talk to Doctor Amari


As you emerge from the lounger, you'll have a quick chat with Doctor Amari to cover the new information you've discovered. After the conversation, feel free to loot the place as there's plenty of items to find in this room.


Note: You can find a Robco Fun magazine on a table in Doctor Amari's room.



After you're done looting head upstairs to find Nick near the exit. Talk to him for a bit of a jolt. Afterwards you'll get to swap in Nick as your companion or stay with the one you've got. With that, this story quest is over and you'll be heading into the Glowing Sea.



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