Story 10 - The Molecular Level



STORY 10 - The Molecular Level


Objective: Have the courser chip analyzed


Depending on the connections you've made with the factions, this marker may change:


  • If you haven't contacted The Railroad yet, you will be sent to Doctor Amari in Goodneighbour who will tell you to find The Railroad. After she does, you'll need to at least complete The Railroad Quest 01 - Road To Freedom to meet them. You can talk to Desdemona about the chip and she will take you to Tinker Tom. Hand the chip over to have it analyzed.
  • If you've already met The Railroad and have joined them, the marker will point you to Desdemona (Railroad leader) at The Railroad headquarters. When you talk to her, she'll lead you to Tinker Tom and ask for the chip. Hand the chip over to have it analyzed.



Note: Before finishing this story quest, make sure you have joined any factions (Brotherhood of Steel and the Minutemen) you want to continue working with (doing quests for), as you will no longer be able to join them after completing this quest.


After a bit of messing about with his machines, Tinker Tom will hand over a holotape with the code for the molecular relay.



Objective: Return to Virgil


You'll likely want to pick up some power armour or a hazmat suit to protect against the radiation before returning to Virgil's cave in the South-West extreme corner of the map. Enter the cave and talk to the mutated scientist and he'll hand over some schematics for a device that will allow you to hijack a courser's teleportation signal. After tactfully reminding you to pick up his serum in the institute, you'll be left with multiple options for building the device. Keep in mind that if you talk to a faction about building the device, they will provide most of the parts for you if you don't have them.


Note: Talking to any of the marked characters about the schematics will lock you into that faction's path for building the Signal Interceptor.



(Optional) Objective: Talk to the Brotherhood


If you travel to Cambridge Police Station or the Prydwen and talk to Paladin Danse or Elder Maxson one of two things will happen, depending on your progress with the Brotherhood of Steel faction:


  1. You'll be tasked with completing Brotherhood of Steel quest 03 - Call to Arms with Paladin Danse before they will agree to help you.
  2. If you've already done that quest, he'll immediately point you to Proctor Ingram. 


(Brotherhood) Objective: Talk to Proctor Ingram


Ingram will be impressed by the schematics, letting you know that the thing is gonna take up a fair whack of space. A fairly clear area will already be set aside as the build location outside the Boston Airport. 


Note: Taking this path will give you the Brotherhood of Steel Quest 08 - From Within.



(Optional) Objective: Talk to the Minutemen


Talking to Preston Garvey if you have met him and finished Minutemen Quest 01 - When Freedom Calls will result in one of two things occurring, depending on your progress with the Minutemen faction:


  1. You'll be tasked with completing Minutemen Sidequest - The First Step before he will agree to help you.
  2. If you've already done that quest, Preston will tell you to talk to Sturges about the schematics.


(Minutemen) Objective: Talk to Sturges


Sturges will look over the schematics and tell you that this thing is gonna be big. You'll be able to build the device in Sanctuary which has plenty of room though (scrap the house next to the workshop for a good building area). 


Note: Taking this path will give you the Minutemen Quest 05 - Inside Job.



(Optional) Objective: Talk to The Railroad


If you travel to The Railroad HQ and talk to Desdemona one of two things will happen, depending on your progress with The Railroad faction:


  1. You'll be tasked with completing The Railroad Quest 02 - Tradecraft with Deacon before she will agree to help you.
  2. If you've already done that quest, she'll immediately point you to Tinker Tom. 


(Railroad) Objective: Talk to Tinker Tom


After Tinker Tom finishes looking at the schematics goggle-eyed, he'll tell you that you're going to need a serious amount of space to build this thing, as well as how to build the first component: the Reflector Platform. If you have taken over any locations for The Railroad, one of them will be selected for the build site (in my case it was Mercer Safehouse at Hangman's Alley).


Note: Taking this path will give you The Railroad Quest 03 - Underground Undercover 



Objective: Get help to build the Signal Interceptor


Once you've talked to one of the factions or started building the thing yourself, this objective will automatically complete. You may need to return to your faction more than once to unlock all the parts to build (IE: returning to Tinker Tom after building the platform unlocks the remaining three device parts for building).


Objective: Build the reflector platform


The reflector platform requires the following materials: 10x Aluminium, 3x Circuitry and 5x Steel as well as a decent size area to place it on.


This one should be fairly easy with little assistance, as long as you pick up junk every now and then. If you're running short on components, raid one of the early areas you have already cleared out for junk (Corvega Assembly Plant, Museum of Freedom, etc).



Objective: Build the console

(Optional) Objective: Search hospitals for a biometric scanner


For the console, you'll need to find: x2 rubber, x3 copper, x5 steel and a biometric scanner. If you're missing the biometric scanner, the game will tell you to look inside hospitals for equipment containing a biometric scanner or destroyed turrets. The console is fairly easy to place as it can be moved around and doesn't need to be right beside the reflector platform.


Objective: Build the relay dish

(Optional) Objective: Search telecom sites for a sensor module


The dish requires: x3 copper, x3 steel, x6 cloth, x3 gold and a sensor module. Sensor modules can be found at satellite sites, tall buildings and from destroyed turrets. This one also can be placed away from the platform, but should be close enough for wires from a generator to reach both it and the main body of the device.



Objective: Build the beam emitter

(Optional) Objective: Search military sites for a circuit board


This is the big one folks. This time you'll need: x10 rubber, x3 steel, x5 copper, x1 circuitry and x1 military-grade circuit board. You can definitely find military-grade circuit boards in the room you defeated Kellog in during Story 06 - Reunions at Fort Hagen. You can also search other military areas to find them lying around or occasionally inside turrets. Seriously, if you raid turrets, you shouldn't have had any problems with these required parts. This one is the hardest to position as it requires you to place it on top of the platform without anything else (such as things overhead or on the ground getting in the way). You may have to adjust your platform's position before you can place the emitter on top of it.


Objective: Power up the reflector platform

Objective: Power up the console

Objective: Power up the relay dish

Objective: Power up the beam emitter


You're going to need a lot of juice to run this sucker. The parts all add up to a total of 30 power required to run this beast. This means you need to build six medium generators (or whatever combination of power sources you like) and link them together to provide this electricity. Place them all near the device, link them up and watch the pretty blue lights start to flash from the beam emitter. 



(Railroad) Objective: Talk to Desdemona


At this point, Desdemona will remind you of what is at stake and give you more information about contacting The Railroad's contact inside the Institute. She'll also hand over a holotape (network scanner) with an encoded message for the contact on it for you to use when you successfully infiltrate the Institute.


Objective: Use the signal interceptor


Time to put this jumble of parts through it's paces. Stand on the central platform and you'll be dispersed across the landscape. Reforming in the Institute seconds later. Congratulations. You're in. And you're also at the end of this mission as you start on Story 11 - Institutionalized.



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