Story 08 - The Glowing Sea



STORY 08 - The Glowing Sea


Objective: Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea


Before setting off willy-nilly to the South-West corner of the map, be warned that the place is thick with radiation. You'll want to do one of the following if you want to survive long enough to safely reach Virgil without being killed by your rads reaching 1000.


  1. Bring and use a large number of Rad-X and Radaway items.
  2. Put on a hazmat suit (raises radiation resistance by 1000), this replaces your outfit however which weakens you.
  3. Use a suit of power armour (recommended) with at least 2 fusion cores minimum (I used a full core during my trip, the second is a backup).



Note: You will also want to bring a companion that is immune to radiation (such as Strong) or equip your companion with a suit of power armour to avoid them taking radiation damage.


You'll want to fast travel as close as possible to the marker (this will vary depending on your exploration), but you should make sure to discover the electrical hobbyist's club along the road to the North of the marker as it is the closest location that is not within the irradiated area for future travel.



From here you will need to head South-West into the radiation zone, crossing the devastated landscape. Be warned that the enemies here (radscorpions, stingwings and ghouls) can be quite dangerous so make sure you use your V.A.T.S to detect them early so you can avoid potentially lethal engagements. Your power armour should help you stand up to any you can't avoid as you trudge away through the rocks and irradiated multicoloured streams of water.


Near the edge of the map, the ground will rise up sharply and then fall away again as you enter the Crater of Atom. This is the site where the bombs landed 200 years ago, making it and the surrounding area heavily irradiated. A cult has sprung up at the base of the crater, worshiping Atom. Holster your weapon and approach Isolde (she should be marked) to talk to her about Virgil. Quiz her about Virgil and she should give you the info you need. She sometimes also has a gamma gun you can steal/ kill her to obtain that is extremely effective against human enemies (super mutants and robots are immune).



Note: The colony may be attacked by ghouls as you arrive, resulting in Isolde's death (as seen in the video), however you can retrieve a note from her body that gives you the required information.


Isolde will point out a nearby location to the South-West, letting you resume your trek. As you get near the destination you'll see a deathclaw wandering around the entrance. It is possible to circle around it to enter the cave, but with power armour and a decent weapon you should be able to take it down. Enter the cave either way when you can.


Note: On a table inside the cave is a tesla science magazine.



You'll find the cave entrance heavily guarded by protectrons and turrets, but if you don't fire on them they shouldn't attack you. Walk inside to meet the missing scientist, Virgil. During the conversation you will get a sidequest revolving around finding a cure for his condition, as well as finding out more about the institute's travel arrangements and the next story quest. With that, this quest draws to a close.


Note: Virgil will sometimes hold the weapon Virgil's gun which you can steal or kill him to obtain. Make sure to check his inventory first to see if he has it before bothering though (he didn't have it in my game).



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