Intro - Into the wasteland


INTRODUCTION - Into the Wasteland


There are many different strategies and tricks to help keep you alive in the wasteland. Below are a few that might help you out as you step into the world of Mad Max:


  • Water == life - Early on in the game Max is fairly fragile health-wise. Water can be used to replenish health and can be stored in a canteen to be used when needed. Water sources are scattered around most locations in the wasteland. You should always keep your canteen topped up whenever you can. Think of it as a medkit or an extra bar of health. Upgrades can also be purchased for Max that allow him to find more water at any source. These can be a big help if you need to return to a water source more than once (for example during a mission). You can also use food to replenish health, but this is rarer in the early game.


  • Ammo is scarce - Ammo is pretty rare in the wasteland. You can find it in dropped packs or by looting the bodies of fallen enemies. Due to its low levels of availability and your initial low maximum ammo capacity, it is best to keep the initial three shots you can store in reserve for more powerful (armed) enemies and for situations where it can be of most use. These include collectible hunting, throwing off a difficult chase or strong armed enemies that will otherwise be difficult to deal with.


  • Scrap powered upgrades - Nearly every upgrade in the game revolves around scrap. Scrap can be found a as collectibles. at scavenging locations, enemy camps and by destroying enemy vehicles. Make sure to pick up this precious resource whenever you see it. It may mean thicker armour for your car, better melee skills, a nifty jacket or many other useful upgrades.



  • Camp tribute - Go out of your way to take over camps early. Camps generate scrap for Max after being taken over, meaning you will get a steady stream of scrap income at all times. Even if you're just sitting in the wasteland picking your nose, throwing hunchbacks at things or rudely gesturing at bandits.


  • Upgrade to the Max - Max's attributes can also be raised by a mysterious wastelander known as Griffa. These upgrades can be bought with tokens earned by completing challenges and leveling Max up. Take the time to attempt these challenges to make Max far more powerful. Don't leave those tokens sitting idle!



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